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Hasty and HastyKid Return to Oklahoma

Hasty and I decided to write our final posts individually, so here it is, my last post about Hasty’s visit up to Boston.  Writing about her going home brings a little sadness reflective of driving her to the airport and the inevitable goodbye.

Hasty and HastyKid returned to Oklahoma on June 29th.  We talked about my possibly visiting the Hasty’s with my family at some point.  She says there’s nothing there, but I’m sure we’d have a good time no matter what.

Before I talk about her departure, there’s someone I forgot to mention.  When we were at Hampton, I found a toy soldier in the sand at our spot on the beach.  I was excited to find the soldier and put him in my pocket to take home.  But, um, I forgot him in my pocket and he went through the washer and dryer, and now, not only is he an amputee, but he also has a flaccid weapon:


Sorry, man.

Anyway, Hasty honored me with a copy of her book, Depression’s Dance, which she signed for me:

hasty's book         inscription

As you can see, she inscribed it to “Sage”.  She asked me if I wanted her to write it out to my real name or my penname, but it seemed fitting for her to sign it to my penname.  “Sage” has become the name which is highly depictive of my true self, the essence of who I am.  Taking on the penname has helped me to find myself in many ways, as I have been otherwise anonymous and have had interactions without physical appearance or nonverbal behavior dictating those interactions, human involvement strictly through words alone.  As a writer and a person, it’s been a fascinating and unanticipated journey.  Also, during Hasty’s visit, she and HastyKid called me Sage, which I really liked.  Sometimes I think it might have taken me a moment to respond if I was occupied with something.  I also referred to Hasty as Hasty, and it was a struggle to introduce her to people using her real name.  HastyKid I referred to by her real name and my son called her Junior.  “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Anyway, the morning we brought her to the airport, we all got up at 3:30 am and left by 4.  We made our second trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and breakfast.  The first was the day we went to Boston.  You can’t visit Massachusetts and not go to a Dunkin’ Donuts.  Along the way, we sang Green Day, or at least I did.  At some point we were talking about sports and activities the kids were involved in throughout their lives.  This may have taken place on another day, however I do recall that on the trip to the airport, Hasty told us that once during a soccer game HastyKid was playing, a hot air balloon landed in the middle of their field.  Later when we were leaving from the airport, we saw hot air balloons flying above the highway, so I photographed them and texted them to Hasty.

Here is Hasty and HastyKid at the airport.  It’s a little blurry, but everything was happening so fast.  It was very sad and difficult to say goodbye, and we all still miss them.


Hasty sent me this picture of HastyKid on the airplane wearing a Boston sweatshirt and reading “Make Way for Ducklings”, which is a children’s book about a police officer who stopped traffic in order to allow a mother duck and her ducklings to cross a busy Boston street safely.  It’s based on a true story and while in Boston, we visited the little statues of the ducklings at the Public Garden.  I bought HastyKid the book while we were at the airport and I was glad to hear that she loved the book and read it a couple times on the plane.

HK make way for ducklings

And as I said, while my family and I were heading home from the airport, we saw these hot air balloons, which reminded me of Hasty and HastyKid drifting away from us on their journey home.  It was a beautiful symbol, but again very sad.

hot air balloons

It was an incredible connection I believe we had, and Hasty left with us all a little in love with her, and wanting more.

Thanks for visiting Hasty and HastyKid, come back soon.

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