A Special News Report from WGRM Boston – Hasty is Out of Control

I apologize to all my readers that I haven’t been able to respond to comments or visit your blogs, but Hasty has been a huger responsibility than I could imagine.  We spent the entire day in Boston yesterday, and by entire day I mean just about 11 hours.  It started out fine, but then Hasty went completely nuts and hijacked the Duck Boat while we were in the middle of the Charles River.

hasty hijacks the duck boat

If you look down in the right corner you can see the tour guide’s hand in a gesture as if to calm her down.

Then she and HastyKid, who is too smart to be a real kid, I think she’s some kind of adult freak of nature Betty Button or something, they conspired to blackmail me and expose my identity to the world for a million bagillion dollars, which I don’t have.  I tried to compromise with them, but they went mad and began to bully little children off the carousel in the Common.

hasty and kid carousel

Somehow we made it home safely, still with talks about black mail.  It’s now the early morning hours and they are asleep and she doesn’t know that I’m blogging to implore you people for help.  But first, let me tell you my real identity, before she has a chance to.  My real name is Guido Idiota Fettucine.  My son is Alfredo Fettucine.  My wife is Marie Jean D’Arc Marie Marie Marie Babette Fettucine, maiden name Soufflé.  She’s Canadian.  And she’s not even from the French speaking region, so yeah her name’s a little strange.

Anyway, Hasty doesn’t know I’m posting this.  It was literally an 11 hour day, great day in Boston and we’ll be posting more about it sometime soon.  But the truth about Hasty is that she’s an incredible sweetheart and beautiful person.  And speaking of beauty, she was still looking good after we got caught in a near down pour while we were on the swan boat ride in the Public Garden.  But I’ll be polite about that.  I did offer her my jacket but she didn’t want it.

Then there’s her daughter, who truly does have a very sophisticated wit.  She’s got a great personality and she’s hysterical.  She’s also a great house guest.  HastyKid is very polite and cleans up after herself, puts her dishes in the sink, and she’s just a pleasure to have around the house.  Hasty is a fantastic mother and she has done well with this little girl.  I’m sure HastyHusband had something to do with that too, because HastyKid expresses often that she misses him and every now and then I get the sense that she’s a little homesick, which is expected when a kid is away from a good home.

I guess that’s it for now.  As I said, I’ll be by catching up, and then some, once this adventure comes to an end.  It may take some time, but I won’t let you down.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned….


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41 thoughts on “A Special News Report from WGRM Boston – Hasty is Out of Control

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. I’m delighted you’re all having a good time. Meeting other bloggers can be fun. But, despite whatever blackmail is threatened I doubt your identity will be revealed as Guido Idiota Fettucine since that is my name and I doubt there are two of us in the World.

  3. Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    I am sitting in Sage’s kitchen as he is making scones Antonio, he loves to cook; Italian through and through. Also, he is drinking from a coffee cup that says STAY CALM AND KILL ZOMBIES. We are still in negotiation about his true identity. BTW Boston is such a beautiful city with a great atmosphere.

  4. awesome…

  5. Hey Sage… I keep reading hoping for No-Action Jackson (Grimm) to hit some wall. Has anyone given any though to Hasty going off with another man while she leaves her hubby at home to defend for himself? Or is he alone I ask. He must know that Grimm is infatuated with Hasty by the way he talks about her. I bet they will go at it soon if they haven’t already….I’d like to see them commence with the fornicating…soon.

    • My, my, my…

      • Am I the only one thinking about it. Wondering why she leaves her husband at home…also notice that Grimm does not say hubby’s name, maybe psychologically he does not recognize him as such…hummmm.

        • Taking along your daughter for a tryst adds quite a twist to the tale. Perverse, to say the least. Definitely throws one off the trail. Hmmm, indeed.

    • lol well, a few things here. All these Hasty, Sage posts are real, not fiction or a part of the Wall Grimm journal. Part of me thinks you know that and you’re just messing around. The other part of me wants to clarify, because: Hasty and I are just friends, each married. Hasty had asked her husband to come, but he opted out, yet now I think he’s regretting it because we’re having such a good time. Hasty wants to come back up in the Fall with him, which would be great, because there’s no time to do everything we want to do. For me and my family, this is kind of like a family vacation as well, since we’re cramming in a lot of stuff in a small span of time, something we don’t usually do. So it feels like a family vacation for all of us. No affairs, no devious ploys to seduce Hasty. And I don’t mention her husband’s name to maintain a certain level of their family privacy. That’s all. And if you are messing around, it’s a great opportunity for me to clarify things for anyone else who might actually be wondering those things. Thanks!

      • Thanks for clearing that up.

        • Oh ok, good, you’re welcome. Sorry it was confusing. :)

          • I get carried away sometimes. Big imagination.

          • np at all, you’re awesome

          • awe shucks, thanks

          • Now i am confused. Is Sage married with a kids? If so who is Sage married to? Who is Hasty married to?

          • I’ll explain, I know it’s confusing. Sage Doyle is my pen name. No one on line knows my real name except for Hasty now. No one even knew that I am married and I have a son, but I exposed that because of Hasty’s visit. She lives about 1700 miles away in a different state, and she’s married and has a daughter. She also tries to keep her real name private. Though Wall Grimm is roughly based on me and some of my experiences, he is essentially fiction. Amon-Re is a novel I wrote years ago, but I decided to post it as if Wall Grimm was writing it. Does that help? Let me know if you have anymore questions, you’re probably not the only one who’s confused.

          • Oh Thank goodness, I thought maybe i was hallucinating or missed something. Whoo, i am happy now, i went back rereading checking post and replies. Well aren’t you a hot piece of normal….hahahhah

          • I think maybe I confused people when I titled the first post “The Journal of Sage Doyle”, people probably don’t even bother reading that part of the title much, and just filled it in with Wall Grimm. Then there is the fact that the character Hasty is based on the real person Hasty, so, yeah very confusing, sorry about that. …and hmmm a “hot piece of normal” lol that’s funny, thanks!

          • i meant your alright in my book. i like the way you write. Hahahah

          • lol still thanks!

  6. Hilarious!

  7. jensenempire2551

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    The Three Amigos…

  8. Cousin!!! :-)


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