Here we go with the continuation of Hasty’s visit, day 3, Hampton Beach, NH. Enjoy!




Remember that list of “had to be there” moments?  Well, some of those probably won’t get covered.  But the day at Hampton Beach, NH is when I showed Hasty how to crack open a lobster; my son has mastered all but the tail.  It was the day of the black oil, not as in the X-files, though that’s exactly what it looked like.  We joked about it along the ride home, referring to it as lobster menstruation.  There’s one story.

Another story you’ll be reading about today is the beaver anus juice.  Hasty thinks I’m funny, but I’m not.  I just have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old at times.  Anyway…

Hasty and HastyKid had never been to a beach before in this capacity.  The spot we were at on Hampton Beach was perfect.  The waves were big but not too powerful, no undertow or rip current, and the floor…

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