I think I’ll let Hasty write the rest of the posts because I like the way she describes me, I sound like a pretty awesome guy. Thanks Hasty! Anyway, funny she should say she only saw Sage Jr. use the bathroom because we never see him use it. We’re always like, “don’t you ever go to the bathroom??” And it’s true, I get irritated by other drivers regularly and I openly voice that while driving. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who knows how to drive. Anyway, here is a post written by both me and Hasty. Hope you enjoy it.


I hope everyone enjoys the posts Sage and I have planned for you regarding my vacation to Boston.  We hope that you will feel like you were a part of the experience.  Many people have some crazy ideas about us, about our decision to meet up and, maybe because it seemed so natural and innocent to us, we didn’t make it very clear.  My hope is that you will see great friends becoming greater friends through these posts and, while I am aware that people will believe what they want to believe, I hope you believe beautiful things and not sinister things.  Sage started this post off while I was asleep and I finished it… ENJOY!


Hasty and I decided to break the details of her visit up into four posts, but I’m making it five, beginning with this one.  I can’t get her opinion on it because she’s probably sleeping. …

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