Last night I was about to reblog this, but first I researched that black oily substance to be sure I told Hasty the right information. I used to eat lobster all the time but I don’t eat meat anymore. I have been focusing on the raw food diet, not so much during Hasty’s visit, but yesterday when I ordered a grilled romaine head Caesar salad, I guess I should have expected an entire head of romaine lettuce, grilled. So yeah, I ate that.
Anyway, researched the black stuff and in most places I found that it was uncooked roe. Hasty found that it was something else less pleasant. My research lead me to believe that the lobster itself was undercooked. Then I began researching the dangers of eating undercooked lobster. Basically, I had broken open the tail and served this potential poison to my son. There was so much conflicting information on the internet, that in the end I called the poison control center and the on call doctor at the pediatrician’s. I was reassured that if he was going to get sick, he’d already be sick, and if it’s any kind of parasite or tape worm he could get, I’d see evidence in the next few weeks, but the chances are unlikely. The dr. said those cases are rare and it has to be significantly undercooked seafood.
So now I can reblog this. There’s more I want to say about the beach, but we’ll cover every bit of the trip somehow, someway, sometime.


Today the Sage family and the Hasty family went to North Hampton for a day at the beach.  I have to say HastyKid is a natural and is dreaming of becoming the next big surfer girl.  She had a blast riding the waves with Sage Jr and after getting buried in the sand, Sage Jr made her look like a mermaid, we decided to eat sandwiches and write a poem together.  Below the poem started out with Sage Jr, then HastyKid, then Hasty, then Sage.  Wifey Sage decided to just soak up the sun and enjoy our genius.

I would like to say the beach and ocean swimming is way more fun than I ever thought it looked. After the beach we went to have lobster and Sage had to show us how to eat it.  Sage Jr. got a pregnant lobster and let me just say I am really, really glad I had…

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15 thoughts on “A POETIC BEACH QUARTET

  1. mrmodigliani

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy The Beach Guys!!! Also, The Poem You Guys Wrote Was Very Beautiful!!!

  3. Kev

    I didn’t know you and Hasty were kinda close, Sage. I’ve been to her blog several time…guess I better check it out again.

    Damn, I bet you were worried about your son! I know I would be.

    Hope he’s alright.

    • Yeah we’ve been talking for about three years, online, then on the phone. She’s been a great guest, we’ve had a lot of phone, and we want our families to visit again soon. And yeah I was definitely worried, but he’s just fine, thanks so much!

  4. I am so happy we are writing these out. Such great memories to preserve :)


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