“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 194: Irrelevant Thoughts and No Excuses

July 9, 2014


It’s been over two weeks since I’ve written in you, my fine confidante Monsieur Journal.  I have some damn good reasons too, but you’re a fine friend, do I need excuses?  Nah, but I’ll give them to you anyway.

But first, here are a series of random thoughts I’ve had over the course of two weeks.  My name is Wall Grimm and I have sporadic and irrelevant thoughts.


1.  Why do the names of many swim strokes sound perverted?  First thing, strokes, there’s that.  So if it has the word stroke in it, I’m going to think bad thoughts.  Breast Stroke.  Back Stroke.  Breast Feet First Stroke, (ummm?).  Human Stroke, (of course).  Heads-up Breast Stroke, (that goes without saying).  Inverted Breast Stroke, (I like to be creative).  Then there’s the Front Crawl.  Corkscrew.  Flutter Back Finning, (I’m intrigued).  Freestyle, (yeah).  Dog Paddle, (doggie’s always good).  And then Total Immersion, (mhm, always).  And yeah, I’m a pervert.

2.  Next thought, clowns.  I’ve never known a clown personally and I’ve never known anyone who did.  Does anyone ever know a clown personally?  That’s all I have to say about that.

3.  Artists find other artists.  People find their own kind.  But who the fuck am I?  I am an amalgam.  No person is like me.  Only parts of others are like parts of me.  But then again, that’s probably true for everyone.

4.  People look really ugly when they yawn.  Except Sophia Loren has never looked ugly a day in her life.  I say that even though she’s old enough to be my grandmother or even great-grandmother. But she’s Italian, so it makes sense.

5.  Why do people have evil laughter in the movies?  I’ve never done anything bad and then went, muwahahahaa.  I’d be more likely to say, oh shit.  Or, oops.  Maybe it’s because I’m not evil.  Or insane.  There’s got to be a level of evil insanity in order to have that laughter.  But then could a person that fucked up be successful with their sinister genius?  I’m not sure about it.  I doubt the authenticity of any character who exhibits deviant glee.

6.  My new landlord Astrid has a condition called Spinal Stenosis.  I’ve decided to refer to it as Spinal Stegosaurus.  Because she has chronic back pain from her spine and those dinosaurs had some fucked up backs.  Also, chronic pain is being sore all the time, so…yeah.

I guess that’s it for random thoughts.

Now, why I haven’t written.  Well I’ve been busy, doing lots of stuff, settling in the new place.  We also had to get some furniture for it because it’s bigger than Pete’s old place.  Also Bogart got out of the hospital on June 30th, but he’s staying with his mother temporarily while she monitors his medication, since he hasn’t been taking it a month yet.  He’s on Fanapt and Lithium.  He’s never had Fanapt before, though he did have Lithium.  The doctors wanted to give it another try with the Lithium because he was much younger when he took it the first time and his chemistry has changed through his adolescence.  Something like that.  I haven’t seen him since he got out, but he calls all the time.  He’s never had a cell phone before so he’s been playing around with it, but he hates texting.  Every time he figures something out on the phone, he gets excited and calls me to tell me all the details about stuff I already know.  His mother knows what to look for in his behavior, if the medication isn’t working, so she’s just looking out for adverse reactions or evidence that it is or isn’t helping.  She also told me why he was arrested to begin with, which I won’t talk about now, but I’ll get around to that at some point.

Pete has met him, but Cola hasn’t.  I’m wondering if I should tell him that Cola’s transgendered or wait and see how he responds to her.  She doesn’t care one way or the other.  I think I’ll wait.  It should be interesting.

So other than about 10 or more phone calls per day from Bogart, we’ve had beach days, moving days, shopping for furniture and household items, also shopping for décor as determined by Cola who has very aesthetic tastes and is surpassing her personal stipend in order to set us up, Fourth of July celebrations, I’ve been running a lot with Iona, having sex a lot with Iona, and trying to quit smoking.  Iona’s been more confident lately since she lost 15lbs.  She came to the beach with us and said it was the first time in a long time that she wore a bikini.  I thought she had a nice body before, but I like her confidence.  It shows through sexually too, so yeah I like it.  She’ll actually have sex with the lights on now, and tries new positions so I’m all for confidence.  But it’s not all about me of course, it’s great she feels good about herself.  She’s so open about it now, the way she describes how she feels about all that.  I never understood the workings of a girl’s brain as far as body image.  It just gets frustrating when girls complain about being fat when they’re not, or ask me repeatedly if they look fat or if something makes them look fat.  Or if I took them out to eat and they had three bites.  I like a girl who eats.  I like a girl who enjoys a dessert without guilt.  And it annoys me the whole fat thing, especially when it’s their own skewed perception of themselves.  So maybe I’ve been insensitive to it, and I know a lot of guys who like certain body types, but body type doesn’t mean anything to me.  Of course when there’s a killer body walking by I’m going to notice.  That goes without saying.  But girls sexualize guys too, so they can’t be hypocritical.  They judge too.  There are guys they won’t look at or go after.  There’s superficiality coming from both genders.  Mostly I’ll fuck just about anyone.  I think I’ve said that more than once before.

Ok, did any of that explain why I haven’t written?  Not really, but who cares.  I’ve been busy and other than all that which has been keeping me busy, things have been non-eventful, which in my life is kind of a blessing.  That’s all I have to say.



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18 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 194: Irrelevant Thoughts and No Excuses

  1. Time flies.. :D

  2. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  3. Why do the names of many swim strokes sound perverted?

    That’s a really good question. I’d never noticed that before!

    • Thanks! I think it was the breast stroke and dog paddle that stood out to me one day, so I saved further thought on it for Grimm to deal with lol

  4. I liked all of this… but that part about no one being like you really got to me… because no one is like me… and now I wonder which of us is the most unlike anybody else…


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