“The Heirloom” – part 4


Here is part 4 of the story written by myself and Art at Pouring My Art Out  Part 4 was written by me. To read the story in its entirety, you can go to the page I created which has all the parts pieced together for you to make it simpler. THE HEIRLOOM


Siria wandered. She had no destination or path to follow. She wore her blue faience beaded dress and, through the netting, her nude body revealed the tattoo marks of a dancer, an enshrined prostitute. As the blessing of motherhood had not yet endowed her, she had come to feel as though she were a disappointment to Isis.

Siria wandered until she arrived at the square, because sometimes it was best to be alone where people gathered. Yet as a vessel for pleasure, it was difficult to avoid the attentions of men. Men were her trouble, but…

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6 thoughts on ““The Heirloom” – part 4

  1. Where is Wall…

    • Wall will be back. I’m taking a small break from the journal entries, and I’ll be focusing on my Sage Doyle blog, just for a bit. I’ll do some random stuff here though. Don’t worry ;)

      • Ok then. I had a dream the other night. I think saw Amon Re. Like a ghost in a dream. He was still at that table in that restaurant with his head down. He lifted his head. Said help and went back to sleep. The dream was over. That’s the day I went back to your blog. Weird. Stupid me. I know it’s just fiction.

        • That’s awesome, to have someone else dream about one of my characters. That’s amazing, thanks for sharing that. And Grimm will be back, don’t go far, or don’t go away again, great to have you back :)

  2. For those concerned i have change my blog, just a little from these two (thisoldtoad.wordpress.com and jensenempire2551.wordpress.com) to https://deletedangel.wordpress.com/


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