“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 116: The Temptress

September 18, 2013

Pete picked me up from work last night at 8pm and we went to go buy “The Walking Dead” seasons 1,2, &3.  Then we went home and started watching from the pilot.  We’re getting ready for the season premier.  Best show on television, but then again I hate television and I don’t watch anything else.  I’m not a technology fan.  Kind of a techno-Neanderthal at age 24 which makes me rare I guess.

So we’re in the middle of episode 1 and we get buzzed at our apartment.  When we asked who it was, a girl said, “Shannon.”  I was like who the fuck is that, Pete laughed and said “you don’t even know her name?” as he buzzed her in.  Turns out it was Iona’s friend with the nice tits.  The modern day Sophia Lauren.  I never cared about her name because she’s too hot, so I try to not pay much attention to her since she’s Iona’s friend.  Even when’s she’s txt’d me her name is “Sophia Lauren” in my cell.  I almost called her “Tits” but then didn’t want Iona to ever see that.  I do stupid shit but I try to avoid getting caught doing it.

Anyway, so she comes up to the apartment dressed professionally but unavoidably hot.  As someone once said about Marilyn Monroe, she’d make a potato sack look sexy, or something like that.  I don’t know if I’m making that up though, I think I read that somewhere.  But yeah so she said that she just got out of work, was headed home and saw her ex-boyfriend’s car parked in front of her place so she just kept driving.  She came here to avoid him since he’s kind of a stalker and she said I could protect her.  I asked why me since she must have other closer male friends and her response was, “because you’re Italian.”

“Well, Sicilian.”

“Isn’t that Italian?”

“Italians and Sicilians are completely different.”

Pete said, “your ancestry is from Italy, so technically you’re Italian.”

I was like, yeah ok same country.  Shannon said she didn’t understand and my response was that no one but Sicilians understand.  She was all confused and said, “like Italians and Greeks are different.”

“Hell yeah we’re different.”

Pete said maybe a better comparison would be the difference between Canadians and French Canadians.  We agreed that was a decent comparison.  So I asked what difference it makes that I’m Italian.  She responded that I was intense and passionate and strong so I could protect her.  I wanted to do more than protect her at that point.

We told her we were watching “The Walking Dead” and that she could join us, which she did, she’d never seen the show before.  But then she squirmed into me and tucked her face into my chest and said it was scary.  I kept catching Pete’s eye, he was amused.  I was sexually tormented.  Then she asked if she could take a shower, she likes to shower after work.  Ok yeah go get naked and wet in my bathroom.  She gets in the shower and as we resume watching the show, she calls for me.  I tried talking through the door but we couldn’t hear each other so I slowly open it.  She peaks out from behind the curtain and asks if we have different soap, ours smelled too masculine for her.  It’s Irish Spring.  I said sorry no as I caught a glimpse of part of her breast and tried not to be noticed aiming to see more.  She said, “all right then, I don’t mind smelling like you.”  Ok, rub that soap all over your body, go ahead.  Damn.

I go back out, Pete’s like, “she wants you.”  I said, “shut the fuck up I can’t think about that.”  We resume the show, then she calls me again.  I go in and she asks if we have conditioner.  No we don’t.  She was like, “don’t you guys have any girly stuff?  I thought Pete was gay?”  I said, “he is but he’s not feminine.”  “Are you gay?  Or bi?”  “Nope.”  Then she leaned out a little more and I saw her nipple.  “You’re such a nice guy.”  “Thanks.”  I walked out, looked at Pete and he laughed as I headed straight to my room to jerk off.  He opened the door right away before I got started and said he’d be in his room on the computer until we could finish the show.  He’s a writer too and he’s working on a novel.  He’s a great writer, better than me.

So I’m jerking off and Shannon walks in.  There are no locks on the bedroom doors.  She walks in and she’s wrapped in the towel I gave her which was a small one since it was the only clean one available.  I didn’t expect her to walk around in it, I figured she’d get dressed after.  It barely fit around her tits and was only long enough to go just below her ass.  wtf.

She walks in as I’m jerking off so I grab a pillow from behind my head, banging my head against the headboard in the process, and I cover myself with the pillow.  She smiled mischievously, “what are you doing?”  “I’m…masturbating.”  “That’s hot.”  “Yeah, well, that’s what I do from time to time.”  She asked if I had any comfy clothes to wear and if she could just spend the night because it was pushing 11pm.  I was like yeah and yeah.  We stared at each other for a minute because she didn’t know where the clothes were and I couldn’t get up since my hard dick was hanging out of my pants under the pillow.  So she sat on the bed and said again, “you’re such a nice guy.”  I said, “You’re…the devil.”  “Aw, why?”  “You’re Iona’s friend, and…uhhh…well, yeah.”

She said, “do you want to fuck me?”  Then I just swallowed like they do in cartoons, like I could actually hear it and I wondered if she heard it too.  I said, “You’re Iona’s friend, I try to avoid crossing those boundaries.”  She told me I was sexy.  I was having a hard time not stroking myself under the pillow.  Then she moved to face me more and I could see her pussy as the towel opened a little more. wtf.  I just stared at it, not even caring anymore that I’d be caught gawking.  She noticed and opened her legs a little more.  Then she put her hand under the pillow and began to rub my dick. wtf.

I was done for.  It’s like there’s a switch in my brain in an area that has thought and willpower, and when it’s switched off it activates a switch in my dick that has no thought, all action.  But then Pete knocked at the door, because I’m sure he could figure I was trying to stand my ground.  It was a struggle for me to say “come in” but I did, feeling both pissed off and relieved.  I was about to fuck the hell out of that girl.  He said, “let’s watch the show, I want to get to sleep.  Shannon you can sleep in my room tonight, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

I told Pete to bring her to his room to give her something to wear, I’d be out in a minute.  Then I finished jerking off but it only took seconds before I shot a huge load.  After the show, we all went to bed.  Once I could hear Pete snoring, I went to his room and fucked her.  It was just too much.  Sorry Pete for the mess I made in your bed.


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32 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 116: The Temptress

  1. “The car goes where the eyes go.” Now I feel the need for some classic Sofia Loren.

  2. Desiree G

    Oh, Grimm!! You aggravating little shit! ;)

    • Hey you can’t say this was his fault, can you? He tried.

      • Desiree G

        LOL — don’t even go there. Did he end up going to her or did she come to him at the end of the night??

        • Well….yeah, but he tried, and he wasn’t in a committed relationship with Iona, though he wanted to respect friendship boundaries. He tried lol

          • Desiree G

            Well, I tried not to curse at him.

          • lol, you have to admit he made an effort though, right?

          • Desiree G

            He made an effort in his bedroom. After Pete rescued him, there shouldn’t have been any other temptation. She was clothed and separate from him. NO, I admit no such thing!

          • Well yeah, but it essentially wasn’t cheating, right? I’ve a more loyal nature than Grimm, but since he’s my character I have to empathize with him lol

          • Desiree G

            I think since he is your character, you are living vicariously through him.

          • lmao, no those days are done, he’s living vicariously through me. Besides, like I said, I’m extremely loyal in relationships. I’ve never cheated. I’ve been cheated on, but I never cheated.

          • Desiree G

            Are there any non-vegetarian versions of you left in this world?? LOL

          • lol ummm possibly, why?

          • Desiree G

            Curiosity, of course. Never met one myself.

          • Curiosity, hmmm, am I unusual?

          • Desiree G

            In my experience, yes. And I think you already know that.

          • Now I’m curious, how am I unusual?

          • Desiree G

            I think there are several things that are unusual about you but the one thing we are discussing is your faithfulness and loyalty. UNUSUAL qualities these days.

          • I’m a Libra ;) Also, I was in high school when I was cheated on repeatedly and lied to. It really messed up my head, so maybe that had something to do with it. I never wanted to put anyone else through that.

          • Desiree G

            And if it wasn’t an ethical issue, why would he have resisted to begin with?

          • Because he was trying to respect the friendship on behalf of Iona. Even though he told her they weren’t committed, because he didn’t feel he could commit, it was his choice essentially to draw that line against going with friends, on his side anyway, and he was trying to stick to his own guidelines.

          • Desiree G

            So why did he say to hell with it and do it anyway??

          • Because she taunted him and his libido got the better of him lol

          • Desiree G

            He’s your character — but he is still a little shit! LOL

          • Maybe :P

  3. His libido is beautiful. I love his libido. Like wow! I bet that Sophia was as wt and ht as hell. Mmmm-mmmm! Lucky them I say!


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