Welcome Hasty! And HastyKid Too!

Met Hasty and her daughter outside the gate at Logan airport this afternoon, gave them each a hug like they were old friends, and Hasty told me I was gorgeous, so it was great all around.  It is the hottest day of the year yet at 91 degrees and at least 75 % humidity.  So after getting her baggage and leaving the airport, a spontaneous stop at Walden Pond was nice but a little rough.  All of Hasty’s makeup melted off her face and I could feel sweat dripping down my back as I forced her to walk part way around the path to visit the original site of Thoreau’s cabin.  This is after we visited the cabin replica and signed in the guest registry.

walden pond guests

I was just reminded that I also took them on this semi-adventure when they had little sleep and we were all starving for lunch.  Go figure, it was 2pm.

Anyway, we made it to the cabin site and here are Hasty and HastyKid on the hearth:

hasty and kid

I took this pic of the pond before we left to head home:

waldon pond

When we arrived at my place we made sandwiches and salad and went to my own little pond.  Then we visited my neighbor and the kitten she is fostering, which we will probably have joint custody of:

hasty and kitty

And now the kids are inside playing games while we’re sitting out blogging together.  It’s cooled down and there’s a nice breeze.  Oh and yeah, some more disclosure as I gradually expose more and more of myself, I have a son.  I wasn’t going to mention it, but it seems he’s going to be a big part of this journey, especially since he made the sign for Hasty and HastyKid for when we met them at the airport.  I think Hasty’s posting a picture of that.

I guess that’s all.  I’m trying to get her drunk but she’s refusing to have more than one glass of wine.  Nah, that’s not true.  She only had one glass but I’d never purposely get her drunk.  That would have to be her own choice.

So there you have it.  More to come soon.


P.S.  I blogged first Hasty ;)

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19 thoughts on “Welcome Hasty! And HastyKid Too!

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. So exciting that you got to meet face to face! And it’s nice to learn you have a son. I’ll bet you’re a great dad. :)

  3. that’s awesome! : )

  4. Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    This is going to be soooo much fun. And the only reason I stopped at one glass is because I was afraid I would fall asleep and miss all the fun :) I was so sweaty….pretty sure all my makeup was on my shoes.

  5. I don’t have words to describe how jealous I am… I mean, I guess jealous is a pretty good word… but it isn’t strong enough.

  6. Desiree G

    IF I had been a better friend the past couple of months, you would have SOOOO much explaining to do. Luckily for you, I have sucked in the crazed fan/sweet friend department and cannot hold you accountable. ;)

    • lol yeah, where’d you go? Nobody calls me doctor now :(

      • Desiree G

        I could say that your prolific talent overwhelmed my sensibilities (which it truly does) and I sought shelter in my cave of inadequacies. But more accurately, my true colors came to life and my self-centered personality took control of my time and energy. In retrospect, I could have used a really good Doctor. ;)

        • Well I definitely understand the time factor, I’m having a hard time keeping up myself. I tend to visit blogs 99% of the time through the like and comment notifications in my email. I don’t get email notifications of new posts from my reader. So that’s why I also haven’t been by your blog much. When I’ve been there, it was the rare times I went through my reader. I found it to be the easiest way to keep up and reciprocate. I’m not saying you need to come here if I am to go to yours in a negative sense, I’m just saying that it’s the only system for me that I’ve found that works. I’m actually relieved that you haven’t been by because of time because I was wondering if I did something that offended you. Glad I didn’t :)

          • Desiree G

            You offend someone?? I don’t even know how in the hell that would be possible!!! I do understand your systematic approach of staying connected with other bloggers. I have kept my eye on you even though I have been silent. ;)

          • Well I have offended people believe it or not. I can’t figure it out either ;) Glad to know you’re around and everything’s ok. Happy Fourth!


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