“The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 212: Cola Flu, Childish Behavior, with a Dash of Seriousness

I don’t know why but when Grimm told me he had a landlady named Astrid I immediately pictured Helen Roper from Three’s Company; and if you’ve never heard of Three’s Company then ugh. Anyway, since I knew I was going to be meeting her I had a dream about Mrs. Roper. I was Janet, Pete was Chrissy, and Bogart was Jack except sometimes Grimm was Jack. It was a dream so it made sense until I woke up. The dream consisted of a bunch of giggling and chasing each other around from one room– to the next room– to the next room– until somehow I got stuck trying to hide under the couch, at which point, I woke up.

Last night, I bunked with Pete and when I woke up he was laying on top of my calves sideways so we looked like an upside down crucifixion cross; which would explain why I got stuck under the couch in my dream. I sat up to feel his back to make sure he hadn’t suffocated. I always worry when someone sleeps with their head under the covers all night. He was still alive so I tried to lie still but it was driving me insane not being able to move; plus, my feet were tingling and I had to pee.

Pete wriggled out from under the covers and told me I needed to shave because I gave him a whisker burn on his chest; I responded by sticking my tongue at him. Pete and I always have to one up each other so he lunged at me, pinned me down, and made me smell his morning breath, which was god awful so I acted like he killed me. I guess I must have screamed before I played dead because Bogart and Grimm both crashed into the room in their skivvy’s where they found Pete straddling me and holding my hands above my head. Before anyone could respond Bogart crashed into Pete knocking him into the floor like a rag doll.

It was one of those slow motion scenes that looked cartoonish because Pete literally flew through the air. I had to press my lips together tight in order not to laugh (remember I laugh at inappropriate times) but when Bogart and Grimm both appeared with serious faces above me I nearly covered them in spit from the force of my laugh.

“Oh my gosh…. Pete… are… you… ok?” I asked through my laughter as I tried to peer over the edge of the bed at him. He was lying next to the bed motionless. I snapped into mom mode, jumped out of bed, and tried to assess the damage. Of course, I should have known better because when I bent down to check his breathing he started laughing. I called him a little shit and went to pee.

I finally met Astrid who is nothing like I pictured her. Everyone was hanging out having coffee and I had just finished taking a shower and getting dressed. She was very precise in all her movements and didn’t really say much. She was very laid back and seemed like a very confident person. She was leaning against the kitchen counter holding her mug to her face with both hands as if enjoying the smell of her coffee.

“I heard you had quite a morning?” she said looking at me with one eyebrow lifted higher than the other as she took a sip. I had a bit of trouble trying to decipher if it was a question or just a comment.

“Everything around these guys ends up being “quite” something or other.” I said as I jabbed Pete in the ribs. Astrid agreed with me and said she suspected I might be a bit of a handful myself. Pete jabbed me back and blurted “Ha”. I swear something about Pete turns me into a 12-year-old.

Just then Cola walked in with a bath towel over her head like a ghost and a big pink fuzzy blanket wrapped around her. Unfortunately, she had the flu and had been asleep the entire time I’d been here.

“Hi Hasty! I hate that I am sick!” came her puny voice muffled under the towel. I got up to give her a huge hug even though she was trying to slink away to avoid getting me sick. I told her I have mom antibodies so I don’t get sick. I made her a hot toddy and escorted her back to bed where I helped her get comfy.

When I got back to the kitchen, Astrid told me she was glad to meet me and would see me later tonight to which Grimm informed me we were all going to go to a Jazz Club. Once we were alone Grimm told me Bogart has been unusually quiet and that I might want to make sure he knows I am not mad for knocking Pete off the bed this morning. I told him I would and then we talked about the evening plans.

I have a problem hiding my emotions. Every time I look at Grimm I am reminded of a friend I had a few years back. My friend was about Grimm’s age, gay, good-looking and a bit of a mess. When I started to fall apart we parted ways. I guess looking back, things happened the way they needed to because now he isn’t so much of a mess and I am putting myself back together. Anyhow, Grimm reminds me of him.

I guess I wasn’t listening for a minute and was just sort of staring at Grimm with tears in my eyes because he asked if I was ok.

I just smiled and said, “I’m so proud of you!”


This journal entry was guest written by Hasty at https://hastywords.wordpress.com/

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8 thoughts on ““The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 212: Cola Flu, Childish Behavior, with a Dash of Seriousness

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  2. I love how you tell a story!

    • I am so relieved for this comment…
      My husband says I ramble and he can’t follow my writing so Thank You for the encouragement:)

      • Oh I enjoyed it greatly. Husbands do say that don’t they? haha
        If it was about a football team they might ramble on as well

  3. I am so getting sucked into this weirdness…

  4. I’m SO enjoying this. I like Bogart immensely. And Pete sounds like a brilliant (if frustrating) friend. And I reckon Astrid’s right – you’re a handful :D

    This is awesomely good storytelling.


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