“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 173: “Sharknado” & What Did Great, Great, Great Grandpa Grimm Do?

March 28, 2014

Something I recently discovered about Howard:  he likes stupid horror movies and B-flicks like I do.  That’s awesome.

Wednesday night after I got home from work, we watched “Sharknado”.




That’s my review of the film.  To translate, I highly recommend this film to anyone who has the capability of watching a film that has no basis whatsoever in any kind of science that is common knowledge or easily accessible.  Yes it’s fiction, but good fiction attempts to make scientific sense with some kind of valid foundation or logical explanation.  I won’t give away any spoilers because everyone should see this film.  Yes, that’s what I said:  everyone should see this film.  Especially if they can set aside their need for sense and just want to have a good laugh.  Also, you have to get over the decent subplot requirement and interest in likeable characters.  Forget quality special effects.  The gore level is minimal.  However, I’m pretty sure that I saw a topless surfer girl subtly placed at the beginning of the movie.

So why see this film?  Because it’s hysterical which makes it enjoyable.  Yet, it is definitely not a comedy.  It’s an action packed B-flick horror/disaster movie.  And I actually thought, “awwww shit” when a couple of the people died.  But I’d imagine it’s less fun when you watch it alone.  Get someone to watch it with you, and laugh, and MST3K all over it.  Sometimes the world is too serious.  We need reminders in life that there are people and things much stupider than ourselves.  There are things that don’t need to make sense.  Things so unrealistic and asinine, we are taken out of reality and given the opportunity to laugh.  Because there are no expectations, and therefore, we can’t be disappointed.

There is liberation to be found in watching “Sharknado”.  Liberation and peace of mind.  And laughter.

Ah, the Zen and mindlessness of watching stupid movies…

So anyway, that’s cool that Howard likes dumb shit like that.  I never expected it of him.  He also seems to stay up kinda late after Daisy goes to bed.  Maybe I’ll hang out with him more often in the evenings.

Ok, onto other subject matter.

I used to have this list of priorities.  I don’t remember everything that was on it, but I think I have a good idea.  Some things I’ve accomplished, others…nope.  But here goes.

I’ve almost finished Steppenwolf finally and go figure, next I’m moving on to Ulysses.  Yep, I’m going to conquer James Joyce.  I tried to read it before and felt the stream of thought aspect of it was kinda pretentious.  Though I like Joyce and he’s definitely an incredible writer, far better than me.  Ulysses just didn’t titillate me.  I don’t like the word titillate, makes me feel perverted.  It’s just the perfect word to use in the context.  Anyway, I’m in a different mindset now, so I want to give it another try.  It’s not one of the greatest novels ever written for no reason.  It took me about a year (estimating) to read Hesse, so this should take me about five years.  Nah, I just have to make it a routine and retrain my brain.

I haven’t bothered cutting down much on smoking these days since school started.  Oh yeah, school and death are good excuses why I got diverted from Steppenwolf, btw.  I have been exercising a lot though, in my basement apartment in Howard’s house, or when the weather was suitable, going for a run.

I tried AA and hated it, but I’ve remained abstained.  Remaining abstained while retraining my brain.  Nice.

That’s a good enough list now, I guess.  I know the old one mentioned Paula, but that’s over.  Then there’s getting a life, which I’m working on.  Being more responsible for Sharly, yep doing that.  Referring to Gary Oldman (II) as Gary Oldman (II) in my journal so as not to confuse myself.  I’m not that easily confused but the future me might have dementia or something.  I expect to maybe one day reread all this shit I’m writing.  Or burn it.  I wonder if I will keep a journal for the rest of my life.  That would be pretty cool.  But it can’t be a legacy or anything.  It’s not like I want my descendants to know how often their great-great-great grandpa jerked off.

I don’t know why I include that information.  Masturbation is also mindlessness and Zen.  And it feels fucking good.  But that’s obvious, so why do I include it here?   Hmmm, good question Grimm.  Thank you, Grimm.  My pleasure, Grimm.  Literally, my pleasure.

My name is Wall Grimm and I’m rambling.  And these days I’ve been rambling in my Stepping Wolves again, since there’s no ice on the road.  All the snow is melting, though it’s still cold.  It’s great to see the grass even though it’s crappy looking.  Some days it’s too windy to wear my Eastwood though, but I’ll carry it around and put it on when the wind dies down.  Gary Oldman (II) doesn’t complain so much when I take her outside.  She even walks around on the ground.  She did not like the Winter at all.  I bought her a little leather jacket that was meant for those little rat dogs, but she hated it.  She ran around the apartment crashing into stuff hoping it would fall off.  I couldn’t catch her right away.  I felt bad, but at the same time I struggled not to laugh.  I didn’t want to embarrass her or piss her off.  Cats hate when they lose a little dignity.  They’re so pompous sometimes.  But that’s why they’re cool.  Gary Oldman (II) held a grudge for a while after that incident.

Dogs are cool because they often have no dignity.  I mean how dignifying is it to shove your nose into someone’s crotch or ass.  That’s not a classy thing to do.  Though I wouldn’t mind doing that to some women.  Imagine that?  “Nice to meet you” and instead of shaking hands, you bend over and smell each other’s crotch.  That’s not funny.  It’s a cliché joke.  I’m sorry.

Those little rat dogs annoy the fuck out of me.  But at the same time they’re so fucking adorable.  Maybe that’s how girls feel about me.  I include the adorable part because I’ve heard that about myself, but also, I wouldn’t get laid so much if there wasn’t something about me that they like.  So it’s not vanity that makes me say that.  I guess I’m annoying as shit but adorable enough to fuck.  That’s me.  Not my opinion of myself, but it’s what I conclude based upon deduction.

And….I apparently have nothing important to say today.  Let me summarize:

Watch “Sharknado” because it’s inane.

I am going to school and endeavoring to read complicated literature even though I’m dense.

I make lists that are often moronic.

I put a leather jacket on a cat, which was idiotic.

I write about jerking off and that’s cretinous.

Rat dogs are nonsensical.

I called myself adorable and that makes me sophomoric.

inane, dense, moronic, idiotic, cretinous, nonsensical, sophomoric = stupid.

I conclude that I’m officially stupefied.

But don’t get me wrong.  I like myself, sometimes, a little more each day.  More proof of imbecility?  I don’t think so.

My theme song for today is, of course, “(The Ballad of) Sharknado” by Quint.  I love this fucking song.  It has a kind of Ramones sound, fucking awesome.



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5 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 173: “Sharknado” & What Did Great, Great, Great Grandpa Grimm Do?

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. “I don’t like the word titillate, makes me feel perverted”, that is so funny, I’m still laughing. If you don’t feel even the slightest bit perverted using it, you should. It is kind of a hard word to work into a conversation, don’t you think?

    • lol yeah definitely. It’s the kind of word you think of when it’s suitable, but you don’t say because it’s just awkward. I admit I say it sometimes and I usually laugh after like a 12 year old.

  3. I tried to watch that with HastyKid but she was freaking out she was going to see something that would traumatize her so I guess we will try again next year :)

    • What’s the scariest movie she ever saw? There’s not much gore in this, and the special effects are unrealistic. I don’t think this movie is scary at all, but she’s 10 right? I’m not much more mature than that at times, but I’m desensitized to scary movies ;)


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