Welcome Kevin Cooper!

I’m turning over the spotlight on this rare occasion to my blogger friend, Kevin Cooper.  Kevin collaborated with me in writing a song for “The Journal of Wall Grimm”.  I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music and performed the piece:

This is the post in which the song was featured: 188: For Emma http://wp.me/p41c99-Rf

Anyway, Kev’s a great guy, very talented, so please take the time to check out his blogs.

Welcome Kev!


Kevin Cooper is the founder of Kev’s Author interviews, and Author of the Month which are the primary focus of his blog: http://kevs-domain.net/

If you are a writer and are interested in getting more exposure for your works Kev’s blog is the place to be. More can be found on his KAI & Contact page.

Kev is also an author and has The following five works published:

  • Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear
  • The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn
  • The Devil’s Apology
  • Carta Del Diablo
  • Reflections

More on Kev’s works can be found on his blog and here:


Kev is currently working on his sequel to Miedo which will be a trilogy and sequels to The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn which is a part of his Chronicles of Geo series.

Kev is also a musician. He writes all his own songs and sometimes posts them to Youtube. More on Kev’s music can be found on his music blog here: http://kevsmusicblog.wordpress.com/


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39 thoughts on “Welcome Kevin Cooper!

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    A lovely collaboration from our Kev and Sage Doyle. :)

  3. What a great song.

  4. That was wonderful!

  5. Hi my friend
    Sounds like you are doing ok. I hope you are not taking a long break from writing again. I don’t think we could go a couple of months without your wacky friends.
    Congrats on the awards and I did take a couple for myself. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked my kick ass Eagles jam.

    • Nope, I’ve been writing again, on and off, trying to at least post a Grimm every two or three days, if I can’t write a new one, I plan to just reblog the old ones to keep the blog alive.
      Thanks so much!

  6. A cool video and excellent lyrics
    Sage well done to the both of you :)


  7. totally awesome!!!

  8. Kev

    I am so honoured to be featured on Wall Grimm… thanks Sage! This is great

  9. Kev

    Reblogged this on Kev's Blog and commented:
    I am honoured to have the Spotlight on Sage’s blog… wallgrim. I have to say folks, Sage was a great pleasure to work with when we did Emma’s Song. Thanks Sage for a wonderful opportunity and also for featuring my other works in this post. Hope you have a great year ahead of you!

  10. Pingback: From the Blog of WallGrimm… Thanks Sage! | Kev's Music Blog

  11. VERY cool that you two teamed up for the song and so nice of you to feature Kev here :)

    • Thanks! Kev was great to work with, he was awesome, since I have no clue how to even approach writing lyrics, only poetry, which is more different than I thought. He was very patient :)

  12. jensenempire2551

    Yeah, it is about time that i started dropping by to a read Sage, don’t really have an excuse, other than lazy and no time, funny for a guy that does nothing but dig in dumpsters most of the day other than doing his best this crazy addiction of poetry, which that pusher hasty got me hooked on..

    Give Mr Grimm a kiss for me!

  13. Enjoyed! Shared on FB and Twitter. :)


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