Humbled by All These Awards!

I have received multiple awards over the past couple of months and other than The Butterfly Light award which I just blogged, they are all compiled here in a bulk award post.  I’m not sure but I think one of these awards went to my Sage Doyle blog, and I also hope I didn’t miss any during all this time, so forgive me if I’ve made these mistakes.  My selection process for my awardees was based mostly on the bloggers who liked my posts over a period of a recent few days.  I’ve done it this way because I have lost track of the people I’ve awarded and haven’t awarded and I also have a lot of new readers whom I’d like to recognize.  By the way, it may take me a while to make it to all the blogs for notification, but I’ll get there.

Please be aware that due to the amount of bloggers I am awarding (over 100 total), it’s difficult for me to individually assess each blog in order to figure out if the blogger accepts awards.  If you don’t accept awards and I’m giving you one, just know it’s my way of saying thank you, acknowledging your presence out in the cyber world, and obviously you don’t need to accept.  I especially apologize if I’ve given you awards in the past and you declined.

That said, the first collection of awards I give to all my readers.  I’m giving them out in this way because that’s pretty much how I received them from other bloggers who offered them to their readers.  None of the awards come with rules in this process.  Take however many you want of the following 6:

I received The Shauny Award from


I received the Most Influential Blogger award from


Also from the Reader Appreciation award


And again from The Most Creative Blogger Award


Yet again from The Versatile Blogger Award


Lastly, I actually received the Angel Award from and from I didn’t just take this one.


The Angel Award does not come with any rules or need for nominations. Your only requirement is to do an acceptance post too.


Ok, now here are the awards that will each be followed by a list of awardees, and they come with rules.  If by any chance you don’t accept awards, I apologize, no offense intended.  Just know that I appreciate your coming by and your readership.

I received the Dragon’s Loyalty Award from and from


Thank you!


1. Display the Award on your Blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
3. Write seven interesting things about you
4. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award
5. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.

Seven “interesting” things about me:

Some of these I’m sure I’ve said before, but there’s only so much I can think to say about myself.

1. I’ve been on a paleontological dig in Mexico.

2. I have big feet and hands for my height.

3. I am blind in one eye.

4. I’m an insomniac.

5. I used to think I was a good cook, since I’m Sicilian, but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I actually suck at cooking, and I’m only able to prepare foods to my own liking, which is why I thought I was so good.

6. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 18, with a brief period of time that I ate meat in my early 20s, only because I was travelling and I ate whatever was available at the time.

7. I would never recommend, but would sooner discourage anyone from doing many of the things that I’ve done in my life, which makes me a hypocrite.  That doesn’t include digging for dinosaurs or becoming vegetarian.


My awardees are:


I received the Seed of Light award from


Thanks so much!  This is the first time I’ve ever received this award.

“All you need to start a forest is one seed”

This award is for blogs that inspire creativity,  nature, connection, communications and beauty. Pass it on!


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Nominate at least 5 blogs and provide links to their blogs.

3. Notify each of their nominations.

My awardees are:


I received the Sunshine Award also from


Thanks again!


* Use the logo above in the post.

* Link to whoever nominated you.

* Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

* Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”

* Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

More things about me:

1. I’m friendly but shy.

2. I’m polite until you piss me off.

3. I’m a member of PETA and MARC (Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition).

4. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 21, by choice.  Good choice because if I had it as a teenager, I probably would have driven drunk and killed myself or other people.

5. I thought vegemite was disgusting until an Australian showed me how to eat it.

6. I ate a poisonous mushroom from the woods once, purposely, and almost died.  Fortunately I was hospitalized, but one of my “friends” considered leaving me in the woods to die because he was afraid he’d be in trouble for all the drugs we were on.

7. I am convinced I saw a UFO in North Conway, New Hampshire years and years ago.  Twice.  Two different occasions, both in North Conway.

8. I once got in-house suspension in high school, because I was caught at lunchtime getting a steak and cheese at a local pizza place.  I was caught by the principal, who was also getting a steak and cheese.  I told my dad the guy was a hypocrite and my father thought it was funny.

9. I would have been arrested at least four times in high school if my dad didn’t know all the cops.  I was picked up four times and taken home.  Each time the cops called my father after.

10. I used to be an Erulian, which is a reader of the runes.  I was extremely accurate.  I don’t read them anymore.

My awardees are:


I received the Beautiful Blogger award from the incredibly generous who should be a literary agent, especially mine. 


Thank you!


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back.

3. Nominate 7 (yes only seven) other bloggers and say a little something about them.

My awardees are: – Kev has poured his creative talents into writing the music for Wall Grimm’s song to Emma, (which will be featured in an upcoming post).  It has been great working with Kev.  He was very patient with my ignorance of the song writing process and tolerant of my creative preferences.  He’s a talented, great guy, and I love the song he wrote for Grimm. – Susan has been a great online friend and is definitely one of the sweetest people on the internet.  We had a period when we would write “together” as in we’d write at the same time and email now and then throughout the process.  She’s a talented, insightful writer, and it’s been a pleasure to be in the same cyberworld with her. – Toad has been an amazing supporter and promoter of Wall Grimm, by reblogging, and even recording narration to the posts.  He’s done a couple for Amon-Re too.  It’s really cool to hear my words narrated like that.  He’s a great guy, and an intriguing presence in the blogging community. – She has been leaving me the most incredibly analytical comments on my posts, and I absolutely love this.  She thinks she’s bothering me, but maybe I’m a little vain, I love to read these indepth perspectives on my writing, and discuss these ideas.  She’s a unique poet, wit a brilliant mind, and no clue about how talented she is. – Now this one here, I seriously want to be my agent, or press agent or something.  This is the blogger who has re-tweeted more of my tweets than anyone else, including myself.  He has given me most of the awards that I’ve posted today.  I can tell that in real life, if he’s your friend, then you’ve got the most loyal friend you could ask for.  I honestly have no idea how to fully express my appreciation for the support he has given me.  So far, this is the best way.  Thank you. – Here’s another blogger that has got to be one of the nicest people on line.  She’s given me many of these awards as well, and she always has something pleasant and kind to say.  Seriously, she’s a true sweetheart, and I’m literally honored that she not only follows me and reads my stuff, but comments on it.  Sometimes I wonder why she continues to read some of the stuff I write because I think it’s not appropriate for her, that she’s classier than that, so she surprises me.  And so I thank her for her loyalty and for being such a positive presence in this community. -Hasty, Hasty, Hasty, what can I say about Hasty.  She has become my best online friend.  She is a talented writer and poet who’s openness and honesty has always blown me away.  She is an endearing person who unfortunately attracts a lot of psychopaths, and is frequently attacked and abused on her blog and other media venues by these people.  She has faced a lot of cruelty and abuse in the blogging world.  It’s a great community, but unfortunately for Hasty, she attracts the worst of it.  And yet, she is a kind-hearted soul, hardworking writer, and great person to know.  And in fact, I’m going to know her in person this Summer when she comes up to Boston to visit me.  She will be the first online person to learn my real life identity.  But I keep telling her I’m not that interesting, and in fact I’m kind of boring, so I hope she won’t be disappointed.

Also from I received The Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you!

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award require me to give away seven interesting facts about myself and to award 7 deserving bloggers.

*Groan* more about me:

1. I lived in Salem, MA when I was Wiccan, in a house on the water, and I worked in a music store.  I had a lot of people come in and talk to me, and my manager called them my “fan club” or “groupies” because they only came in to talk to me.  He said I was charming, which is a pun when you live in Salem.

2. I bite my nails.

3. I love the ocean, especially in Maine where I can hike the rocky coastline.

4. Lobster use to be a favorite food of mine, but being vegetarian I don’t eat it anymore, yet I still can break it apart and get out the meat like a pro whenever I’m with someone who doesn’t know how.

5. I graduated high school when I was still 17, and for “beach week” my friend and I went down to the Bahamas instead of Hampton Beach.  There we went on the Robinson Crusoe tour, which was three hours on a boat to an island, which didn’t help my hangover from all the tequila the night before.  I got sick on the boat, and when I tried to vomit over the side, the wind brought it right back up and it landed on the legs of a girl I met there who was joining us for the tour.

6. When I was a kid, I went to Catholic school.  When I would give away all my new toys to other kids, my mother would try to discourage me, but then I’d say it’s what Jesus would do, and she had a hard time arguing with that.

7. Every morning I bring coffee to my neighbor, and she just texted me, so I’m going over there, where we’ll drink coffee while I finish this post.

My awardees are:

I received The Premio Dardo also from who posted about the award “The Premio Dardo is an honour for bloggers who transmit core human values through their post, pictures and other work. Indeed, this is a very special award because it recognises personal, ethical, cultural and literary values ​​transmitted through writing.”


Again, this is a new one for me and I’m very honored to receive it, thanks so much!

The rules of the Dart Award are as follows (translated from Spanish):

1. Place the image of the award (badge) on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 15 other blogs.

My awardees are:

And the final award is the Wonderful Team Member from, yes you guessed it:


I can’t thank you enough!

Award Rules:

1) The nominee shall display the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award logo on his/her blog.

2) The nominee shall nominate 14 bloggers s/he admires, over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

My awardees are:

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50 thoughts on “Humbled by All These Awards!

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. Wow…Sage..this is a incredible write-up. Thank you so much for accepting and for giving too. You’re an awesome fellow!!

    A big congrats from your unofficial press agent :)


    • Thanks, you deserve some recognition! And one of these days, who knows, maybe we won’t even be joking about the agent thing lol

  3. Wow, outstanding post. Congratulations again, most well deserved!

    Of course, once again you made me laugh, not that your funny (but you are), but rather laughing at myself, reading the post, “hey, that’s me”. Thank you for your kind words.


  4. Congrats all around! :)

  5. Hi Sage,
    I think I’m thankful for my blog for Dragon’s Loyalty Award but sorry to say that I would not enter the circle to nominate and be nominated. My greatest reward is to continue to have your presence as I hope to continue visiting yours.
    A hug friend.

    • Well that’s the most complimentary decline of awards ever, thanks! I understand completely, np. Take care :)

  6. I am sorry, I do not accept nominations to awards. It is very nice of you to think of my blog. Thank you and congrats on yours!

  7. Thank you for your kind offer Sage, but ………… Ralph :D

    • Np Ralph, I knew some of my awardees don’t do awards, but when I’m giving them out to over 100 bloggers, it’s a challenge to look into it that deeply. So just consider it a recognition and an appreciation, without any obligation :)

  8. Sage… Wow…. I, who am never at a loss for words, am humbled to speechlessness, all evidence to the contrary…. ;-) I’m also honored, by the award you chose to award to my blog, the Premio Dardos Award….

    In the three years I’ve been blogging, I’ve received a number of these kinds of awards, and always get a very strong feeling of wonder, and gratitude, that anyone else would enjoy my work enough to do that…. That being said I also have a strict limit to how long I spend at the computer, to write, or to read…. I’ve mentioned this before, when I feel guilty about NOT getting to the sites I want to… but, sadly, it’s not physically possible…

    This physical limitation is why I don’t always accept awards, as it does take a lot of effort to live up to the rules… so, I appreciate your giving us the option to accept or not….

    Let me say, however, I do accept this one, with gratitude, and some little pride…. I like thinking that what I’ve written lives up to what is described as the parameters for the award; I put a lot of me, what I learned from my father, about life’s lessons, and what I’ve learned, about ethics, morality, and the human condition, into what I post, so it’s good that it comes through the way I hoped it does..

    I will do my best to follow the rules for the award, but, it may take a few days, or more, to get it done, as I cannot do it at one sitting….

    Thank you, for the award, and for reading my work, with an open mind, and, obviously, an open heart, as well… As I’ve said, I consider you to be an excellent writer, so receiving this from you makes it all that much more valuable to me…

    Take care, amigo, and I WILL get to the award post, sometime in the relatively near future….

    Blessed Be, Sage-san…

    Ned, aka gigoid, the dubious…. or, in this case, the bemused…


    • Thank you! I know you have a physical limitations for your computer time, so you don’t need to accept, but it is an amazing award and it’s the first I ever received it myself. If it helps you to know, I sat on some of these awards for over two months, and it took me about a week or so to create these posts, doing a little at a time, since it’s very time consuming. So if you definitely choose to accept, take as much time as you need, np. Take care :)

      • Sage….

        Thanks, I’ll take my time, and do it right…. I’m curious (duh…) about what runes you once read… What culture produced them? If your chosen subject matter is any clue, it was Egyptian, but, you didn’t say… at least, not above, where you related that part of your bio…

        I also want to say, tongue firmly in cheek, that, while I do understand, and appreciate your vegetarianism, I gotta say, you’re a bigger man than I, Gunga Din, for I could never, ever give up lobster… Maybe, if there was nothing such as melted butter, to dip it into, I could do it, but…. nope, no way….


        See ya….

        • Actually they were Norse, Odin brought them up from the Underworld from Yggdrasil, the tree of life. I can’t remember the exact lore, I think he was bound there for some reason.
          lol actually, when I first gave up meat, the hardest thing for me was meatloaf and meatballs, because my mother used my grandmother’s recipe from Italy, so best meatballs/meatloaf ever. Lobster is something I ate less often usually a couple of times in the Summer, so I missed it less. It was good lobster too, from Cape Cod, Boston, or Maine. The best. Funny I remember so clearly what everything tastes like though.

          • Norse, eh? Very interesting…. I’d love to read about that, and some of the translated material, had I the time…. Do you, perhaps, still have a link to something about it?… Thanks, if so…

            LOL… It’s good you retain the physical memories; they do say that smell and taste are our strongest memories, and my mom’s meatloaf, though very American, is still my favorite, after my own, which I’ve perfected with many trials…

            I was a chef for some years, and have always loved food… Italian meatballs ARE wonderful, especially those made the traditional way, with beef, veal, fowl, and game all mixed in… and the basil, oregano, and sage (of course!) are essential to its savory nature

            Take care, amigo, & have fun with HASTY & her family…

          • Actually I had a lot of books I used as resources, I think they’re all in my attic now, but the best were by Edric Thorsson. And a chef, huh? I wish I could cook like a pro!

  9. Dear Sage, Thank you again. hHere is a link to your honor., Love, Caitie

  10. Sage, Sage, Sage I LOVE YOU…and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU…and in all honesty I have got to be one of the luckiest bloggers ever to get to be a part of your world and a part of my favorite story…possibly…EVER written. I owe you so much for allowing me to ride along. I guess I will be repeating this stuff on a blog I write accepting this wonderful award. Thank you for thinking of me :)

    • You’re welcome, my pleasure, and you’re very deserving. Looking forward to your visit as well, beyond the fact of how much you flatter me ;)

  11. Yay! Thank you! Thank you! This just made my weekend. :)

  12. Thank you so much for the nomination and was completely surprised. Love reading your blog and you deserve all the awards that your received.

  13. Wow Sage, I’ve never seen someone receive so many awards! Well done, and thanks for passing one onto me. :) SD

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  15. Many thanks Sage. Though I won’t be able to carry on, I do appreciate the nod. Congrats to you on ALL of your awards and for authoring an excellent blog.

  16. Kev

    They are all so very well deserved…well done. :)

  17. Hi very interesting post, really enjoyed reading your answers – they were very fun but wise… :-)

  18. Hi Sage. Congratulations and thank you!

  19. Champion Sage! Well done on all your awards!! You’ve got a great blog and it’s popularity is well deserved. And thank you so much for humbling us and popping us in there. Much appreciated!

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  22. Congratulations and wishing you continued success. In my case I have many too but don’t want anymore – too much work. I can see you put in a lot of time following rules.

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