I bought myself a cowboy hat.  I got a Stetson and I feel like Clint Eastwood, I never want to take it off. 


Paula bought me a pair of boots to go with Eastwood.  The boots are a faded kind of dark brown, the style is rambler square toe.  Yeah I’m a rambler, and yesterday I rambled and in the process I decided to go to the pet store.  I wore my Eastwood, the ramblers, black jeans and black t-shirt, and I rambled off with my little kitten on my shoulder.


“My mule don’t like people laughing.”



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  2. Kev

    Roflmfao! It’s classic…you can’t beat a bit of Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns. Love it! Watched the whole thing…”My mule don’t like you laughin’ at him…My mistake, four coffins.” :D

    • lol thanks! Yeah this is a page I want to do more with. There’s a lot I can do with many of these pages when I have the time. Thanks again :)

      • Kev

        You should do a Grimm like character observing Clint through the whole series. ;)

        • Hmmm not sure what you mean, sounds intriguing, please explain.

          • Kev

            He could be the “hidden” character through the epic series. The man with no name’s storyteller so to speak, but from a slightly different perspective. ;)

          • Sorry, I just sprayed tons of waterproofer on stuff and I think I killed some brain cells. I’m still confused. Do you mean the Eastwood series or Grimm? So an observer of sorts commenting on the Eastwood films? Kind of like MST3K?

          • Kev

            Ok… there are several of the movies right? Man with no name, hang em high etc, etc…you bring scenes from them into different posts onto Grimms Diaries and he comments on them like he was actually there at the time and knows the guy (clint) personally.

          • ohh lol I get it. Damn, I need to go back out and get some fresh air. I think I’m going to have to think about that idea, I like it, especially since like I said I want to do more with this page, and basically all the stuff on the pages come from the posts. If I do that, I’ll mention you and give you credit for the inspiration.

          • Kev

            Dude! My thoughts were inspired by your post to begin with. You don’t have to give me any credit for it. :)

          • No I do, you did by far more work than me, and it can’t be a song without the music, but music can exist without lyrics, right?

          • Kev

            You got me there. But I was referring to the idea for Grimm and the westerns. lol ;)

          • lol ok yeah I was a little brain dead while I was communicating with you I think. Seriously, I stupidly sprayed waterproofer in a closed off room because it was raining outside, so yeah, not enough ventilation. I won’t be doing that again.

          • Kev

            lmao! I would never admit to it. lol

          • lol admit to being stupid enough to spray waterproofer in a confined space? hahaa well, maybe sometimes it’s just fun to be stupid, I guess. That’s my excuse anyway.

          • Kev

            What are you like? :D :D :D

          • What am I like when I’ve deadened my brain temporarily? Even more stupid than I was when I did the stupid thing to kill my brain. lol. What am I like otherwise? Not stupid at all, though sometimes I allow myself to do stupid things, thinking in my head “this is stupid” while I’m doing it. Why do I do that? Because it’s a change of pace, liberating, and I’m always curious about the results. It’s about as reckless as I get these days. My new drug: stupidity. It can be addicting.

          • Kev

            I’m saying nothing. ;) :D

          • You got my back, that’s good ;)

          • Kev

            Always, my friend, always. :)

          • And I got yours :)


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