Thank You Hasty!

Well I’m back yet again.  I owe a lot to Hasty who kept my blog alive and was able to take my characters off life support and enable them to live and breathe and walk around and do stuff.  There’s been one thing after another that has kept me from my blog consistently.  First I went camping, then never mentally returned to the online world.  Then I decided to take advantage of the sabbatical and work on my novel.  When I planned to return, I got sick.  When I healed, my computer crashed.  It’s a young computer but I never renewed the warrantee, and I couldn’t find my recovery disk anywhere, so I had to order one.  It took a week to come in, then there seemed to be hard drive problems.  However, I suspected a virus and downloaded Norton since the McAfee didn’t seem to be doing anything.  I had Norton clean it up and now I’m no longer hearing the strange noise that otherwise seemed like a hard drive problem.  Hopefully my computer is ok now.

Unfortunately during the recovery process I lost the one file I didn’t have saved on a flashdrive.  This file contained a lot of notes and ideas for Grimm.  It also included all the awards I had received and that I was going to thank people for in a separate post, which I can no longer do.  Sorry about that.  I can’t remember who gave me what awards, that’s what lists are for, to give your brain more space for other stuff, so I can’t thank those people directly.  If you’ve given me an award which I didn’t officially accept or include in a post, this is why, so I thank you now, whoever you are.

I’m hoping that I did in fact save it on a flashdrive and that I just don’t remember doing it.  I’ve slacked a bit and haven’t bothered to look.  Since I started my blog a few years ago, I’ve written every single day until this Summertime hiatus began.  It has been a nice break, but I miss it and I’m anxious to get started again.

The last post I made like this, I stated I wanted to catch up first, then get back into it.  That’s when my computer crashed.  I take that as a sign to just jump right back in.  It will be very difficult for me to develop a routine again, particularly since my mornings have changed somewhat, and for some reason it seems to take me longer to cognitively awaken in the morning.  However, I’ll struggle through that and make it happen.  I will catch up with things along the way.  I have over 1,000 emails.  I have tons of comments and follows as well as plenty of fb and Twitter activity to get through.  If I miss comments/follows/activity, it’s because it seems that I can’t always access that stuff once it’s deep in the archives, but I’ll do my best.  In the meantime, I humble myself to ask for more patience as I get back in the swing of things, writing regularly and all caught up.

To my new followers, or to those who visited while Hasty was blogging here, I want to say welcome and thanks for coming by.  Hasty is my blog and real life friend who stepped in when I needed to revitalize Grimm’s world.  I can’t thank her enough.  It’s an intense challenge as a writer to take on another writer’s characters and she did an incredible job.  She helped me in more ways than I can even express.  My challenges with getting back into my blog world were beginning to discourage me to the point that I almost felt on the verge of giving up.  That’s when I asked her if she would be interested in posting for me.  She took on the task with even more enthusiasm than I expected.  I felt kind of like a parent who found a trustworthy babysitter while I was away.  My children (blogs) were in safe hands, well cared for, nourished, thriving, and loved.  She was nervous before, during, and even after the process.  She texted me regularly asking if the posts were ok and if she should change anything, or if there was anything she did wrong.  She approached the task with tentative eagerness and a sense of artistic vulnerability.  I don’t know why it amused me to see how much she cared, maybe because she’s adorable.  So I have to say, if anyone fucks with Hasty, they’re going to have to deal with me.  She has my undying loyalty and protection as a friend.  Thank you Hasty, you’re a beautiful person.

And so…I’m back now, and will crawl my way back into a routine and slowly get ahead after falling so far behind.  Thanks again also to my fellow bloggers and readers for your support and understanding.  You’ve all been awesome and I’m grateful to be part of this blogging family.

To everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, I hope yours was both fantastic and fattening.  If it wasn’t, then just know that no one is alone in being alone or in not having much.  There are a lot of people out there without family or anyone to spend their holidays with, which makes the holidays more painful than pleasant.  There are often other adverse circumstances that go along with that.  It feels like I’m in no place to give advice about that because I do have family and I am grateful for this fortune every day.  But I just hope that those who experience suffering or loneliness during the holidays are able to recognize something beautiful in their lives, no matter how simple, and find that one beautiful thing to be fulfilling enough to experience even a small amount of joy.  And to one person in particular that I’m thinking of, in my real life, I want you to know that you are deeply loved, I love you, and I hope that helps a little bit to know that.  You know who you are, you’re the only person in my real life who reads this blog.

Take care everyone, peace,


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12 thoughts on “Thank You Hasty!

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. You left this place in good hands.

  3. supernova1c

    Good to have you back my friend :) You’ve been missed.

  4. Besides the fact I would do anything for you I really loved being able to do this for you. I had so much fun and like I said to you personally it was like a fan winning the opportunity to write part of a script.

    I can’t thank you enough for the love and trust it took for you to allow me to do this.

    Also, It was soooo hard not making out with Bogart just to see what Grimm would do ;)

    I love you!!!

    AND AWWW thank you for the comments too :)

    • You flatter me big time :)
      And yeah, Grimm wouldn’t have liked that lol Bogart can be nuts in a fun way, but he’s not the stablest person.
      We’ll have to have you come back and guest post a journal from time to time. Maybe whenever Grimm hangs out with you, you can add your version of the story. Not sure when the next time will be, but I think at this time I’m going to randomly mention people he hasn’t mentioned in a while like his old friends, Emma, Howard, Sharly….
      You’re a sweetheart.


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