“The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 210: Grade School Cooties and Face Lickers

I like to be silly and have fun.  I don’t much care what other people think about me or the things I do because I really try to do all things with a kind heart.  I feel like this is why Grimm and I get each other because he has a very kind heart.  Sometimes silly likes to masquerade as crazy and if you didn’t know a person is just silly you might think  they are crazy.  Or maybe that’s just me trying to rationalize why so many say I am crazy.

My point is, I think, that many times silly gets misinterpreted.  I’ve had a lot of people think I’m crazy so I’m not going to jump to any conclusions with Bogart.  Grimm told me about Bogart but I guess I’m more inclined to treat him as silly more than crazy.  Ok, I am rambling so I will get back to yesterday when I met Bogart for the first time.


After what seemed like a whole minute of Bogart bending over with his butt in my face eyeing me over his shoulder, he jumped up to face me like a sumo wrestler ready to wrangle. “oi! bwahahahahahaaaaa you’re a cheeky one!”  Then another minute passed while I stood there with a bemused smile on my face as he pondered who I was. He had that look like it was mating season,“ ‘o might you be then?”  I assumed the same sumo stance he had and responded in a high pitched voice, “I’m a squirrel and I came to fight you for your nuts!”

Just then, out of my periphery, I saw Grimm walk around the edge of the house where he froze seeing us in our Gorilla stances. “Hasty?” I didn’t divert my eyes from Bogart and maintained my stance, “Oh hey Grimm, I was just introducing myself to Bogart.” At this point Bogart and I were in a staring contest and neither one of us was going to blink first. “ ‘oi constable, is she for me?” he said without moving, “ cause I think this un ‘ere is crazy.” Grimm was still watching as he started to sing, “People are strange when you’re a stranger…” and when he realized neither of us knew he was singing the doors he replied, “No, she isn’t yours but you might be hers from the looks of it.”

Just then I laughed and charged Bogart as he took off running like we were playing a game of grade school cooties. I strolled closer to Grimm “Nice green kilt! Hope you’re wearing underwear this time ’cause tag you’re it” As Grimm started running after me, Pete had just innocently came out of the house so he got tagged instead of me. Pete stood there a moment taking us all in.  Bogart was at the far corner of the yard in his skivvy’s, Grimm was still running in my direction to hide behind a big tree, and I was on the ground laughing uncontrollably.   Then, without any facial indication he knew what we were doing, he strolled into the yard a few feet before he started chasing Bogart with a big goofy smile on his face.  Pete was kind of slow so Bogart was teasing him with a “come on and show me what ya got” dance as he ran backwards.

Bogart is pretty agile. He was jumping back and forth and ducking and dodging like a boxer.  I like boxers.  I slowly made my way to stand next to Grimm when I nearly tripped over my own two feet watching Bogart.  I made a mental note to be careful as I noticed I was also drooling.  Grimm seemed to notice, “Oh no Hasty, don’t you dare!” he said, “I have a hard enough time calming him down without you riling him up.” I smiled so big I could feel air on my gums.  Grimm always made me happy, he just had a way about him.  “I’ve missed you” I said and we were hugging when Bogart and Pete leaped around the tree and surprised us.

“Hasty!  I didn’t know you were coming.  I am so happy to see you.” I turned to give Pete a hug and noticed that Bogart was watching so I licked Pete’s face. “Yumm… you are still as tasty as you were last time I saw you!”   He laughed and licked my cheek back and said, “You are tastier!” and we both broke down laughing.

Finally, I stood and faced Bogart again and held out my hand to shake his, “Hi!  I’m Hasty!”


This journal entry was guest written by Hasty at https://hastywords.wordpress.com/

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24 thoughts on ““The Absconded Journal of Wall Grimm as Told by Hasty” 210: Grade School Cooties and Face Lickers

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  3. See, now, this is light and playful and COMPLETELY bloody awesome, Sunset. So prettily written and with such a spirit of fun – I can SEE IT HAPPENING.

    You is smart. You is kind. You is important. And you is a WRITAH!

  4. This is fracturing my viewpoint on reality… Which wasn’t that clear to begin with… Awesome.


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