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EMMA’S LOVE SONG Some of you may have read my post “In Need of a Singer/Songwriter for Wall Grimm’s Love Song to Emma”.  In that post, I state the deadline for submission to be March 15, 2014.  However, though I did receive responses in the beginning, it has been about 2 weeks since anyone else has expressed interest.  I’m choosing not to reblog or pursue it because I found someone I believe can capture the essence and mood I’m looking for.  Thanks to everyone who emailed me!  There’s a lot of talent out there, you’re proof of that.

I have selected Kev at http://kevs-domain.net/  I will write the lyrics, then send them off to Kev and he will write the music, then perform the piece.  His performance will be a sound recording and/or video (whatever he chooses) which I will include in the post when Grimm performs the song for Emma.  I’m looking forward to this, so thank you Kev for being involved and bringing Wall Grimm to life that much more.

BLOG SCHEDULE Currently my blog schedule consists of daily posts in this cycle:  “The Journal of Wall Grimm“, Amon-Re (which is the novel that Wall Grimm is writing), and a poem.  I’ve been reblogging Grimm and Amon-Re on my Sage Doyle blog, and I’ll continue to do that for a while.  I’ll give a heads up if I plan to stop reblogging.  I never reblog my poems here.  Anyway, I like this schedule, but I just want to throw something in the mix.

One day per week, any random day, I will plan to do something different.  Some possibilities are: updates like this post, some posts for my RANDOM GRIMMNESS category, fellow writer promos, reblogs, etc. etc.  Or, I may take one day to not post at all in order to work on writing projects that don’t pertain to the blogs, such as querying agents, preparing submission packets, or eventually beginning a new novel.

After the one day of something different or nothing at all, the cycle will just resume where I left off.  I’ve kind of been doing this, but now I’m making it official, especially now that I realize I do need a day to devote to my writing apart from the blogs.

JOURNAL POSTS I often have people express to me that they need to “catch up” with Grimm.  But I know how little time we all have as artists.  So I just want everyone to know that, rather than having to go back and read older posts, and this includes Amon-Re, if at any point you have questions about plot, situations, references, or characters, just ask whatever you want, and I’ll fill you in, no problem.  I can even refer you to posts if you want.  This is especially true for some new followers who maybe don’t want to go back to the beginning.  This offer will always be in place.

PAGES I just want to mention some of my blog pages.  On my Sage Doyle blog, I created a POETRY page where all my poems are archived and categorized, in order to simplify the process for anyone who might want to go back to older poems.  On my Wall Grimm Blog, there is a page devoted to AMON-RE, with a little history behind the novel, and links to each post.  The CHARACTER pages list the characters by name, and links each post the characters are mentioned in.  Those pages are broken down alphabetically by character name.  There is the JOURNAL ENTRIES INDEX page which lists the titles and links of each journal entry.  There are also pages devoted to EMMA, WALL GRIMM, GRIMM’S EASTWOOD & STEPPING WOLVES, and GARY OLDMAN.  If you don’t understand the Gary Oldman thing, maybe you should check out that page.  I will occasionally add to and update those pages.  Lastly, there’s the DIALOGUE WITH GRIMM page, if you want to talk to “Grimm” (aka me as Grimm) personally.  A couple people have done it and it’s kind of challenging and sometimes awkward to stay in character, but very interesting at least for me.  The Wall Grimm on that page is kind of hovering somewhere in cyberspace and doesn’t know people are reading his journal on a blog.

That’s all for now.  If at any time you have questions or concerns that you don’t want to address here, you are free to email me sagedoyle@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for your readership!




…damn self promotion, sorry:



author page: https://www.facebook.com/1sagedoyle

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5 thoughts on “Emma’s Love Song & Other Blog Stuff

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. Yes, ’tis indeed ‘damn self-promotion’…. but, then, if you don’t, who will? At least you’re not particularly offensive about it…. nobody HAS to read it, right?…. I must say, my young friend, you certainly have a lot of energy, and, you must type really FAST…. :lol: Good stuff, though, and I always enjoy your poems…. I had a few pain free minutes, & thought I’d see what you’ve been up to…

    Take care… & Blessed Be….

    gigoid the dubious…. :cool:

    • Yeah I hate promoting myself or pushing myself onto people, that’s rough. I mean, I’m not a business person or salesman, but you’re expected to be in this writing world. Two different parts of the brain, but there it is. And I do type fast lol. Yet I make a lot of typos along the way, but I correct fast too, so that helps. Thanks so much, my friend. Blessed Be!
      Sage the ambiguous lol

  3. Kev

    You’re welcome Sage, I look forward to receiving it. :)


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