“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 203: Master of Stating the Obvious & Grimm in Love

August 2, 2014


So last Sunday I went on the sextuple date, triple date.  First, as Solenne had requested, I went to her house to pick her up.  She wanted it like a real official date, so I brought her flowers.  Her uncle is a nice guy but pretty intense.  When I first got there and he opened the door, the solid, brisk movement of the opening door created an air current that went through me like a ghost.  And the motion was so sudden, I was startled, especially once he was standing there gazing down at me.  The entire few seconds of this experience nearly caused me to shit my pants or maybe have a heart attack.  But in the end, he and I were laughing together and I think he trusts me with his niece.

We went back to my place first, where I introduced her to Astrid, Pete, Bogart, and Cola.  They were sitting out back, so I brought her out there.  I introduced them in order of how they were seated, which began with Pete, who stood and shook her hand.  Bogart observed that and followed suit, but then he said to her, “you’re black, really black, you’re a very dark black.”  Then I nearly shit myself again, this time from embarrassment.  Solenne just smiled graciously and said, “yes, I am.”  I added, “she’s beautiful” then took her hand and kissed the back of it.  I introduced Astrid next, then Cola, at which point, Bogart, Master of Stating the Obvious says, “‘e’s a bloke, ‘e’s a bloke in a dress, ‘e wears ladies’ knickers, wants to be a lady.”

Cola said, “no Bogart, I don’t want to be a lady, I’m very happy with myself the way I am.  Well, maybe sometimes I do.”  She laughed, then said, “but I like having a male body, but living as a woman.  Most times.”

Then while we waited for Bogart’s date and her friends, I took Solenne upstairs to see the apartment.  I forgot to mention that I had Gary Oldman (II) with me the entire time, even when I picked Solenne up.  Gary didn’t like the greyhounds very much but they seemed to like her.  Anyway, I wanted to avoid the awkwardness when you show someone your place and end with your bedroom, so I started with my bedroom and ended with the kitchen.  Then it got awkward in the kitchen.  I told her I’d like to have her seated at my table sometime eating a meal I prepare just for her.  She said she’d like that.  Then I had to kiss her, but I had to make it a brief one because I don’t want to overwhelm her with my constantly touching and kissing her.  It’s hard for me to keep my hands to myself around her.

Anyway, the others showed up, the girl Bogart met when we went running, Ashley, and her friends that are a couple, Douchebag and Fuckingbitch.  (I don’t like them).  Bogart, being a good mimic once again, introduced everyone as I did.  This time he didn’t state the obvious and I suspect that once I went inside with Solenne, he was advised not to say those kinds of things.  It was probably Astrid who told him not to.  She has a very un-insulting and gentle way of correcting his behavior which he’s responsive to.

So after all that, the six of us loaded up in Douchebag’s SUV and went to Willard Brook.  I took a bunch of pictures on my phone.

This is the bridge over the river.


This is a wall.  I had to take it.  Because it’s a wall.  A cool one.  And that’s my name.

wall pic

Speaking of my name being Wall.  I saw this graffiti on the bridge.

I love Wall 2

Nice.  Someone loves me.

Speaking of graffiti, I saw this, which kind of made me laugh, but I hate when people write shit like this at family places.

grafitti 1

But there was some nice graffiti too, which was cool, and Solenne liked it.

grafitti 2

grafitti 3

I took a picture of this tree, which was pretty much symbolic of how I was feeling all day around Solenne.


But the fire kind of freaked me out because there were demons in it.


We had a great time.  We swam in the lake, walked through and along the river.  Went down the path to a private area by the river and swam there.  It had a natural water slide which was cool.  We hiked, found a bunch of blueberries that we picked.  We ate a picnic lunch, including stuff we cooked over the fire, and ended of course with s’mores.

Ashley’s friends were all right at first, but they kept making faces about Bogart.  It was wicked fucking pissing me off, but I didn’t want to cause a scene.  I just kind of didn’t interact with them at all.  I was the aloof, cold shoulder Grimm.  I didn’t look them in the eye if they tried to talk to me, but when they’d be making faces or mocking Bogart, I’d look at them then.  I’d give them my Siciliani Romani Gypsy curse look, without actually cursing them, but it made them uncomfortable.  At least they weren’t being so open about their mockery.  Bogart had no idea.  I figured I let him enjoy his date with Ashley and it only mattered how she felt about him, not what they thought.  He’s just boisterous and talkative when he’s excited, and the whole day for him was a new adventure so of course he was really excited.  I mean, being in the river and hiking and shit like that was all so new to him that he completely forgot about sex.  He just reverted back to a healthy version of childhood.

Ashley seemed to like Bogart a lot.  She was laughing all the time, not at him, but just amused by him.  He is pretty funny.  He kinda of comes off as unintelligent sometimes, but he’s far from it.  He’s actually very smart and like I’ve said before, he’s a fast learner, which is impressing me.  I think he really wants to fit in, not just with the people around him, but in life.  He’s invested in making a sincere effort to be a “real person”.  So I was glad to see that Ashley appreciated him for who he is, because there’s no disguising his personality.

The day ended with Solenne and Ashley coming back to our place.  Douchebag and Fuckingbitch left in the SUV, so Bogart and I were going to take the girls home later.  But as we were sitting outside just hanging out, Bogart came out with, “blimey I wan’a fuck the ‘ell ou’a ya.”  Which she laughed at, then stood up and started to run up the stairs toward our balcony and the door to our apartment.  She said to him, “come on!”  So he followed, and they disappeared for the night in his bedroom.  On and off throughout the night they could be heard in there, especially him.

After they ran off, it felt awkward around Solenne.  I wanted the same but I wasn’t about to indicate that because I was still unsure how to go about doing everything right in order to keep her interested.  I was thinking long term, which often conflicts with immediate gratification.  Instead I asked her to go for a walk, that way we’d finally have time alone together.  We talked a lot and kissed a lot, and held hands when we walked.  And I brought her home at a decent time because I not only want to respect her, I want to respect her uncle, who is very protective.  I’m not sure where they stand on premarital sex.  It’s very high on my list of agreeable activities, but that’s not the case for everyone.  So I took her home and kissed her goodnight and walked away feeling sick to my stomach.  Yeah, I’m fucking in love with her.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  Love doesn’t ever seem to be convenient.

My theme song for this entry is Your favorite love song, Invisible Journal Reading People.



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  3. Great images and words, love the line ‘Love doesn’t ever seem to be convenient.’


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