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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 207: Brief Boringness, Undulating Brain Waves, and Grimm’s Philosophy of Attraction

September 27, 2014


Yeah I’ve been a neglectful journal guardian. That’s just the way it is. Been busy. This is my college schedule for my second semester back:

Research Design and Analysis I Tues and Thurs 8 – 9:15

Cognition Tues and Thurs 2 – 3:15

Psych Testing Tues and Thurs 12 – 1:15

Psych of Personality Mon and Fri 8 – 9:15

Group Dynamics SAT 8 – 4

As you can see, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my full days. Monday and Friday I only have the one early class, so I work and I can still go to Blues Monday. I have Wednesdays off, so I don’t work either, that way I have one day off per week. Saturday is my biggest day, but group dynamics is pretty interesting. So that’s my school schedule, then I have Blues Monday, then I work Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. And I am supervising or in a less degrading way of saying it, hanging out with, Bogart the rest of the time, unless I’m doing homework. Then Pete, Cola, or even Astrid spends time with him. When I’m at school or work, one of them spends time with him then too. He still can’t be alone. I get a lot of homework done at work as well so that helps. Sharly lets me. She understands I’m occupied by Bogart in much of my spare time and don’t often have a quiet place. I go into work, fulfill all my responsibilities immediately, unless it’s busy, then once it’s quiet I do my work behind the counter. The coffee house days are not conducive to that though, but I’m doing all right. I also get my work done in between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Anyway, that’s all boring content and I can hear you snoring ol’ journal o’ mine. Like I did last semester, I’m not going to do a lot of school talk, even though it’s on my mind. Because college isn’t my life, it’s a path to creating my life, and here with you is where I document the real stuff.

Right now I’m going to address random things. My name is Wall Grimm, and here is my journal segment of randomness.


1. When a man is embarrassed or his ego is shattered, it makes him feel like less of a man. When that happens to a woman, she doesn’t feel like less of a woman, she feels like more of a person who has met yet another challenge to survive and make her stronger.

2. I often think of Bogart as the Master of Stating the Obvious. So I’ve begun to refer to that as “masterstating” which makes him laugh. It’s a good way to point out when he’s maybe saying too much or saying something he shouldn’t say without insulting him. So long as he’s laughing, everything’s ok.

3. People always say live each day like it’s the last, and they think they are, but they’re not. Because I ask myself, if this was my last day on Earth, what would I do? Of course, the reality is you can’t just walk away from your responsibilities, so you fulfill those, but during those moments, how are you spending your thoughts? What can you get from those moments, the interactions with strangers, people you work for and with, and in your spare time, what do you do then? So yeah, if you can’t walk away from your responsibilities because it’s not truly your last day on Earth…well, if it was for me, I know for sure I wouldn’t work. But since I have to, I’d glean–glean is a good word–I’d glean from every experience and moment. Then, at the end of the day, if I wasn’t able to have sex or something, I’d go out with a bang after having myself a big wank.

4. The best way to get your point across when you want to say something that would otherwise piss someone off, but it’s important to be honest and confront an issue, is to compliment them or say something nice first. That’s called tact, and it can also sometimes prevent a punch in the face.

5. I was thinking of the various conjugations of the word fuck. Here is my list, which includes many but not all the conjugations:

Fuck, fucking, fucked, fucker, fuck you, fuck off, fuck all, fucks, fucksome, fuckerino, fucken, fuckism, fuckdom, fuckkkk, fucking asshole, fucking stupid, fucking idiot, fuckwad, fuckhead, fucktool, fuckisimo, fuckology, fuckologist, fucky, fuckasm, fuckation, fuckinterim, fucktastic, fucksome, fucktorious, fuckaholic, fuckaphobic, fuckment, fuckable, fuckagogy, fuckade, fuckility, fuckance, fuckard, fucktard, fuckary, fuckarchy, fuckatholon, fuckathon, fuckeneer, fuckcycle, fuckectomy, fuckence, fuckency, fuckeous, fuckhood, fucketic, fuckagon, fuckify, fuckillion, fuckion, fuckish, fuckitive, fuckization, fuckist, fuckive, fuckless, fuckography, fuckship, fuckster, fuckshire, fucktuary, fuckulent, fuckwise, fuckesque, adfuck, afuck, ambifuck, antefuck, antifuck, befuck, bifuck, circumfuck, contrafuck, defuck, demifuck, disfuck, disfucktional, exfuck, extrafuck, hyperfuck, hypofuck, interfuck, intrafuck, introfuck, multifuck, minifuck, prefuck, surfuck, infrafuck, retrofuck, superfuck, semifuck, subfuck, domfuck, subparfuck, obfuck, transfuck, ultrafuck, postfuck, nonfuck, perfuck, unfuck, refuck, epifuck, cofuck, confuck, confucktion, and last but not least, my favorite, veni vidi fucki.

And to end my journal entry today, I’m going to close with a philosophy. I’ve been seeing Solenne a lot lately, though we haven’t had sex or done much more than kiss. Cola told me that I’m afraid of virgins and she thinks that’s cute. I’m not afraid, I just….I don’t know. I won’t get into it right now. That was an accidental pun. Anyway, so I’ve been seeing her and it has made me realize the thing that makes me most attracted to women. So it’s a personal philosophy. My name is Wall Grimm and I have a philosophy that pertains directly to me.


This is something I’ve alluded to before but never formulated it specifically in my thoughts. But what attracts me most to women is confidence. Emma has always been very confident, one of the most confident women I’ve ever known. I thought Paula was confident, but once she started to reveal a little insecurity, and imposing it upon me, in an unspoken sense, to ensure her self-assurance, I responded by pulling away. I tend to be a confident person with random insecurities. But those things about me that make me unsure are not about who I am as a person or what I look like, they are more based upon my choices and actions and the expectations I have of myself to be a responsible, reliable, and efficient man. I don’t need anyone else to enable me to have that confidence. It’s something I get from myself and self-evaluation. Since I’m able to do that, I suppose I unconsciously expect the same from any woman I’d be involved with. I shouldn’t have to be responsible for how someone feels about themselves. I’m not that important. No one is. Of course, it’s nice to tell a woman she’s smart or beautiful, or whatever you think about her that would make her feel good. But that’s just a gesture and it shouldn’t be necessary for her self-validation.

And that’s all I guess I have to say today.

My theme song for today is “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, which isn’t relevant to anything I’ve written, so it goes along with the randomness I’ve documented. Plus I love this song.


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“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 206: Grimm, Bogart, Pete, Cola, & Gary Oldman (II) Go Camping

September 4, 2014


Well it’s been almost a month since I journaled and I don’t have an excuse, but I’ll offer some up anyway. There were birthdays, which I never mention birthdays, but yeah, Pete’s, my mom’s, and Sharly’s birthdays are all in September.  Solenne came back, but I’ve only seen her once since she returned from England, because I just went camping for a week, which is what I’m going to write about today.  Also, I registered for classes, I’ll document that another day, classes start today, and I bought the books, and…yeah, I guess I just haven’t felt like journaling any of that. I never finished part II of my story about the drunken maiden either, but I’ll get to that sometime.  It’s not like this amazing tale or anything, nothing to anticipate.

All right, anyway…my name is Wall Grimm and I went camping.


I wanted to take Bogart camping because he’s never been.  He pretty much has never done anything in his life. Obviously I figured it would be best if I didn’t camp alone with him, so I tried to think of who could join. I didn’t want to take girl friends because he’d just sexually harass them and/or fuck them.  I didn’t want to take my friends that are guys because I figured Bogart would drive them nuts.  So it came down to Cola and Pete, since they’re roomies, they’re used to him.  Pete’s been camping with me before so he was all right.  Cola, however, has never been and was reluctant to go, insisting she was an indoor girl.  But Pete, Bogart, and I coerced her into going.  Gary Oldman (II) came too, of course.  She’s my sidekick.

We had two tents, since we only got one campsite, that’s all that usually fits on a campsite.  I have an eight person tent which really fits about 4 people comfortably.  I think by an eight person tent they mean that eight people can stand in there.  Yeah, they can stand.  A tent you can stand in is pretty cool.  Anyway, none of us wanted to all squeeze into one tent, especially Cola who said it would be “really smelly because men smell.”  That comment baffled Bogart, he said, “wot?…but ya…but…ya…but….wot??”  He is irreparably confused about Cola.  C-O-L-A Cola.

This was how we decided tent mates:

1. Cola wanted to sleep with me because she said I’m the only one who wouldn’t try to fuck her.

2. Pete wanted to sleep with me because he said I’m the only one who wouldn’t try to fuck him.

3. Bogart didn’t care who he slept with, but he would probably try to fuck any one of us.

4. I wanted my own tent.

5. Pete denied Cola’s comment.

6. Cola denied Pete’s comment.

7. Bogart denied none of it.

8. I wanted my own tent.

9. Cola wanted to sleep with me because she wanted a man to protect her while we slept in the middle of the woods.

10. Bogart got confused.

11. Pete wanted to sleep with me because…well, because he’s gay.

12. Bogart got even more confused.  He either didn’t know that Pete’s gay, or he forgot.

13. I said I’d just sleep under the stars.

But in the end I slept with Bogart, leaving Pete and Cola as tent mates.  And there was no sex, because…

1.  Pete and Cola aren’t each other’s types.  They just give each other shit.

2.  Bogart’s not gay, but makes exceptions when he’s horny enough, though he’s too insane for Pete, and too young and insane for Cola.

3.  I’m straight, ’nuff said.

So that was the situation once we got to the campsite, then we set up the tents.  Pete was teaching Cola, and I taught Bogart.  Bogart’s not really a good student.  He’s impulsive and he doesn’t listen.  The tent was kind of being tossed all over the place, while Gary Oldman (II) sat on the sidelines, dumbfounded and shaking her head.  Then Bogart accidentally snapped one of the poles.  I didn’t have a tent repair kit with me because I was stupid and forgot, however I did have an essential camping item: DUCT TAPE.  No not that duck shit with all the colors and patterns that everyone’s making flower pots and neckties out of.  I’m talking the real deal, the stuff real men use, the hardcore adhesive used by the military in World War II.  You can build a fall out shelter or a jet liner with that shit, not just a wallet or a prom dress.  So I fixed the pole with that, but yeah, the pole was no longer pliable so we had a kind of abstract version of a dome tent.  Cola said it looked bigger than it should and it was leaning and crooked.  Bogart said, “like me willy! bwahahahaahahahaaaa!”  Cola said that maybe she would be his tent mate after all. C-O-L-A Cola.

Nobody ‘raised’ the subject of ‘tenting’, in a colloquial sense, though it would have ‘fit in nicely’ at that point, so I’m sure we all thought it.  I’m pointing out innuendo because I’m juvenile.

But yeah…that was just setting up.  We were there for a week.  Needless to say, it wasn’t my typical commune with nature kind of camping trip.  But we had a good time.  Bogart had a great time, so for me that was rewarding.  It feels good to be able to give him the opportunity to live a normal life, and not feel like a criminal or a patient, and not be considered a nuisance or a hopeless cause.  I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world who could be that person for Bogart.  There’s got to be others.  But so far, I’m the first one who has stepped up to the task and took it on.  And Pete and Cola help a lot.  We make a great team on behalf of him.  I feel pretty good about myself because of that.  And I like my collection of allies.  I tend to be a loner mostly.  I have a lot of friends that I never see or I only see sporadically.  I’ve always had one or two people that I focused on at a time and saw regularly, balanced with a lot of solitude.

And usually I get that sense of solitude in nature as well.  But not so much this trip, though Bogart had us laughing a lot.  One night we just did burgers and dogs for supper.  Mine were veggie, since I’m vegetarian, as I’ve said before.  Keep with the program, Invisible Journal Reading People, do I have to spell everything out for you?  That’s both a rhetorical and an ironic question, as well as it implies delusions of grandeur that I imagine invisible people are invested in the details of my life.  Anyway…

I digress.

We were cooking dogs and burgers over the fire, when Bogart’s hot dog caught fire.  And since he seemed to have only recently learned that Pete’s gay, he said that the wiener was flaming, “like Pete’s willy! bwahahahahahahahaahahaaahaa!”

I think I’ll just end there.

My theme song for this entry is “Oi Oi Oi” by the Cockney Rejects.  Just fucking because.  Oi.



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