Well, I reblogged this on my Sage Doyle blog and it wouldn’t let me reblog it twice, including here, so I copied and pasted the entire post from http://hastywords.wordpress.com/  I’ll be doing PART TWO in a couple days.  I don’t think it will be as good as Hasty’s though, so that’s a fair warning to you, and hopefully that will encourage you to read her post below and visit her blog as well.  Here it is:



I am about to do something I NEVER thought I would do.  I am about to fly to Boston to stay with a blogger I have never met.  At first, I was super excited but then the reality hit me.  I don’t even know the bloggers real name or where exactly he lives.  Will he pick me up at the airport take me back to his lovely place, where once inside, all the windows will have metal shades that will start to close and doors that will swing shut violently and lock?  Have I lost my mind?  To express my sentiments more clearly I have written a little poem about how I felt using the lyrical framework of “I will survive”.

At first I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking have I lost my mind
befriending you like this
I’ve spent so many days
thinking how I’d pull this off
And I grew strong
And I decided to play along
and so I’m going
from my cozy space
I just purchased my airline ticket
anticipating the first time I’ll see your face
I should have done a background check
I should have at least asked for your address
If I had known I’d be this crazy
I’d have prepared less frantically
So here I come, to Boston
To late to turn around now
Especially, since there are no ticket refunds
Please don’t murder me, or kill me with a knife
Because I will crumble
I’ll freak out before I’d die

Oh no, no please
Don’t murder me
I really want to live
I want to survive

Oh no, no please
Don’t murder me
I really want to live
I want to survive

In all seriousness though, I feel like I am going to stay with a celebrity.  I am going to meet Sage Doyle, the author of my favorite online story, The Journal of Wall Grimm.  I am really not worried at all about staying with Sage because I feel like I am going to go visit a cousin I have never met. Once I get there we plan on writing a few posts together but I thought it would be good to reintroduce him to everyone. I am giving everyone a cheat sheet of links so it is easy to catch up on our friendship.

There are several links to The Journal Wall Grimm story because Sage wrote me in as a character some time back as a thank you for being such a HUGE fan.  There is a character index, which I find super clever on Sage’s part, where you can read all the times Hasty visits Grimm.  There are too many to list here which is a testament to our friendship.  Anyway, if you get time you should read the entire journal because it is super, super good. Without further adieu… I present to you Sage Doyle.

Journal Entries

The first time Hasty meets Grimm

Getting tattoos

Post 1 of 11 – Road Trip

Our snow fort

Hasty’s Birthday 

A Hasty and Grimm Poem

The Moore Tornado

Swimming naked

Special agents


Ode to Hasty


Summer Soul

Our Poem


Finding Life

The Orchard


And as a final note, in an effort to answer all the emails I will get.  Sage has a beautiful wife that I am anxious to meet.  It is very possible to have friends of the opposite sex. I hope you enjoy our friendship over the next several weeks.

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  1. I had lost you from my reader and here you are! I have bookmarked your page, courtesy of a tutorial from my niece. I have some catching up to do! Huge smiles.

  2. I commented over at the other blog; exciting to meet another blogger!

  3. Yep, blogging is worth surviving for :D


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