“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 115: Wall Grimm’s Priority Shit & Aromatherashit

September 16, 2013

Ok I’m going to recap on my priorities.  My name is Wall Grimm and this is a self check in on getting my shit together.


1.  I need to square things with Paula, and make a choice that reflects what’s best for both of us:

Well, we’re done, I moved out and I’m living with Pete.  Though Paula calls and texts me often.  She wants me back, but I’m kind of with Iona, but we’re not in a committed relationship.  So I guess this priority is taken care of.

2.  Work more and be responsible for Sharly:

Done.  This week I begin my 12-8 shift, M-F.  And she’s leaving me alone in the store again as well as giving me more responsibility.  She says she may have me train for some managerial work, which says a lot.

3.  Look for a career, not just a job:

I have almost two years of college done, but I’ve begun to look into programs so I can at least work towards my B.A.  I’d have to start next semester.  I also have to consider whether or not I want to go full time or part time, and what my major would be.  I’m thinking psychology or writing.

4.  Quit smoking:

Still down to 5, more if I have the urge to drink.  Smoking at this time is keeping me in line.  This is a longer term goal.

5.  Start working out again:

Running 3-5 miles in the mornings before work and on the weekends.  Still doing 300 sit ups and 100 push ups, give or take.  Maybe I’ll increase if I have the time.

6.  Get a regular sleep schedule:

This one I’m doing because I find myself going to bed earlier most nights in order to avoid the temptation of going out and drinking and drugging.

7.  Take good care of Gary Oldman:

Definitely doing this, especially now that she’s my Emotional Support Service Animal.  I just don’t take her anywhere that might not be the best environment for her, like the bar the other night.  Though I don’t do so much bad shit these days, so she is with me 99% of the time.

8.  Start referring to Gary Oldman in my journal as Gary Oldman II or just Oldman so I don’t get confused, even though it makes me laugh to write Gary Oldman in certain sentences such as “Gary Oldman likes to bite.” :

Knocking this one of my list, because I don’t really give a shit anymore.

9.  Read more:

Ok what the fuck, this is a hard one.  I haven’t gotten very far with Steppenwolf because of my brain issues from the Gangsta.  But even before that, I was so fucked up all the time, I didn’t read much.  I haven’t read a book in about a year and that just sucks.  I like reading.  I guess I’ll have to set the time aside to do it.

10.  I suppose I’m expected to make ammends to people I’ve wronged, based on the 12 step programs I was involved in, but I haven’t been really doing any of that.  And yeah, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should go to AA or something so I’ll put that on the list:

Go to AA meetings:

Um, oops.

Ok so that’s where I’m at.  I guess there are two priorities there that I can take off my list.  That’s my shit.  Speaking of shit, I love when I eat papaya because later when I take a shit it smells like papaya.  Last night I had a papaya shit.  It is now what I refer to as aromatherashit.  I was like, “hey Pete come here and smell this.”  He didn’t know what I was talking about, so he came to the bathroom.  He was like, “wtf you’re asking me to smell your shit??”  I said no it smells like papaya.  He said, “no it smells like shit.”  But yeah, I was pretty impressed with it, so whatever.

So I had this great shit, felt like I dumped about five pounds of it into the toilet, then I went to bed.  And when I hit the bed I was like ohhhhh yeahhhh because sometimes your body just feels so awesome once you hit the sheets.  Mine felt extra good because of the emptiness from my aromatherashit.  I love that feeling.

I guess that’s it.  I think the last thing is that I am going to try to make one last effort with Emma.  But I’m going to wait until I’m enrolled in school.  I don’t know when she will finish school, but she wants to move to Spain or Italy.  I would go anywhere with her, if she’d have me.


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