“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 192: Prospects for the Clan

June 16, 2014


Yesterday was father’s day and it was good to spend time with my dad but internally it sucked because it would have been my first ever father’s day.  I realize now that it was mother’s day when Sweetheart left and that fact, along with the letter, clarifies everything for me.  I’m kinda annoyed with myself that I took her leaving so personally at first, without recognizing that it was mother’s day.  Or maybe I did recognize it but didn’t document it and don’t remember.  I had a lot on my mind with the performance at Sharly’s on the way.  I hope Sweetheart will send me an address because I’d write to her.  I do communicate better in writing.  There’s stuff I want to say to her that she deserves to hear, but that I could never just say unless it was in writing.  Anyway, yesterday was rough but I sucked it up to make it all about my dad and that’s the way it should be.

Howard and Daisy will be leaving their house and move to a retirement village of sorts by July 1st.  They’re happy about where they’re going, it’s pretty nice there, I checked it out with them.  It’s not far and Blues Monday will prevail.  Pete, Cola, and Hasty have spent the weekend in Boston.  They went to the Pirate Crawl Friday night, then to Gay Pride the next day.  They’re at a hotel in Boston until today.  I wanted to join them but I wasn’t really ready for the good times like that after my recent relapse.  I need to keep it simple and stay away from big events that will make me want to drink.  At least, for the most part, my relapses have been just with alcohol, except for my last bout with Dave before I cursed him.

I’ve just been doing a lot of work helping Howard clear out stuff that’s either going to storage, going to their kids, getting packed up to go to their new place, or being set aside for them to have a yard sale at the end of the month.  Their house is on the market also, so I’ve helped with cleaning, maintenance, and yard work.

Pete, Cola, and I have also been looking around for apartments.  We’re doing it separately in order to cover more ground.  We want a four bedroom, in case Bogart does move in with us.  I don’t want to end up on the couch in my own apartment yet again.  Especially now that I’ve been sleeping on the floor while Cola sleeps in my bed.

So Saturday, while Pete, Cola, and Hasty were gallivanting at Gay Pride, I went to visit Bogart, and later viewed an apartment that I think might be the one we’ll take.  First, Pete and Cola have to check it out.  I’ll take them there today when they get back from Boston.  But Saturday, I found this place in the paper and called and spoke to a woman named Astrid.  She owns the house which is a Victorian fixed up like a two family.  She lives on the first floor.  After we spoke, I went there to have a look because it sounded perfect and she seemed cool.

The house is amazing, I like the Victorian architecture.  It has a lot of land in back with a fire pit that she said we could use whenever we want but then she might have to come out and join us.  There’s also a grill which she says she never uses because she doesn’t cook, so we can use it, but we should be prepared to make enough for her to eat too.  There’s a crazy swing out back, which at first I thought was some kind of sex swing, but then I recognized it as one of those swings from the King Richard’s Faire, with the bar for the feet.

The apartment is huge, as Victorian apartments tend to be.  There are four bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, big living room, a big kitchen that leads into a dining room, and it has kitchen appliances and a washer and dryer included.  It’s perfect.  There’s even a patio outside of the upstairs where we can hang out, or we would be free to go down and hang out in the yard or by the fire.

Anyway, I had Pete’s car, since they used Hasty’s to get to Alewife, and I drove to the place to view it.  I knocked on the door and some guy answered, which confused me since Astrid said she lived alone, I thought maybe I was at the wrong place.

I said to him, “I’m looking for As–”  Then I saw her coming in from another room and I said, “Astrid?”

She said, “If you’re looking for ass, you’ve come to the wrong place.”

I got kind of embarrassed because I was trying to be respectable so I could maybe get the place, but it was funny.  She then told me I looked like Clint.  I was wearing my Eastwood and Stepping Wolves.  I said, “What?”

“Clint.”  She pointed to my hat.

“Oh Clint.  Eastwood.  I thought you said…never mind.”

And she laughed.  She’s cool.

Her guy friend, named Matt, followed us around as she showed me the apartment upstairs.  He seemed very protective of her and I got the sense that he didn’t like me.  But whatever, it’s her place and she seemed to have no problem with me, so I wasn’t worried about it.  I had Gary Oldman (II) with me.  She has a cat too, but he seems to be a beast that could tear Gary to pieces, since she’s a delicate little girl cat.  So I have to keep a watchful eye if I let her out in the yard.  When she was done showing me the apartment, we went out to the yard and I asked her if she minded that I smoke.  She said no as she grabbed her own pack from her patio table and lit up.  She added, “You can do whatever you want,” then she offered for me to sit and talk on the patio and asked if I wanted a beer.  I told her I don’t drink, I can’t drink, and had the balls enough to admit out loud that I’m an alcoholic.

While we were sitting there, I told her I wanted the place and what were my chances in getting it if we waited until Monday when my would-be roommates could come see it and agree on it.  Astrid told me she wanted me to have it so she’d show it to people if they called, only as a just in case, but I’m her first choice, and we can let her know on Monday.  That’s when I decided to tell her about her potential tenants.

I told her that we’d be 3 guys and 1 woman, who is transgendered.  One of the other guys is gay.  I said then there’s me and she was like, “you’re not gay.”  “Nope.”  “That’s obvious.”  But I got the impression that she liked the idea of having a gay guy and a transgender living there, which is cool.  I told her about Bogart last.  I said that he’s pretty much insane and he’ll be coming from an institution and that I have no idea what it will be like living with him or what he’s like out in the real world, however, we won’t ever leave him to his own devices.  Pete, Cola, and I talked about it and figured that between the three of us, one of us should always be with him.  Pete and I have overlapping work hours, he’s off when I work sometimes, and vice versa, and Cola doesn’t work so Bogart will never be alone.  At least until we figure out what it’s like living with him and what he does with his days.  His mother hasn’t been much help with that kind of information.

I told Astrid I didn’t know him very well, and she asked how I know him but not in the real world.  I had to confess I was in the institution when he was admitted.  She told me she’s been in the “nuthouse” herself a few times.  I didn’t ask her why, but I told her it was my second time in, plus I’ve been in detox.  “Well,” I added, “there’s a third time, which was the first time, way back when I was a kid, but I tend to ignore that to the point that I forget sometimes.”  I confessed that this last time when I met Bogart was because I checked myself in after my baby died.  She nearly cried and I felt bad so we changed the subject.

Matt went off to the bathroom at some point and I leaned over to her, “I don’t think he likes me.  Or the idea of my friends.”

She said, “probably not but don’t worry about it, he has no say.”

“You have all the control, huh.”

“Shit, yeah.”

Ok yeah I’m going to like her as the landlady, I think we have a good chance of getting the place, but we’ll know today.  Interesting prospects ahead for me and my clan.

My theme song is Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Midnight Special” just because I like that song.


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  2. @”I do communicate better in writing.” – welcome to the club, young man… you’re not the only one! :)

  3. I hope you get to moved into your new place soon. good luck with your room mates.

  4. I will probably be doing just that this weekend. Gay pride is here.

  5. What Hasty is gay? I would never know it. I thought she was a girl already because she is so beautiful and even talks and writes like a chick. Mercy, a hottie too.

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