“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 168: Random Thoughts, Grimmheads, & Vincent LaGuardia Grimmbini

March 11, 2014

I don’t really have much at all to say today so I’m just going to mention a series of random things.  My name is Wall Grimm and today I am random.


It’s nice to be on Spring Break, been on since Friday, and that’s all I have to say about school.

Upskirt shots are legal.  My thoughts on that?  Wrong.  That’s coming from someone who’s been the target of upkilt shots.  And upkilt in general.  I mean, if you have a chance to peak up a skirt and catch a glimpse of paradise, that’s just nature and circumstance.  Otherwise, it’s wrong, so don’t even argue with me.  The government is stupid.

The U.S. government is more totalitarian than people either realize or will admit.  I mean, think of the definition of the word govern.

I visited Bogart on Saturday.  He asked me when I’d be going back to stay with him again.  Interesting perspective.  He still seems to be driving people nuts but I’m not sure if he’s actually mellowed out and he’s just that manic now only when I visit because he gets excited, or if he’s still constantly in that state.

I was thinking about gangrene the other day.  Gangrene freaks me out.  It’s disturbing to think that a part of your body can die and decay and just fall off.  I think it spreads too if it’s not taken care of.  So I’m thinking if your body is gradually decaying, does that mean you’re becoming a zombie?  I mean you’re at least semi walking dead in a way, right?  I was reading the symptoms and one of them is that you hear a crackling sound when you press down on the affected area.  Whaat daa fuuck… that’s just…fucking (I just shuddered).  The body is a peculiar collection of tissue and strange functions, and yet somehow there is consciousness and free will in all of that.  Why are humans more advanced than amoebae?  One fortunate trait about humans is that, unlike some species, they can’t change gender for procreation purposes.  Well, I think that’s a good thing.  Some trannies would probably disagree.  That’s too X-Files though.  We also can’t spray people with our stink glands like skunks.  I think that would be a cool defense mechanism.  But at the same time it’s kind of a pussy thing to do.  Instead of getting in there like a predator and fighting to the death, you make someone smelly and run away.  Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be an amoeba, or a gender transforming thing, or a skunk.  And I don’t want to get gangrene.  I think I want to be a zombie though, at least temporarily to see what it’s like, and then my friends can kill my brain.

Speaking of zombies, one thing people in zombie movies rarely seem to address is killing the brain.  It takes them a while to figure that technique out.  Are the only survivors, according to the film industry, the people who’ve never seen a zombie film?  Is there that suspension of disbelief that zombies were never a genre or a science fictional possibility and so the survivors have to learn the rules that have already been established in the real yet ‘fake’ world?  I mean, all the zombie fanatics should really be the people to survive.  That would make sense.  I think so anyway.

Every now and then I appreciate cotton swabs.  On occasion, I think ‘holy shit what I really fucking need is to clean my ears!’  It’s a strange thing.  You never think of your ears until out of no where, that’s what you absolutely need to do more than anything else.  Then when you get those swabs and start swabbing your ears, it feels so fucking good.  Like an eargasm.  You don’t earjaculate though, because that would be fucking gross.

A few of the guys in The Convoy call me Wally or Wally Boy.  I hate it.  But when true Blues guys give you a nickname, it’s really an honor.  So I’m not complaining.  Except that Wally’s a dumb name.  I apologize to any invisible journal reading people by the name of Wally.  It’s just a dumb name for me.  For you, I’m sure it’s awesome.  Nice name, Wallies.

Maybe if I ever became an icon for some strange reason, my fans would be Wallies, or Wallites, or…wallets.  Or Grimm-ites, which reminds me of granite so I like that.  Grimmions, no, Grimmies, no.  Grimmheads.  Yeah, I like that.  Or Wallheads.  No Grimmheads.  That’s awesome.

I thought a good rapper name would be Testas Terone, or Testos Tyrone or something like that.  If I was a rapper…nah, I’d never be a rapper.

But if I was a spy, I’d be Grimm, Wall Grimm.

If I was in a movie with Gary Oldman, I’d want us to be psychopathic comrades.

If I was in a movie with Robert DeNiro, I wouldn’t want it to be a mafia film.  But neither would I want it to be something like “Meet the Parents”.  It would be more like “Mean Streets”.  Or mafia only if it’s “The Godfather” and I was a Corleone, but they never use the word mafia, just so you know.

If I was in a movie with Emma Stone, we’d have to have a love scene.  I could go on and on about actresses but I won’t.

If I was in a movie with Bruce Willis, there would have to be a scene in which I kick his ass.  The same goes for Chuck Norris, Javier Bardem.  There are no true bad ass actors that are my age.  I think the scariest mother fucker is Danny Trejo.  So I’d want to kick the shit out of him in a film too.  Ray Liotta’s too intense to even be in the same room with.

I’d like to be in film noir and I also want to be in a Dario Argento horror flick.  Definitely Hitchcock, Tarantino, and Scorsese films.  And Clint Eastwood.  I’d want to actually be Clint Eastwood though, back in “A Fistful of Dollars”.

If I were to change my name again, it would be Vincent LaGuardia Grimmbini.

Speaking of Joe Pesci, my theme for this journal entry is not a song, but that scene from “Goodfellas”, “what the fuck is so funny about me…” probably one of his most famous scenes ever.


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