Chapter 1 — “The Morning Before the Departure”; Simon:

This is a must read. This is chapter 1 of 3 so far as this story is being posted as written. This is a very young writer who stopped blogging over a year ago and just started a new blog. Please go on over and show this incredibly talented young man your support. You won’t be disappointed!

Originally posted on Simon & Sonya:

It started with a whisper. Maybe it was a dream. He didn’t know. He knew waking was sweet. The dream mustn’t have been pleasant — such was customary; It felt outrageous that Simon Workmann should ever be granted a restful moment. 7:53 AM marked the moment he sat up, but he very quickly lay back down. The thought crossed his mind:

“I could sleep for hours and be awake before anyone could tell otherwise.”

That passed.

Time passed. Time passed like a sword through melting butter, and Simon now realized he was the butter, after having checked his clock what felt like moments later to find that over a half an hour had passed. He sat up again.

8:26 AM.

He checked the folds of his brain for tasks he may have forgotten in the stress of the prior fortnight. Fat chance he had forgotten anything. Simon was compulsively ahead…

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