“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 214: Super Attractive Grimm’s Commentary and Philosophy of Introspection

November 30, 2014

I miss you Journal.

It’s been a time of activity and obstacles and just tons of shit going on.  All good though.  And I think it’s really cool that Hasty wrote some pages for me to paste in here.  So I think, as I recommence my journal writing, I’ll begin with my response to everything she wrote.

My name is Wall Grimm, and here is my response to Hasty’s journal entries:


*I like that she thinks I’m hot.

*I like that she thinks I am “super attractive”.

*It’s cool that she felt comfortable to just show up spontaneously and unannounced at my new place.

*Bogart and the pecans….hmmm.  I don’t have an explanation for that.  I think he threw them out for the squirrels but then changed his mind.  He was in his underwear because he wandered off, I usually don’t like to lose sight of him and this is a good example why.  But yeah, why he was putting the pecans in his underwear is just another Bogartism I can’t explain.

*Bogart is silly as Hasty says, but he is also clinically insane.  He has his moments but mostly he is doing well on his medication.  I think that’s because he’s happy where he’s living, with me, Pete, Cola, and Gary Oldman II, and of course he likes Astrid.

*It was a good moment when we were running around like kids.  I tend to feel so responsible for Bogart at times that I forget to have those moments and let him be.  When the fuck did I become so mature?  But yeah, I didn’t immediately tell him to go put his pants on, despite that Hasty was ogling him.  Hasty you pervert.

*Surprisingly Bogart didn’t punch me in the face while Hasty was around, but he’s getting better about avoiding my face.

*Yes I forbade Hasty from kissing Bogart, because he isn’t the kind of guy that a girl can give a friendly kiss to.  For him that’s implied consent for everything else.

*Playing STRANGE TENDENCIES was cool, I think I’ll include mine, Pete’s, Bogart’s, and Solenne’s in different journal entries at random times.

*Just for the record, I offered for Hasty to sleep in my room while I slept on the couch, because I’m a gentleman like that.  But she wanted to sleep with Pete.  I think that she likes that he is gay and she can go to bed with him without sex being involved.

*It was traumatizing for Pete to fly out of bed across the room, flip around mid-air (not really), and land splat on the floor.  Bogart isn’t usually physically aggressive with him because he thinks he’s delicate.  Pete’s not delicate, but he appreciates that opinion since he wants to avoid Bogart’s affectionate violence that he shows me.

*I told Astrid how Hasty described her and she laughed.  Astrid believes she is uncoordinated and clumsy and also insecure.  But I see what Hasty is saying.  Since Astrid has a bad back, she moves slowly at times, and in nonverbal terms, that indicates precision and confidence.  I think most people are more insecure than they come across anyway.

*Apparently Hasty thinks I don’t trust her because I was kind of a barrier between her and Bogart.  I trust Hasty.  I don’t trust Bogart.  And that’s another story I have to catch you up on, wise old journal.  Bogart’s girlfriend, you need to know what happened with her.  Be patient, journal.  You’ll know in due time.

*I’m sorry that Hasty is prone to depression.  I’ve had my fair share of it myself.  I have my own philosophy about it, in response to Hasty’s introspection.


Depression is irrational, completely.  And it’s self perpetuating, a seemingly impossible cycle to break.  I think we have to recognize our own worth, no one else can do it for us.  And the people who talk and say nice things to help us out, those words are heard and put on reserve and set aside, but never absorbed.  Instead those people are just labeled as good people, kind people, people to trust maybe, people who have good things to say.  And when we begin to break free of the cycle, and begin to recognize self-worth, those ideas can little by little come out of the subconscious and give us a better perspective of ourselves.  So those words can help eventually, or help us to continue along the way, though they’re not necessarily believed at the time.  It really all comes down to our own ability to find truth in it all, opposing the lies of depression.  And if we stop doing for others, then those others will begin to do for us, if they are true friends.  If they don’t, then there’s the revelation which can be painful but also liberating.  And pushing people away is easy not always because people are easily pushed away, but because often people will do what they can to give you space or do whatever it takes to make you happy.  That’s not always the case, but with true friends it is.  Hasty talks about introspection, but there’s no time for introspection when you’re never alone.  Being alone is kind of tricky at times.  It can get you deeper, or it can give you pause and time to reflect.  It’s the reflection that is the key to break you out, but you have to alter the fallacies of depression, and that is extremely challenging.  Also, the course of depression is often directly related to circumstances in life.  If these circumstances are catalysts, then if at all possible they should be changed.  But many times we don’t have control over these external situations that we don’t create, rather they are created for us.  That is an added challenge when we have to ride things out.  Sometimes the circumstances change, or if we have the ability we can change them ourselves, but if they are relatively permanent, we need to find some way to survive, and again the key is thought processes.  We may not be able to alter things outside of ourselves, and therefore we need to focus inward.  Easier said than done of course, but not altogether impossible though it seems to be.

–by Wall Grimm, student of psychology

Ok and back to it…

*That song “A Pocket Full of Sunshine” is not my kind of song, something I’d never sing, but Pete and Hasty had been singing it and listening to it all day so by the time I was on stage I already new the lyrics.  I didn’t play the guitar for that song because I didn’t know the chords but I’ve been getting pretty good at guitar, so I played it for other songs, and my harmonica which I always carry on me.  So I sang that song for Hasty, because I thought it would make her happy.  That was my sacrifice.

*Nothing worse happened with Hasty that night, because we were right on that guy.  Bogart isn’t very perceptive since he lives in his own world, but I got up quick and said something about the guy, what his intentions seemed to be, and as I headed toward him, Bogart charged passed me.  I had to control Bogart or he would have killed the guy.  He doesn’t know when to stop, and that’s true in many circumstances.  Anyway, Hasty was safe, though the guy hit her.  I wanted to prevent that guy from doing anything to any other girl so after we left the bar, I called the police.  They weren’t called while we were there because it ended pretty quickly.  Hasty didn’t want them to come or to go through the ordeal of it all, so I just got us out of there before I called.  Strange thing is that if Bogart hadn’t been there, it would’ve been me that people would’ve had to control.  I wanted to kill that guy as much as Bogart did, well probably more.

And so Hasty was safe, but it sucks that it happened at all.  I wish she hadn’t left before saying goodbye, but I’ll see her again soon.

Lastly, I must reiterate, and this is a vital piece of information which requires further acknowledgement and emphasis:

Hasty thinks I’m hot and super attractive.  Thanks Hasty, you’re not so bad yourself there, sweetheart.

My theme song for this journal entry is “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by the Four Tops, dedicated to Hasty.


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51 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 214: Super Attractive Grimm’s Commentary and Philosophy of Introspection

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. I’ve missed you, Dr. Doyle … and really needed to read your Philosophy of Introspection. :) Welcome back.

  3. No pecans for the squirrels… Makes them fat and lazy…

  4. Hello my friend
    Thanks for stopping in today. I’m behind in the story since Lyme Disease is kicking my ass. So glad to know I can catch up once feeling better. Happy Holidays and hope life is treating you well.
    Take care

    • Well I know how it is to be behind, I’m just getting back after a few months of sparse or no activity. But I’m sorry to hear you have lyme disease, that’s severe, I hope you’re receiving the best treatment possible, may I ask the prognosis?

      • Hello my friend,
        I have Chronic Lyme, which means at least for over a year. Prognosis varies, 1-3 years to get well, permanent damage in areas to death. Death isn’t an option, after yesterday I may rethink that. I’m a bit better today. It’s a bitch. I pray none ever has to experience the pain.
        Thanks for asking and I look forward to catching up and enjoying the humor relief.
        Take care.

  5. Hasty’s Introspection was beautiful and one of the reasons we are such good friends. You understand so much as Sage…glad Grimm gets that from you :)

    Also, I was picturing Walnuts cause…well….never mind lol…. *made myself blush

    And pecan pie…yum

    • hmm so why were you picturing walnuts? I have to know. I’m a curious bastard, though I may regret asking.

      And I love pecan pie too mmmm


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