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A Bit of New England and Photographing Body Parts



Day three I woke up late with HastyKid laying on my arm drooling and snoring. We slept so well and so hard every night and this day we got to sleep in and HastyKid needed it. Sage was full throttle when we finally made it downstairs. He makes really yummy banana pancakes and we all laughed at his silliness when he made little tiny pancakes, touting them as a European portion.

mini pancakes by hasty

Before I forget Sage and Sage Jr also made us a batch of Lavender Lemonade that was both extremely delicious and very colorful. And the morning before the beach we had scones and eggs he cooked just for us. HastyKid is kind of an egg freak. Sage made the scones blueberry which is my favorite kind of berry… so yea it was yummolishess.

Wifey Sage had some business to take care of so she stayed home while Sage drove us around. First he took us winding around to the top of a mountain. I took this picture of his leg.

sage leg

Sage Jr did a little bit of rock climbing and at one point HastyKid dropped a shoe over the side of a lookout tower.

hastykid  lookout

Oh, and we also passed a really cool guy playing bagpipes. The sound was absolutely beautiful.


After the mountain we went to meet Sage’s parents for lunch. He grew up in a storybook home that HastyKid and I fell in love with. Sage’s parents were awesome and we had a wonderful lunch together. We also made S’mores with really, really, really long sticks because HastyKid was afraid of getting too close. And then I felt up his mom. I can still feel her butt in my hand as if it were yesterday. I didn’t mean to but she is taller than I realized, so I guess now we have bonded in a way she will never forget.

We left Sage’s childhood home and headed to a park where the Zombie Picnic took place in The Journal Of Wall Grimm. I will let Sage tell this part of the story because I never remember the names of any of the mountains or parks. It was a really cool park though.

My favorite part of the day though was just driving around seeing the country side and the cute little New England towns. We visited a place called the Old Mill and saw some New England stone walls. I also loved how we listened to John Denver as we drove around the mountains and to some Italian music as we drove around the country side.


To end the day we went to a small carnival. The kids rode a few rides, played some games and we all had fried dough (which is super tasty).

fried dough

I rode the big pirate boat with Sage Jr which was a blast. We sat at the very end with only one other person on the other far end. I kept raising my arms screaming and would tickle Sage Jr every time he dared to raise his arms. I kept trying to get the guy who ran the ride to just hop in but he was very dedicated to his job. He even let us ride again for free.

We ordered pizza on our way home and crashed. It was a long glorious day and we were beat. Sage and I sat drinking wine and getting to know each other which was really good and then we all played apples to apples.

I am so very, very glad I spent my vacation visiting Sage Doyle and I can’t wait to see him and his family again. I miss them everyday!


First I want to say that Hasty actually cooked the eggs.  I got them started.  I was very proud of myself for cracking them open into the pan without breaking the yolks, but I’m really bad at flipping them without breaking them, so I passed the torch aka spatula to Hasty to do the honors.

My parents’ house is like a bed and breakfast.  We moved there when I was five.  They tried to sell it when my sister and I were in high school, but we got depressed about it so they took it off the market.

We built a fire at their house, burning a bunch of my old bills, and here is a picture of my s’mores, or smores, or s’more, or smore, (we were trying to figure out if one is a smore or a smores, if smores is also singular).


These are Hasty’s toes while we were sitting on the swing.

hasty toes

Most of our day was spent in North Central Massachusetts.  I’m familiar with the Peninsula, Coastal, Eastern, Northern, and Western, MA, but not very familiar with the South Central part of the state.  I wanted to take Hasty to see some small New England towns that weren’t coastal port towns, but I didn’t want to travel as far as Western, MA since we wanted to be sure to have enough time in our day.  As Hasty said, I took them to the location that I envisioned when I wrote “The Journal of Wall Grimm 109: The Zombie Picnic“.  I don’t think I mention the name of the place in the post, but I went there often as a kid.  It’s Coggshall Park, and when I was writing the post, I remembered this park and envisioned a certain area where there was a huge stone table.  So that’s where I set the zombie picnic.  Here’s Hasty on the table:

zombie picnic 2

And here she is under the table, and no we weren’t drinking:

zombie picnic 1

At the carnival, my son won at a game and he picked out this pig as his prize:


We laughed at the unfortunate looking creature, which was kind of pathetic, not so much like a pig, but at least now he has a good home.

When we got home, it was great to finally sit and have a conversation with Hasty.  We sat outside on my patio drinking my favorite cheap red wine, Carlo Rossi Paisano.  But the kids kept coming out and saying that we promised to play Apples to Apples with them.  We kept saying ok, give us ten more minutes.  One of the funniest things HastyKid did was at a point when both kids were out, both agreed to ten more minutes, then my son went inside to oblige us.  There was a moment of silence and then HastyKid broke out into song.  She sang, “Memories, all alone in the moonlight…”  She’s got the soul of a classic comedienne, I still laugh about that.

Before going in to play, Hasty and I began taking various pictures of my various body parts in order to post them.  Mostly we photographed my hands and then parts of my face through the wine glass.  The face images came out bizarre and distorted, kind of like Picassos.  And there must have been something with the lighting because a lot of the hand pics came out lumpy and old looking.

Obviously there’s a lot that’s a challenge for everyone to fully appreciate as they read, which is why I just reviewed my list of “had to be there” moments from the post, “Levitation, Groping, and Baggy Camo Pants” on Hasty’s blog, and I now have decided not to describe those moments.  They wouldn’t make much sense or be very funny to anyone else.  But here’s one, since I documented it, I might as well subject you to it.  When my family and I play Apples to Apples, we always read the green cards at the end of the game and say it’s supposed to describe us.  I did it in a Grimm post once.  But here are the cards Hasty, the kids, and I got.  I think some of the words are pretty accurate, but I wonder about others.

Hasty – absurd, addictive, dirty, exquisite, irritating, unusual, wild

HastyKid – nasty, foreign, violent, principled, dramatic, awesome

Sage Jr. – miserable, filthy, cowardly, dead, dainty, corrupt, juicy, rough, intense, cute, mystical, obnoxious

Sage – desperate, unhealthy, neat, quiet, selfish, cosmic, brilliant, courageous, exciting, magical

All of mine are accurate by the way, except desperate, unhealthy, and selfish.  Of course.

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