“The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 211: STRANGE TENDENCIES AND BURNT MARSHMALLOWS

When I meet someone for the first time I can be a bit much to handle; or as my husband would say, I am obnoxious. I’ve always considered myself an introvert because meeting people, or being around people in general, makes me anxious. However, ask anyone I know and they will all tell you I have an extrovert’s personality. I am flirty as a natural response to men and woman and I am a hugger.  Chances are if I am at a party then alcohol has been consumed because it makes it easier for me to be social.  I am also likely to give you a big kiss because I like kisses.  For the record, Grimm has forbidden me to kiss Bogart.  I am not the most appropriate person either because I might even try to show you my penis; which, of course, I don’t have, but the look on your face will make us both laugh.

I was nervous about meeting Bogart, Astrid, and Solenne but I also felt like I had already met them because Grimm has talked about them so often.  Actually, Grimm and I don’t talk much but we do text quite often because his breaks between classes coincide with my breaks at work. Anyway, I fell in lust love with Bogart because of his body accent but when I met Solenne later in the evening I fell in love with her for the same reasons. Being from Africa, she also had an accent but she also had really amazing lips which framed the most gorgeous smile I think I have ever seen. She probably thinks I’m a lesbian because I really couldn’t stop looking at her.

I love the way Grimm looks at Solenne and Bogart as if they are his family and maybe he doesn’t know it but I think they are his family. So is Pete but it’s different because they have been friends for a long time. I think being responsible for Bogart has given him an anchor, someone to be better for. Anyway, I tend to over analyze things so I am probably full of bologna.

After we played tag in the front yard, Grimm called Solenne and invited her over so we could all make a campfire and get to know each other. We made s’mores and decided against playing NEVER HAVE I EVER because all that game does is make people drudge up mistakes they wish they could leave buried.  Instead we played a made up game we called STRANGE TENDENCIES. Basically, we had to confess things we do that we don’t think anyone else does.

– If I am pumping gas I need to land on a dollar amount with .00 cents. I have a gas can in the back of my car just in case I have overfilled my tank and can’t squeeze another .02 into it.
– I have a terrible habit with leaving my clothes lying in the floor, or on dressers, or on the edge of the bed (pretty much wherever I take them off) but when I put them away they have to be hung by order of color and separated by season.
– I laugh at inappropriate times. Actually, laugh would be too tame of a word because normally I will end up in the floor like I’m having a terrible seizure. I am no longer allowed to go to funerals or parent teacher conferences.
– I am that crazy lady in line at the grocery store that will try to friend you on fb just because our groceries touched on the conveyor belt.
– I am the mom that will play songs like The Monster Mash or YMCA at the bus stop and try to get all the kids to dance even though it ends up embarrassing my daughter.
– I won’t have sex if I am cold. No… I don’t care that it might warm me up because most likely I am already warm under my avalanche of blankets.

I would share everyone else’s tendencies but I’ll let Grimm do that if he wants too. I have a strange tendency about not repeating other people’s strange tendencies.

Bogart sat next to me and despite what Grimm had told me previously about his flighty and out of control behavior he seemed really normal to me. He participated and had us all hysterical and hanging on every word. I think he even surprised Grimm with his lucid behavior.

Grimm is different but a good different. He is still easy and quirky and he still has a whole lot more going on behind those eyes than he lets on but he seems like he has everything together. I always got the impression that he could fall apart at any minute, like he was always trying to work everything out at once. But now he seems solid and confident and… hmmmm… maybe the word is proud.

It was an amazing night and I am full of burnt marshmallows.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to meeting Astrid.


This journal entry was guest written by Hasty at https://hastywords.wordpress.com/

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15 thoughts on ““The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 211: STRANGE TENDENCIES AND BURNT MARSHMALLOWS

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  3. Um…. I am learning stuff now…

  4. Duuuuude you can SO SO VERY WRITE! I love this, I love the serial feel to it – I’m reading along and ENJOYING your characters so much, and AGAIN, I can SEE IT HAPPENING!

    And btw that game sounds GREAT :D

  5. Lisa

    As long as you don’t kiss Johnny we’ll be perfect friends! ;) :) <3

    I totally laugh at inappropriate times as well. We better not go somewhere serious together. :D

    • Anonymous

      Lol yea it’s a good thing it’s fiction or I wouldn’t have many friends :-)


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