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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 11: Temperance

June 11, 2013

We drove a few hours from Seattle to Olympic National Park and camped for the night.  The night was a little cold but with four of us in the tent we were warm.  The weather was good yesterday too.  It’s supposed to rain later today so we’re going to be taking off hopefully for a beach or somewhere cool like that in Oregon.  We don’t know yet so we’re going to ask around for suggestions.  There were a lot of road and bridge closures in the park but we were still able to explore the temperate forest.  This is the greenest place I’ve ever been to in my life.  I feel like I’m leaving here as a part of nature, like I bonded with the spirits in the forest and now it is a part of me.  If only humanity could co-exist so efficiently as all of nature in a rain forest.  There’s a symbiosis and in the human world that’s a bad thing considered to be co-dependence.  But in nature symbiosis is a perfect synchronization of life and survival and impeccable cycles to perpetuate existence.  It’s the give and take, the fostering and prospering, the correspondence between life forms, all in order for the forest as a whole entity in and of itself to continue and thrive.  People should take a lesson from the forest.  We are all the species and life forms and the world is the forest itself.

At this moment I’m sitting before the campfire with a cup of coffee that was brewed over the flames, and a cigarette.  I’m in my camp chair with a blanket around my shoulders and writing in my journal.  Everything is so peaceful, even though the forest is loud with life.  Hasty, Patrick, and Pete are around the fire as well and no one is talking.  We are all just basking in the moment and enjoying the purest serenity.

It’s great to be back in nature after being in Seattle.  I love city life, but nature replenishes my soul and inspires me to live a good life because it gives my spirit hope by encompassing it with the beauty of the natural world.  Once I get back to the city, I’ll need a drink again, or drugs.  But since we’ve been in the forest, in retrospect, I realize that I’ve actually had fleeting moments when drinking or drugging or even sex never crossed my mind.  First time on the trip.  It’s my internal connectedness and contentedness that will help me battle my external requirement for immediate gratification or escape.  There are no demons here as my mind has recovered temporarily from all the distractions and superficial fixations.  Even those regarding Emma.  Essentially I only want her to be happy.  I had foolishly convinced myself that I could make her happy, but in reality I think I would only make her miserable.  Therefore, it would be pure selfishness for me to pursue her.  I think that now, yet once I get back home, I may change my mind.  My rationalizing about it makes me think that because I love her so much, my goal would be to do everything for her, I’d worship her and treat her like a queen.  She’s the kind of girl that deserves to be and should be treated like a queen.  I’ve never truly voiced these feelings to her, maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe if she only knew.  It doesn’t feel superficial, it feels genuine.  Yet the more I think and write about it, the more confused I become.  So I was experiencing clarity, until I started to think.  Yeah, I’ll change the subject now.

Never mind, I think I’ll set the journal aside and enjoy the quiet with my friends.  It is pure peace.



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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 10: Oh Yay We’re Somewhere

June 10, 2013

We arrived in Seattle late Thursday night and got into a coed dorm at the Green Tortoise hostel.  Friday we went on a walking tour about the city.  Saturday we went to the underground passageways which was really cool.  We also went up the Space Needle, which was unreal but freaky, again because of my fear of heights.  Patrick and I almost didn’t go up but were convinced, and we both stood in the middle.  It was awesome but made me feel like I was going to puke and it felt like I was falling even though I was on solid ground.  We spent a lot of time at the water front and we went on the duck boat tour, like what they have in Boston.  Seattle’s beautiful, but it’s not Boston.  It’s smaller than I thought.  Boston’s a small town too, when compared to some of the major cities, but it has a kind of European charm that is lacking in the others.  I was actually beginning to miss home on this trip, which is unusual.  I don’t usually get homesick.  I think it’s because the entire time I’ve been struggling not to drink.  There was even a bar crawl going on in Seattle and the idea of it…

One of my favorite places was the waterfall gardens.  I’m finding that on my trip I’m just constantly trying to find places that make me feel peaceful because I have all this inner turmoil as I’m struggling not to drink.  I keep getting this feeling in my mouth too like the need for cocaine.  I keep smoking more cigarettes every day.  I’m beat up looking from what happened in Texas, so I just am feeling like such a loser.  Besides, by the time we got to Seattle, it had been a long time since I’d had sex, and I was kinda craving a blow job.  I’d be looking at girls trying to figure out which would give the best blow jobs.  I kept this evaluation to myself, of course.

On the way to Seattle, we picked up a couple hitchhikers.  It was a male and female hippy couple, but they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.  It made me think of Sweetheart and I wondered where she was and what she was doing, and how the baby was.  I don’t even know how many months pregnant she would be.  It’s still hard to accept that she left and didn’t even give me a chance to help her or at least try to be a proper dad.  What would be weird would be if we ran into her.  I think she was headed to either New Mexico or Arizona, but I think Arizona, to stay on a Hopi reservation where a Hopi friend of hers lived.  We’re swinging through those states on our way out of California on Route 66.

So yeah we picked up these hippies and they were high as hell and offered us some acid and pot, so that sucked.  But when we expressed I was struggling with addiction the girl moved to sit in the seat next to me in the back and wanted me to talk about it.  I was uncomfortable because she smelled like pot, and she had this kind of home made dress on made of scarves and she wasn’t wearing a bra.  I could see down the dress and when she moved a certain way I could see her nipples.  I think she liked that I kept glancing so she would lean to allow the view or so it seemed.  She rubbed my thigh and was like, “tell me about your troubles, brother.”  I wanted to say that I was horny and she was making me hard and ask her to give me a blow job, but I didn’t.

Meanwhile the guy hippy was snuggling up to Hasty, who at first seemed to enjoy the attention until it became too much.  Especially once he told her she had beautiful tits.  Well, he said breasts.  He said they were beautiful and he went on and on how like nature they were and started talking about milk when I told him to give her some space and change the subject.  He was like “yeah, yeah, you’re right.”  We dropped them off at the next truck stop to get rid of them.  By that time, the hippy girl was rubbing my thighs and talking about the stars and how they speak several languages and dance around in her head, now and again brushing the tips of her fingers over my balls and I was so hard.  I kind of relaxed and let her go on and on expecting that this was her foreplay and I was about to get a blow job, but then we arrived at the truck stop.  Everyone hopped out including her.  She just said, “oh yay we’re somewhere” and hopped out of the van.  I couldn’t even move, so I finished the job on myself before I came out.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not a sex addict too.

In the coed dorm there were a couple girls in there from Germany and they were really hot, and not modest at all.  They changed in front of us without any discomfort.  I tried to avoid them because it was just too much to handle.  I was getting annoyed that much of my trip has consisted of needing drugs or alcohol, or needing sex, and I am just fixated on these things.  It’s like I am too distracted to be fully present during the journey.  I called and talked to Snow White, Paula, and I even called Emma.  Of the three I was least into the conversation with Paula, and that was reality hitting me.  I have to end it with her because I don’t treat her right, I take advantage, and that’s obvious to me now.  But I’m going to wait and tell her in person because that’s the respectful thing to do.  Snow White is just so fucking sweet, definitely a princess, I hope she is really able to come visit.  And Emma…yeah she’s my greatest fantasy, and another addiction.

Anyway those hippies were weird but hippies aren’t usually like that.  I’ve hung out with tons of hippies.  Well, I guess there are some, and these two were pretty out of it so who knows what they’re like when they’re not messed up.

Ok well I guess we’re going to get ready to leave and head to somewhere in Oregon.  Hopefully I get laid soon because I’d rather write about our experiences than my fixations.  I guess essentially I haven’t tried since Snow White, and with her I didn’t even try because I sensed she was a virgin.  I guess I’ve just had no opportunity to try and maybe I blew it here in Seattle.  Maybe I could have had the two German girls.  Ah, whatever.  On to Oregon.  I’ve been to Portland before and it kind of reminded me of Boston, but still I like Boston better.  “Love that dirty water, oh Boston you’re my home.”


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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 9: Ghosttown and Glacier

June 6, 2013

We left Yellowstone and drove to Garnet Ghost Town in Missoula, MT.  That was really cool.  It reminded me a lot of Sturbridge Village.  Yet the scenery was Montana and so freakin’ grand.  Montana is like where I would dwell often if I was God.  Everything is so big, the mountains, the trees, the rivers, just everything.  So the ghost town was awesome, and haunted, and carried the spirits of the past like Sturbridge Village and Plimoth Plantation.  After that we drove to Glacier National Park.  This was Tuesday and it was kind of late so we got a cabin at Apgar Village Lodge for a couple nights.  We were just going to camp in the van because apparently there’s public land you can camp for free.  We thought of setting up the tent but it was too cold, so we talked about sleeping in the van, even colder actually since it doesn’t trap in the body heat, so we decided to get a cabin.  It was a spontaneous stop but worth it.  Because yesterday we were able to go to the village and hike around.  I’d never seen glaciers before, they made me feel both insignificant and honored.  Insignificant because I’m just this thing full of flaws that’s only been around for not quite 24 years, unlike the glaciers which are flawless and powerful and ancient.  Honored just to be able to have the ability to see them.

So yeah, we stayed two nights in the cabin, mostly because after our big day in the enormous state of Montana, which is bigger than Japan, we were anticipating being both unmotivated to drive and unwilling to leave.  We knew we’d like a second night in the cabin because it was so cool.

And now it is this morning, we are collecting our things and preparing to depart for Seattle.  I think it’s about 9 hours or so to get there.  It’ll be good to be in the city again.  Haven’t been to the city since Houston.  I’m also anxious to get coastal again.  It’s a crazy feeling being in the middle of all this amazing wonder and yet there’s no ocean nearby.  Being from Massachusetts, I get the nature, not quite as big, but still beautiful, especially the more North you go, like in Maine, it gets bigger up into Canada.  But the ocean is never far.  Being here, it’s almost like I’m getting a little claustrophobic, which is weird, but interesting.

This trip is amazing, I’ve never traveled like this extensively with other people and I’m going to places I’ve never been to before.  Usually I take off and travel alone.  I’ll often meet people on the road and travel with them for a little while, but then move on.  I’ve been doing that since I was a kid.  Once I went back home after having run away, I would disappear for long periods of time, usually in the Summer so I wouldn’t miss school, that way my parents unwillingly let me get away with it.  What I’d do is I’d decide to take off and leave them a note saying that I was traveling for a while and I’d see them in a couple months.  I’d call on the road now and then to let them know I was ok.  They hated it and weren’t sure what to do.  They didn’t want me caught on the road alone by authorities, because then I could be taken away by DCF.  They didn’t want to report me gone or temporarily run away because they knew I’d come back.  But they also knew that anything could happen to me on the road and they were afraid for me, terrified that I’d just disappear.  We tried family counseling but I had nothing much to say besides that I loved to travel and experience the world and I was a street wise person, and that at least I wasn’t doing drugs, which wasn’t exactly true.

My parents were good to me but the thing is we used to travel when I was younger but then we hit this point when financially we were too restricted to travel so we’d only go camping or to the beach.  Traveling is in my blood, being Romani.  Then there were the circumstances why I ran away to begin with.  That potatoey, mush-faced, smelly flab ass Uncle Dan had something to do with it.  But whatever.

I think my point was that Hasty, Patrick, and Pete are awesome, since I’m used to traveling alone, they’re great company, and they are also the type of people who can be with you, and yet you can still have that peaceful sense of solitude.  None of us intrude upon the spirit of travel.  We respect each other, understand each other, and we seem to always be on the same page, making decisions easily and compromising without difficulty.  If only that could be a global phenomenon.  Everyone being able to synchronize in the way that we are all individuals, yet we flow from one place to the next, one experience after another, interacting with people, encountering them and spending time with them.  Yet there’s no disrespect, we be and let be, we forgive and have compassion, and we compromise as needed.  The world’s leaders sometimes seem to be the children who never learned to share.  The people with hate were the abused children growing with ingrained anger that will never be tapped into or healed.  That includes the terrorists.  I’ve been thinking a lot about them since Texas.  They hate us so much it’s almost hurtful, and hard for individual Americans to not take it personally, particularly when they want to kill each and every one of us like we’re termites.  But what the fuck am I talking about.  Shut up Grimm.

On a smaller scale, I think about Emma.  Smaller because it’s not global, but still huge.  Emma Emma Emma Emma Emmmmmmma yeah.  That’s all I need to say.  I see her everywhere out of the corner of my eye.  I hear her voice and turn and it’s not her.  I dream of her.  I daydream of her.  I think of her and I jerk off.  Am I obsessed or in love?  I’m kind of confused about that now.  But she rejects me, no matter how much she apologized for that, she only wants to be my friend, and that’s hard to live with.  Damn I want her so bad.

Ok I think we’re just about ready to take off to Seattle, so I’ll go have a quick wank in the bathroom before we go.


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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 8: Hog Tied in Texas, & Yellowstone

June 4, 2013

I haven’t been writing because of an incident that happened just prior to leaving Texas.  After that, I’ve been debating what to do with my journal, thinking of burning it or mailing it home.  But I don’t want to be without it, I want the words in it to continue to exist, and I don’t want anyone else to have the chance to read it.  So after much thought, I’ve decided to keep it with me as I travel, and I’m going to continue to document my world.

So let’s see, should I start with what happened, or start with our journey to get where we’re at right now, which is Yellowstone, packing up the camping gear and ready to head to Seattle.  Hmmm.  I think I’ll start with the journey.

We left Texas, got to Colorado, spent the night in a hostel and the next day we spent in nature, I was needing the mountains and the trees after Texas.  We hiked along the Colorado River and did a little rafting, not anything too intense.  Took a side trip just to go to the Four Corners so we could stand in four states at once.  We weren’t sure if we would get there on the way back, uncertain yet of the specifics of Route 66.  So basically we stood in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah all at once.  I thought it would be awesome to fuck right there in that spot, but yeah I didn’t have the opportunity or the privacy.

Anyway, from there we ventured North towards Yellowstone.  I had never been to Yellowstone though I had been to Colorado, so we all opted to spend more time in Wyoming.  We camped out four nights in Wyoming and did tons of shit.  Yellowstone is the most amazing place I’ve ever been to in my life, in terms of nature, besides the Grand Canyon.  I was so glad to spend the time there because I was really needing that intense of a nature experience, after what happened in Texas, and all the while I’ve been struggling with my addictions.

I’m like two people.  One of me is intellectual, philosophical, active, and talented, and likes to write and go to museums and be healthy and spend time in nature.  The other me is reckless, dangerously adventurous, irresponsible, self destructive, and confused.  I often balance a mix between the two, which isn’t bad.  But if I could keep them together, eliminating the dangerous aspect and the self destruction and irresponsibility, strengthening the healthy part, I’d be a perfect version of me.

Ok well I guess I’ll write about what happened in Texas, then I’ll talk about what we did in Wyoming.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is the story of the Texas Incident.


We weren’t far from the border of, I don’t know if it was Oklahoma or New Mexico, but either way we were almost out of Texas.  We made a stop at a truckstop that was kind of a smaller, isolated one, kind of a sketchy place.  The plan was we were all going to shower and rejuvenate, have some coffee, stretch our legs and move on, but my friends were not feeling safe.  Patrick and Pete were not comfortable for one reason, and Hasty was uncomfortable for another reason.  Ironically, I was the only one that felt fine there, but I was the one shit happened to.  Patrick and Pete only used the restroom, got some coffee and snacks then went back out to the van.  They grabbed stuff for Hasty too because she still wanted to shower.  So I told her I’d stand outside the building and smoke while she showered, because I could see inside through the glass and see the women’s showers clearly.  Well, not the showers themselves, which would have been awesome, but the door.

Once she was done I made sure she got to the van safely.  They were all going to drink a little coffee and relax and said they didn’t mind if I actually had a hot meal in the diner.  So I just had some pancakes, I’d been craving pancakes for a while, and coffee and orange juice.  It didn’t take me long, but by the time I was done I decided I didn’t want to shower and left the diner to head straight to the van.  I was about to light a cigarette en route when I was jumped by four huge truckers who beat me down then hog tied me.  I mean that literally.  They fucking hog tied me and kept kicking me until a cop arrived.  My friends had no idea this was going on, they were in the van at a slight distance, resting, probably estimating a longer meal and then a shower, but my meal was brief and I didn’t shower.

These guys anyhow kept calling me a terrorist and were telling me to go back to my own country.  Every time I tried to speak I got kicked or stomped.  When the cop arrived, he untied me, handcuffed me instead and shoved me in the back of his car.  I had no idea what was going on, but I sat there for a long time and watched as the truckstop was evacuated.  Everyone just stood around, some were harassing me, calling me some of the most disgusting racial names I’ve ever heard and I didn’t know what they even meant really.  Hasty, Patrick, and Pete wandered out and saw me in the car and they were talking to the cop.  Then some other emergency type vehicles arrived and people went in the diner.  They came out five to ten minutes later carrying my backpack.  My fucking backpack.  I forgot my fucking backpack at the counter and they thought it was a fucking bomb.  The cop let me out, unhandcuffed me.  I got no apology, no offer to file a report in complaint, no offer to press charges for assault and battery, no acknowledgement that I was falsely accused of a heinous crime that is the antithesis of my character.  Truthfully though, I was glad because I just wanted to get out of there.  They said it was my dark hair and eyes and skin.  I’m dark now because of being in Florida, so I’m really tanned, but generally I’m kind of light, but I have the olive skin.  They said it was also my accent.  I don’t think they ever heard a Boston accent before, or at least not in person.  They were like, you need to get yourself to a washateria as they handed my backpack to me.  They didn’t offer to get me to the hospital but they told me my clothes smelled, which I guess to them is more important.  They looked through my journal, which was the most invasive thing of all.

I went to the restroom and cleaned up a little, then met my friends back out at the van, then we left.  Fucking nuts that was.

So yeah, Colorado was nice, but this time in Wyoming was amazing.  We went kayaking, rafting, hiking, horse back riding, and camped four nights.  We went to some hot springs, Old Faithful, and even Devil’s Tower which was so freakin’ cool, we kept referencing “Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind.”

For me, so far, it was my favorite part of the trip I think, getting away from so many people, from myself, getting back to the land, the wildlife, the majesty of nature.  Now we’re packing up to move on to Seattle.  And just as I was finally losing the black eyes from my broken nose, I’m beat up again.  Geesh, my life…


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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 7: Houston part 2, Hermann Park

May 30, 2013

We’ve been driving all day and we’re still in Texas.  We’re at a truckstop now having some coffee, but we’ll probably crash overnight in another one in a few hours.  After the stun gun, people were upset.  I didn’t realize they were.  I guess I was a little oblivious to what was going on being all zapped and everything.  Hasty was really disturbed seeing that happen, and when I agreed to do it again, she went into the other room.  Patrick went to follow her.  Pete stood by to be sure I’d be ok.  Later I was like why did it bother you guys so much, I volunteered to do it.  I guess at first I was thinking that I heard everything clearly, but in retrospect it was a little echoey, and I misunderstood whatever was going on.  I mean, the stunning only lasts some seconds anyway, it’s real fast.  A lot of upset for a kind of thrill anyway.  Yeah I’m fucking crazy.  It was a few seconds of charge, but a good twenty minutes before I was functioning normally.  And even then I was kinda wobbly.  But whatever, I’m stupid.  Maybe they would have liked it better if I got shitfaced.  I’m not complaining, I have good friends, that’s all that matters.

So yeah, we had some good conversation which helped lighten the air before we went back to the hostel.  The next day we had a great time.  We spent the entire day at Hermann Park and we were having such a good time we decided to make that our full day in Houston.  Because not drinking is hard, so being in nature and being active is a huge help for me.  We walked on trails, went biking, ate at the café, and we went on the pedal boats, though we could only do four people on one boat so Andrew stayed behind.  I didn’t want to go to the zoo and Patrick didn’t either, but we went to the Japanese Garden and it was beautiful.  Absolutely amazing.  It was a really peaceful day.

Later, Andrew took us to the club he was talking about, so we saw some cool bands, the header was kinda trippy so I wished I was on E.  Or better yet I was thinking of Molly, which is crystalized ecstasy it’s purer and hits you faster and just is better.  Dave would text me and say ggmm which was our code for good golly miss molly like the song, so I’d know he had it.  But anyway….. off that subject.  It was good that Andrew was also in recovery then I had a well rounded support system, with my friends and him.  But I told them to just drink and have fun, take advantage that I had a babysitter.  It was a good time.

But now I’m sick of Texas because it’s so fucking big and flat and vast and geesh, on and on while we drive.  I can’t even drive here it makes me freakin’ dizzy.  So that’s the brain issue I have from the Gangsta, but I think maybe I aggravated it from the stun gun.  But I don’t regret that, it was fucking awful in the most awesome way.  I’m Grimm so I know that makes sense.  That’s all I need to say.

Hasty was like, “would you tell Emma you purposely had someone do that to you?”  I thought about it and said no.  She said, “well then you know it was stupid and reckless”   I was like yeah, I know that.  I am stupid and reckless, that’s me.  That’s Grimm.  And….that’s probably why Emma won’t have me.

Ok leaving the truck stop.  We’ve roughly been on the road for 12 hours or so.  I think with the times we stopped, don’t know how much of that was driving, so I’m not sure when we’re expected to arrive in Colorado.  It’s just so strange that Texas is that big.  It takes almost the same amount of miles to get from Houston to Denver as it does to go from Boston to Jacksonville.  That’s freakin’ crazy.


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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 6: Houston part 1, The Stun Gun

May 30, 2013

We left New Orleans and drove to Houston.  We arrived there at about 3 pm on Tuesday.  Along the way, we stopped so I could toss my mojo into some large body of water, I’m not sure what it was, but it was bigger and better than a toilet.  Then I was free of my succubus thanks to the Voodoo lady.  When I was pulling the mojo out of my pocket, I also pulled out a rubber fried egg.  We had been walking down Bourbon Street and a trannie gave me the rubber fried egg and said, “here honey, you’re so handsome, I want you to have one of my ovaries.”  It’s a crazy souvenir but it amuses me.

Snow White texted back saying she had an awesome time and asked if we’d be going back to Magic Kingdom.  I said no but she should come up to Boston and I’ll take her around the city.  She said “Id love to!!!”  So that’s left open.  My princess might come to town.  I think I may end it with Paula.  Honestly I’m happy with her, but I don’t respect her enough in the way that I think I’d fuck around anytime I’m given the chance.  So far on this road trip, it’s just been a lot of jerking off in the shower.  I woke up one night really horny when I was sleeping next to Pete.  Half disoriented and used to sleeping with Paula, I spooned him, but I woke up quickly enough and he didn’t wake up at all.  I didn’t even want to jerk off after that because it was just weird, so I took a walk and smoked a cigarette.

Anyway, we arrived in Houston at 3pm on Tuesday.  We went directly to the Morty Rich Hostel and got a private room.  We spent most of the day there because it was so beautiful and there were trees, which was nice.  I’ve been to Texas before and it freaks me out.  I get agoraphobic or something because you can see for miles it’s so flat.  So the trees were nice.  They also had a pool and a pool table.  We ventured out to walk around the city first after settling in.  Huge city, much bigger than Boston, and very cool.  The nightlife seemed like it would be awesome, but of course I can’t participate in that.  I’m beginning to feel like such an asshole because I feel like I’m holding my friends back from the good times they could be having in the clubs.  I’m just not ready to handle it yet.  Anyway, later Tuesday we went to a coffee shop in Montrose.  There we met this guy Andrew who was really cool.  He wanted us to join him at this club Wednesday night because he said there were a few cool bands playing.  I was like I can’t because I don’t want to be around alcohol.  He told me he was in recovery too so we could support each other.  I was so glad to hear that because I liked the idea of seeing some live music and also having my friends be able to drink.  I’d just stick with Andrew, since he was more experienced with recovery than me.

After we went and all had some dinner together, we went back to Andrew’s because we had gotten onto the conversation which prompted his revelation that he had a stun gun and I was very curious about that.  He offered to hit me with it.  I was like, ok.  I also wanted to distract his attention away from Hasty, since he seemed to be crushing on her or something.  She’s a married woman and I’m looking out for her.

We went to his apartment, he clicked the button and it went zap and I saw the charge, he said, “are you sure?”  But he had this look on his face like I thought I might not be able to change my mind.  He was clearly going to enjoy this.  We were standing in his kitchen, he reached out and aimed at my crotch.  I was like, “no fucking way, get that fucking thing away from my balls.”  He said, “you want me to charge your stomach so you can shit your pants?”  I said, “umm no. but thanks.”

So he held it up to my arm for a few seconds until I actually fell on the floor.  It was so fucking painful.  All my muscles tightened and I convulsed.  I could hear the charge zapping in my brain.  I just lied on the floor for a bit because I was unable to move.  My friends were all like, are you ok?  I think I was drooling.

Andrew said, “what did you think?”

I said, “I wicked hated that.”

“You wicked did, huh?”

“Yeah,” and I laughed the stupidest laugh, I sounded like Goofy the Disney dog because my diaphragm was all weak and shit.

Patrick said, “He never laughs, but this he laughs at.”

Andrew said, “Because he’s nuts like me.”

He offered to do it again, I said ok why not.  So he did it while I was lying on the floor, a little longer than the last time.  It took me a long time to recover.  I heard them talking to me and I understood what they were saying, but I just lied there, unable to move, or without the energy to move and my eyes were half open, I don’t think I even could blink.  They thought I was dead but I couldn’t tell them I wasn’t.  Andrew said I was ok, just tired.  When I finally moved they told me never to do that again.  Especially since not only did I piss my pants the second time, but I bit my tongue so blood was coming out of my mouth, which freaked them out.

I still thought it was funny.  I think I could get addicted to that even though it’s painful.  The whole experience was just really intense.  Andrew gave me a pair of sweatpants to wear back to the hostel.  I didn’t really want to be seen in them because they were kinda tight on me since he was like half my size and I had no underwear so yeah, my boys were no secret.  Especially since they were roaming free and rubbing the material when I moved, which tickled my balls and I had to keep fighting off an erection.  After the stun gun, my body was doing all kinds of crazy shit, blood rushed all over to my muscles and brain and everywhere.

Anyway, at this moment as I write, we’re packing up to begin the long trek to Colorado.  We’re going to go there then up North and then down the West Coast into California.  From there, we’ll pick up the Mother Road, Route 66 and follow it all the way through into Illinois, then drive East, then North East to home.  Something like that, unless some unforeseen circumstance alters our course.

I have more to tell of our Houston story, but I have to get ready to hit the road.  I’ll finish the story as we drive if it doesn’t make me motion sick.  Andrew hung out with us all yesterday and last night, he was pretty cool.  He was just what I needed to keep me hanging on in recovery.  He knew what I was going through, and gave me a chance to get highs in other ways.


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Patrick is based on himself at and Hasty is based on herself from  

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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 5: New Orleans

May 28, 2013

We arrived in New Orleans late Saturday night.  We were all exhausted because we skipped over Alabama and Mississippi and went straight to Louisiana.  So the drive was a total of 13 hours which included two long stops and several small ones.  We went straight to the hotel, Bienville House which would probably be our most expensive accommodations for the trip.  Pure luxury though, right in the French Quarter, and it wasn’t really that bad at $139 per night.  Though there were no festivals going on that we could tell during the time that we were there.  We arrived about 10pm so after check in, Patrick and Pete went out to a bar, I told them I didn’t mind.  I told Hasty to join them if she wanted, but she wanted them to have time alone and didn’t want to leave me alone.  I was trying to force her because I know Hasty probably would have loved to go to a gay bar in New Orleans, but she stuck with me.

I was pretty tired though and didn’t want to even walk around because I knew I’d want to drink since it was a Saturday night in New Orleans and nice and sticky hot, a good night for drinking.  She lied on the bed next to me and we watched tv and talked.  She tried to charm some personal thoughts and feelings out of me, but I was too vague for her so she whacked me with a pillow and said for me to just open up.  And I thought I confessed so much.

Anyway, that night we all stayed in the same room, with the intentions to go into two separate rooms for the next night or two.  Pete and Patrick returned after Hasty and I had fallen asleep.  We were on the same bed, not in an inappropriate way because I know she’s married.  We were on the covers and just ended up crashing while watching tv.  I bored the poor girl, I mean she could have been out having a great time on a Saturday night in New Orleans.  So I guess Patrick and Pete slept in the other bed.  Then Sunday, we got separate rooms, which we agreed about ahead of time, because Pete and Patrick wanted their own room.  They just wanted to be able to relax and be themselves, especially Pete who was just kind of getting to know himself as a gay man.  The hotel was gay friendly, so they felt pretty free.

Hasty and I had our own room, separate beds.  It was really hard to be in New Orleans.  I’d been there before, I associate it with debauchery, mostly from lots of drinking and drugging.  I didn’t really want to leave the room much, so I was kind of lame.  I was going through a thing.  I liked walking around the streets and going to the cemeteries and the Voodoo shops, the Audubon park.  The cemeteries were my favorite places.  So many ghosts.  I felt like they were going inside my body.  I felt sometimes like they wanted to hate me, but they saw something inside me so they tolerated me.  One spirit I swear was trying to beat me up.  Another one was in love with me and molesting me.  I don’t know, I’m just kind of sensitive to the spirit world, maybe not many other people would pick up on them.  The lady at the Voodoo shop told me I had a spiritual hitchhiker and she gave me a mojo so it wouldn’t follow me out of the city.  She didn’t even ask for money, she said just to take it, carry it with me at all times, and once I’m out of the city, I can throw it into the next body of water I see, if I am unable to do that I can flush it down the toilet, since the mojo was small enough.  She said burying it or burning it would make this particular entity stronger, so it had to be water.  So yeah, leave it to me to pick up a succubus in New Orleans.  Other than those kind of places, I didn’t even go out to eat much, because of the alcohol.  I was left alone for a few hours one day because I insisted that they didn’t have to keep babysitting me.

I wanted to be sure that my friends had the best time they possibly could.  They went out and I spent time in the cemetery.  That’s when I picked up the hitchhiker.  The mojo lady said the female spirit was drawn to my sadness.  Hasty pointed her finger at me and said, “I knew you were sad.”  I said, no I’m fine, not sad.  The mojo lady said no, I have deep pain and the spirit is drawn to it.  And her presence around me will bring me deeper into sadness and she will grow stronger from that.  Funny thing is, that made sense, especially since after she gave me the mojo, I’ve been feeling a little better.  So last night, I brought her a rose to thank her and she smiled.  She was pretty when she smiled, kind of harsh looking otherwise.  But she smiled and her eyes lit up and she warmed.  She was cool.

While I was sitting in the cemetery, I wrote some poetry, that I don’t want to include in this journal, especially since I ripped it up.  I also wanted to text with Emma or call her but instead I texted Snow White.  I thought of all these things to say, but they were stupid and shit she probably heard before.  I wanted to be different than the rest of the guys.  So I figured the one thing that would make me stand out was sensitivity.  So I txtd, “Hey, i hope you had a good time at universal w/us”

Five minutes later, I was txtd “Hi grimm do u know who this is?”

I txtd back “Hey snow white”

“lol no 1s ever called me that b4″

Then I noticed the number was not Snow White’s.  “Who is this?”

“Vanilla k”

“Ohhh i thought u were someone else”

“Snow white?”


“lol i wanted to ty again for helping me out”

“np anytime”

“Im not used to ppl helping like that especially strangers”

“Well that guy was a d**k”

“Am i bothering u?”

“Nope, how u doin?”

“Not bad was just thinking about u wanted to ty again”

“Doin ok? need help?”

“Ur sweet no im good ty….again”

“Im in new orleans”

“Wow im jealous lol”

“Yeah its beautiful i like the iron gatings and spanish moss and cobblestone and ghosts”



“Idk just was thinking about u”

“Thats cool”

“Hmm ur easier to talk to in person lol”

“Yeah i dont txt too much”

“I think I need to see ur face for a convo”

“I know what u mean”


I’m actually copying this conversation from my phone into my journal, then I’ll delete it.  I don’t txt too much and after a conversation I always delete it.  I don’t know why, just do.  But there was a long pause, I think she was waiting for me to respond, but I guess I’m not good at txting because I always leave people confused.  Then she finally txtd.

“k ill let u go now”

“ok bye”


I like when people send the smiley at the end, then I know the conversation is officially over.  I wish I could help her, I feel badly about her situation.  Later Snow White txtd me back apparently and I didn’t hear it, but I see it now as I’m documenting my conversation with Vanilla K.  So I’ll have to get back to her once we’re on the road today.  We’re packing up and heading to Houston.  I hope my friends had a good time even though I wasn’t the most pleasant to be around.  I mean, I was just quiet I guess.  And they were all looking at me with compassionate eyes, so that kind of puts me off and makes me more aloof because I hate when people feel bad for me.


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Patrick is based on himself at and Hasty is based on herself from  Vanilla K is loosely based on reality.  She is a character by Kira at and featured on “The MisAdventures of Vanilla K” Her account of their texting:

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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 4: Grimm and Snow White

May 26, 2013

Thursday we went down to Orlando to Magic Kingdom.  My friend Fia came with us.  It was so cool.  When we were in the Haunted Mansion, the ride got stuck, so we just sat there eating chips watching the ghosts enter and dance around in the ball room.  We went on all the rides even the Winnie the Pooh ride which was pretty scary because of Heffalumps and Woozles.  I fucking hate Heffalumps and Woozles.  At some point people were standing in line to get their pictures taken with Snow White.  I decided to wait in line too because she was pretty hot.  It was almost the same amount of time we waited to get on Space Mountain that I waited to get to Snow White, or it seemed so.

I winked at her as I approached because she was clearly amused, she knew what was coming, I’m sure I wasn’t the first guy to do this.  So I made it and my friends and I got our pictures taken.  I said to her, “Snow White, you have to know my name is Grimm, it’s like we were meant to be together.”

She said, “Grimm?  As in the Brothers Grimm?  Honestly?”

I showed her my driver’s license and she laughed.

I then asked her on a date for the next day even though we were planning to leave.  She sighed and gave me a once over, clearly trying to determine whether or not I was a freak or a decent guy.  I said, “You’re a princess, but I’m going to treat you like a queen, I’m going to give you the royal treatment.”  And I smirked at her because it was as silly as I meant it to be, but she was laughing at everything, which was pretty cute.  So she took my park map and wrote her cell number on it.  She told me she was free the next day.  I told her I was calling her first thing in the morning and I would take her out.

My friends were kind of annoyed.  I said, well now we can go to Universal.  I’ll take the Disney princess to Universal.  Fia said, “aw it’s like a fairy tale.”

Pete said, “I can’t believe you just asked Snow White on a date and she said yes.”

“Well, I’m Grimm, I wrote that to happen.”

Shortly after that, we watched the “Dream Come True” parade.

After the fireworks and the “Electrical Parade” at 11pm, we drove back to St. Augustine.  I called her at 8am Friday and asked her if she wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  She was excited about that idea.  Something told me then, she was a little girl at heart.  A little girl who grew up to be a Disney princess and work in a magical kingdom.  So I felt a little like a jerk, because I kind of wanted to get in her pants then say bye as I traveled across the country.  Meanwhile I had Paula at home waiting for me.  I’d be using her credit card to take another girl on a date.  I wonder why I don’t realize these things as they’re happening.  Well this time I sort of did.  I guess I just assume that Paula expects me to cheat, I don’t know why, I mean it doesn’t even feel like it would be cheating, but I guess it is.  So Friday morning, right before we left to get the princess, I called Paula and told her I met Snow White and I invited her to join us today.  I could tell she was jealous, so I told her, “don’t worry, you’re the fairest of them all.”  She said I could be a real asshole sometimes.  Wow, that’s the first she’s ever talked to me like that.  So I said, “yeah, sorry, I am an asshole sometimes.”  Then she said “have fun” and hung up.  For a sophisticated woman, that wasn’t very mature.

Anyway, we went and picked up the princess and she had long dark hair, less makeup, and a nice Summery kind of dress.  She was so beautiful.  She said she’d been a model and she was 20 years old.  Her name was Margo but I asked if I could call her Snow White all day.  She laughed and said ok.  She brought a couple friends with her, another couple, so fortunately we had the Mystery Machine and could all fit.  I think my friends were a little annoyed because they wanted us all to experience the Harry Potter world together, but I was focused on Snow White.  But they tolerated the idea because they didn’t want to feel controlling.  Pete and Patrick were more and more into each other each day, inseparable, and they hardly noticed anyone else in their company anyway.  Patrick is really helping Pete feel comfortable being open, so that’s cool.  Hasty and Fia really hit it off, they’re like best friends now.  Then there was the other couple, then there was Grimm and Snow White.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is my fairytale.


Once upon a time, Grimm and Snow White went to Hogwarts….

That sounds so funny it’s like fanfic.  I’m living fanfic here.  Well anyway, we went to the Three Broomsticks, we went to Hogwarts, we went to the Owlry, we went to Olivander’s and got wands.  I spent like $60 or so on a marauder’s map for her as a gift.  And we drank tons of butter beer.  That shit is soooo good.  Not real beer though, which is good, I’m behaving.  We kept alternating between the frozen and frothy alternatives.  At one point we got the frothy and we were standing by the cart drinking it, and she had some froth on her lips.  This made me think dirty thoughts.  I said, “You have some…” and I gestured on my mouth.  She went to wipe it off but I took her hand and stopped her.  Then I leaned in to kiss her.  I did it slowly to see if she was going to reject me.  I looked her in the eye as I brought my lips to hers.  She didn’t move forward to meet me, but she didn’t move away, and she had a pleased look in her eye.  I’m beginning to think she’s on the submissive side.  She let me kiss her, using my mouth to get the froth off her lips, then we used our tongues.  I hate when I go for a long time without sex because that’s all it takes to get hard.  And here Snow White pressed her body up against mine and I had to kind of shift my hips back discretely so she couldn’t know how hard I was.

She was so sweet though, she made me think she was a virgin and I just couldn’t even think of having sex with her.  Well, I could definitely think it, but not plan it.  Big difference.  Then I felt badly for her because she seemed innocent and I was afraid that some fucking dog would come around and destroy her.  I wanted to protect her.  I asked her to come with us on the road, she said no because it was difficult to get a job at Disney and she just started, she didn’t want to mess up that opportunity.  I didn’t blame her.  But as I write this as we awaken in New Orleans, I can’t stop thinking about my princess.


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Patrick is based on himself at and Hasty is based on herself from

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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 3: St. Augustine

May 23, 2013

Tuesday morning we left Savannah and drove down to St. Augustine.  I have a friend there so we went to visit her first thing.  We left really early and got there by 9am.  My friends gave me a break the past two drives.  From South of the Border to Savannah, and then from Savannah to St Augustine I didn’t do any driving.  But I’m going to drive to Orlando today because we’re going to Disney World.  We decided to go, of all the parks, to Magic Kingdom, because it’s the most little kiddish one and we all feel like little kids.  We kind of want to go to Epcot and Universal but we decided then we’d be stuck in Florida for much longer than we want to be.  So we talked about maybe coming down some time to conquer all the parks.  Anyway, I’m kind of excited about going to Disney World today, we’re probably leaving as soon as I finish this journal entry.

My friend will be coming with us.  Her name is Fia and she’s an artist.  At first I could tell that Hasty didn’t like the idea of meeting up with another girl or having another female tag along.  I think she feels very comfortable with the dynamic of being the only female with three guys.  The dynamic suits her even more that there is one straight guy and two gay guys.  But then she met my friend and she’s impossible not to love.  I call her Sunshine, because she always brightened my days.  I don’t even remember how long ago it’s been since she moved down here, but I have come to visit her before.

St. Augustine is the perfect place for her since it’s an artist’s town.  The town is beautiful with all the cobblestone and the water.  Then you go over the bridge to St. Augustine Beach.  So anyway, we got here Tuesday morning by 9 and the weather was good.  We had a beautiful beach day on Tuesday, so that’s what we did.  We knew there would be rain soon, so we just spent the whole day on the beach.  Tuesday night rained, and yesterday rained a lot on and off.  We figured it would be raining in whatever direction we traveled so we decided to stay in St. Augustine and hang out with Fia.  She and Hasty were getting on really well.  Besides we wanted to wait the rain out and head to Magic Kingdom.  Today in Orlando there are only supposed to be isolated thunder storms and it’s going to be 90 degrees Fahrenheit so that’s awesome.

If we decide to, Friday we may decide to go to the Harry Potter world place in Universal but we don’t know.  Then we’d end up leaving Florida on Saturday.  I kind of like that idea because I like being around my Sunshine, and in the sunshine state no less.  We used to listen to The Doors a lot together, so we were pretty sad about Ray Manzarek’s death.  I remember one time we were with a few friends and we were really high.  Someone had given her an album, like a real album from the 70s and it was The Doors without Jim Morrison.  We found someone with a record player and we were playing this one song “Ships With Sails” over and over again and getting higher and higher.  We were convinced that the song was the channeled words from Jim Morrison himself when it was written.  We were dancing around like the fucking hippies we were, and at some point I took Fia’s hand and started dancing with her.  She was like “you saved me!  I was going off somewhere else and you brought me out of it, you saved me!”  So we were laughing about that for a while.  I was like, “Morrison’s trying to take my girl, I think.”

So we arrived Tuesday, spent the day on the beach.  Hasty, Patrick, and Pete layered on the sunblock repeatedly.  The waves were huge so we mostly spent the day in the water jumping waves.  There was a guy who was surfing and I asked him to show me how to do it, and it took me about an hour before I was able to ride a wave, but I wiped out right away.  I loved it.  It takes a lot of balance and strength and agility.  You really have to move with the water, so there’s an in syncness with the ocean, not man conquering nature, but man and nature comingling I guess.  A partnership.  It was awesome.  Nearly lost my swim suit a couple times.  Got water up my nose, ocean water.  But I’d do it again in a heart beat.

We took tons of pictures on the beach and posted them all over on fb.  I’m the only one in the group that hasn’t maintained a fb account.  I have one, I just can’t even remember the last time I’ve been on.  We also did some kayaking Tuesday night before the rain started.

Yesterday we went into town and went into the coffee shops and hung out at Fort Marion.  We saw dolphins leaping out of the water.  It rained on and off.  There was a reggae band and I wanted to go to a bar of course.  Damn, there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice cold beer on a hot beach day.  It was so warm, the rain wasn’t even bothersome.  We got a bunch of those clear, plastic rain ponchos so we stayed dry without even needing an umbrella.  I was like, these would be sexy if people would be naked underneath.  But then talk about tenting in one of them things.  You invisible journal reading people know exactly what I mean.

Ok one more thing before we leave for Orlando.  Last night we were hanging in at Fia’s place, playing pitch and I thought of Gary Oldman.  I was thinking hmm I hadn’t thought of that guy in a while.  So we went on line, typed “Gary Oldman” and it turns out he is in the new David Bowie video, “The Next Day.”  We watched it.


wtf BWAHAHAHAAAA that is one messed up video, wicked fucked up

First I have to say, Gary Oldman is cool as shit, he’s awesome.  Damn he’s cool in the video.  This is the Gary Oldman in the days of Gary Oldman film yore, he’s kick ass.  But this video, nuts, but hilarious, and there are some hot girls in it.  The song itself is either classic Bowie, not Ziggy Stardust, but 80s Bowie, and the whole thing kind of reminds me of The Killers too.  But yeah, nuts.  Not for the religiously sensitive.  But honestly, it’s one of those videos that just throw tons of symbolism in it and you can analyze it to death, and it would be fun doing it, but really it means nothing.  It’s just an amalgam of symbols that are what you make of it.  Either way, Gary Oldman is fucking cool.


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Patrick is based on himself at and Hasty is based on herself from

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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 2: Sombreros

May 21, 2013

We left Virginia Beach Sunday morning and it took us about 6 hours to make it to South of the Border in South Carolina.  We only made one stop on the way to have some lunch and stretch our legs.  Well, we make stops to switch drivers, and during that time, I have a cigarette because I’m smoking again.

The weather has been great, a little rain on and off, here and there, but nothing extreme, considering the major weather that’s been going on with tornados.  Some serious damage and even death in Oklahoma, children too, because I think I heard it hit a school, so that’s really sad.  Not sure if we want to drive through there and see the devastation.  Maybe we can help a little for some clean up though.

Anyway, so we traveled to South of the Border and we all got sombreros which I think basically means hat in Spanish, but the connotation is those big hats, so we got those, and we got maracas, and Patrick got a poncho kind of thing so he looked like Clint Eastwood.  Every now and then he’d whistle that music for that movie, I don’t know what movie it is.  One thing I did want that we didn’t get, though I know we all wanted, was margaritas.  We all wanted it, I know it, I could feel it, but no one mentioned it.  I just want to be able to go to a bar and have a good time, but I fucking can’t.  I don’t even know why I can’t at this point.  I feel like I could just go and have a few drinks like a normal person, and then the night would be done and then I’d move on.  But at detox they discouraged me against that kind of thinking, they said it’s not that easy.  And I don’t want to ask these guys if we could try it because I don’t want to concern them.  I don’t know, I’ll hold out a little longer.

Anyway, while we were at South of the Border, we went to the arcade, went on the bumper cars, went to the reptile lagoon, but I don’t like to see animals in captivity so we didn’t last long there, and we went up the Sombrero Tower, like Dahl’s “The Great Glass Elevator” that’s what I was thinking of.  It was kind of scary 200 feet up, I didn’t realize I had a fear of heights.

We stayed a few hours, and left by 5pm then made it down to Savannah, Georgia by 9 I think.  We booked a room at Travelodge for about $50, went into town and walked around for about an hour, then went back to the room.  Savannah I guess is supposed to be the most beautiful town in the country.  It is beautiful, I’ll go along with that.  The fountains and trees, and buildings, the water.  Damn.  And you can feel the ghosts of the past, hear echoes of the history, and the history is still a part of the present every where you look and in the eyes of all the people you see.

We decided to stay there a second night and this morning we’re going to leave for Florida.  We crashed Sunday night after our walk, one of us had bad gas from the Mexican food, but no one was fessing up to it.  I know it wasn’t me.  Well maybe I contributed.  But some of that smell was not mine.  It was probably a combination of all of us.  It was a smell like rotten burritos.  I’d go outside for a smoke, then go back in the room and it was like someone set a fucking stink bomb off in there.  The kind of smell you can taste.  Guess it makes the meal worth the money since you get to taste it twice.

In Savannah yesterday, we decided we didn’t want to do anything that required money, like any of the touristy things, because the town was so nice, we just wanted to relax and walk around and take it all in.  We went swimming too in the pool at the hotel though.  At one point Hasty and Pete went out to buy some food to travel with, and get a quick dinner from the supermarket, so we didn’t have to spend all our money on going out to eat all the time.  That left me alone with Patrick.  We’ve never spent much time alone before.  We just kind of vegged on the beds and watched tv, taking a break.

We weren’t talking I think because we were both in kind of a zone, then as I started to drift off, Patrick said, “So…”

I woke, adjusted myself to be propped higher on my pillow and said, “yeah, hey.”

He looked at me and said, “can I ask you something?”  Yep, said I.  Then he said, “Pete…”

“What about Pete?”


“Pete likes you, is that what you want to know.”

“Yeah.  It feels that way when we’re together.  But the second he’s gone I have doubts.  I don’t know why.”

“Pete’s inexperienced, you have to take the lead.  He’s definitely up for it.  I think he’s waiting for you.”

“Well, I sensed that, but you know I just don’t want to be one of those guys.”

“What guys?”

“Well the moment someone comes out or begins to be open about their sexuality, there are these guys that come in and try to be the one to break you in.”

“They flock to the virgin, huh?”

He laughed and nodded and I told him that Pete wouldn’t think he was like that, because he’s a good guy, and he’s genuine.  I told him that next time two of us stay behind from a food run, I’ll take Hasty, so they can have some time to talk.  Because they were hanging out alone while I was “missing” or in detox, but that was just getting to know each other.  Now they’re going to be together for however long during this journey, time to progress.

We talked some more and he told me about how young he was when he knew he was gay and how he managed to survive life being openly gay, at times needing to hide it.  It’s like an intuition and always trying to pick up on cues prior to any situation or any person you’re with to determine if you can truly be yourself or if you need to be guarded to some degree.  Guarded not from shame, but sometimes because of safety, or sometimes just to avoid hostility or judgment.  He asked me questions about myself, then commented repeatedly about how vague my answers were and that he learned nothing about me.  I said I speak a different language and he had to wear his sombrero to understand me.  It didn’t work.

Then we thought it would be funny if Hasty and Pete returned to an unusual situation.  I put on my pirate costume and he wore the sombrero and the poncho.  We found a country music station, we grabbed the maracas and the station began to play, of all songs, “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band.  Not the greatest song to dance around to, or even sing to for that matter, but we made the best of it.

They walked in and were laughing so hard, Pete started videoing he was going to put it on fb.  Then they just joined in.  It was kind of Monty Python.  I enjoy the ridiculous.  Helps to distract me from drugs.


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