I, Hasty, have kidnapped Sage Doyle.

It took a bit of chloroform and maybe some straps and a gurney convincing but he finally gave me his sacred blog passwords.

The truth is Sage was sick, then he was busy trying to catch up, and then his computer got sick and died. He is currently trying to revive his computer which is why he has been missing.

He was really hoping to return to the Grimm world by now but I decided to kidnap him and Grimm’s world to give him a bit more time.

Don’t worry I will let him go eventually because I miss his writing and his stories just like all of you do.  Please remember I am not a writer or a storyteller like Sage is, so be gentle with me.

In the meantime,  let’s see what kind of trouble Hasty, an ongoing character in The Journal of Wall Grimm, can stir up in the Grimm world over the next week.



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    I kidnapped a few blogs for a week or so. Come help me stir up some trouble… I mean fun….
    *hasty rubs hands together and laughs maniacally

  3. Come back soon old friend!

  4. Ooooh this should be interesting…

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  6. Kev

    Oh my, wondered what was going on, until I caught up! :D

  7. I loved kidnapping you :)

  8. Thank you for your visit and like.


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