Regarding “The Journal of Wall Grimm” Blog

I haven’t been keeping up very well with regular posts/journal entries for Grimm and so, for the time being, I’m going to direct my attention to my other blog SAGE DOYLE Fiction and Poetry

That’s not to say that Grimm has come to an end, he will just be on temporary hiatus. 

My current work involves “The Heirloom” which is an ongoing story that I am writing with Arthur Browne at Pouring My Art Out. The story is being posted as written on both of our blogs, so be sure to go check him out.

I will reblog some posts here from my Sage Doyle blog, but if you’re not already following that one, you may want to.  Bear in mind that if I’m following you from one blog, I’m automatically following you from both, so if you don’t get a follow back from me, then I’m already following you.  Confusing?

Anyway, for now I’m going to make the Journal Entries page stagnant during the break, so feel free to roam around and read older entries you haven’t seen, well over 200 of them.  Also, browse the other pages, explore, etc.

I think I will post in the Random Grimmness category, which doesn’t consist of journal entries per se, just some things like thoughts, photographs, and other random contributions by Wall Grimm.

Basically, I’m not done blogging, my focus is just shifting for a little while.  At the Sage Doyle blog, I’ll be writing “The Heirloom” with Art, and possibly be returning to some poetry now and then.

Not gone, so don’t forget.

Feel free to contact me.

Take care,



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14 thoughts on “Regarding “The Journal of Wall Grimm” Blog

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. I’ve missed you. I like the way you write. Live Catnip

  3. Now I feel sort of guilty…

  4. No me neither, as in my own blog / space
    is suffering too… I will be back though, eventually :)
    Have a fantastic Tuesday Sage :)


  5. Okay will be over to your other blog more to see what’s going on :)

    • Great, thanks! I’ll be reblogging here, and possibly do some random stuff with Grimm, but not the lengthy journal entries, not for just a little while. :)


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