“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 107: Swimming Naked, Moving Out, & Being Boring

August 28, 2013

So I went to the beach on Saturday with Hasty, Patrick, and Pete.  We went to Hampton and we pitched a tent and built a fire on the beach, it was cool.  We had about 15 people joining us around our fire.  We went swimming at night which is always freaky.  I’m always afraid there will be a shark or jelly fish or something, because night is often when they come in since there are less people.  Well, at least that’s the way it used to be, now sharks consider people food so they come in whenever they want.  Lots of sharks and shark attacks at the Cape this year.

But yeah a bunch of us swam at night and even went skinny dipping, so I got my naked swimming in.  And the cool thing about swimming in the ocean at night, whether or not you’re naked, is how black the ocean is, you can’t see anything in the water, that’s what makes it so freaky.  You can’t see anything where you’re standing or when you look out.  It’s awesome, but potentially feeding time.  Hasty and I got out of the water at the same time at one point and then just stopped and looked at each other, facing each other.  Then we laughed like little kids and were like, “we’re seeing each other naked heeheehee.”  And yeah, seeing Hasty naked was the highlight of my summer.

Anyway so yeah, got back from the beach on Sunday, then told Paula I’d be moving in with Pete some time this week.  But that’s only temporary because I want to find my own place.  Then she says, “oh but what about Gary Oldman, because she need consistency and routine, not jumping around from place to place.”  I figured this was a ploy to get me to stay at least a little longer, but I replied, “She’s the cat of a gypsy she has to get used to it.”

Paula then said, “you’re not a gypsy, I don’t know why you keep saying you are, you’re not off out and about in caravans or living that kind of life.”

I was like, “I have Romani blood, enough said.”

That really pissed me off because it was like she was trying to obliterate part of who I am.  Then I was determined to leave more than ever.  She could sense it so she cried.  She’s not the mature, older woman I thought she was.  Did I do this to her?  I didn’t really do anything.  She’s just gradually broken down.  I feel bad, but I don’t know how much to blame I am.  I think I’ve tried to be honest, even if I wasn’t fully invested in the relationship.

Anyway, I’m sick of thinking about it, so I’m moving on.  Today is Wednesday.  I moved in with Pete on Monday.  I didn’t have much shit that I wanted to take with me.  Just some clothes, cat supplies, my Eastwood and my Stepping Wolves, some cd’s, journals, shit like that.  I had a backpack and two boxes.

It’s actually cool being back with Pete and I’m glad to be back working at the bookstore.  It’s kind of like my life is getting back on track in a backwards kind of way, as in going back in time.  At some point I’ll have my own place again.  I like living alone, but who knows, maybe it’s better if I don’t.  I mean, if I feel like going to the liquor store, who’s going to stop me if I can’t stop myself?

I kind of miss Paula’s yard though and her firepit.  At Pete’s he doesn’t have a yard like we did at my old place because he lives in a complex.  Paula calls me every day and she wants to see me sometime this weekend.  I told Iona that I’m not ready for a committed relationship so if I end up fucking Paula I won’t be cheating.  But I think Iona likes me too much and she’s very insecure.  I don’t like to be the basis of someone’s self assurance.  Her friend with the great tits texted me yesterday when I was working and Sharly said she had the feeling that I was being set up.  In other words, she thinks that Iona was there and was testing me.  The girl was like, “ur hot btw.”  I texted back, “yeah u too.”  I don’t care if Iona is testing me or not, like I said I don’t like to mess around with the friends of the girls I’m involved in.  That’s a boundary I try to keep because crossing it is a huge mistake.  Unless of course they’re shooting for a threesome.  A guy can dream…

I haven’t picked up Steppenwolf in a while, so much for reading.  I will, I’ve just been too distracted.  As I’m reading it, I feel like I read it before a long time ago, it’s so familiar.  Maybe some of the descriptions just kind of remind me of me, even though I’m not a 50 year old guy.

Pete and I saw “We’re the Millers” last night and that movie was pretty funny.  Jennifer Aniston is hot as hell, damn.  That guy Ed Helms is pretty funny and I think they’re doing a remake of “Vacation” but I don’t know.  Chevy Chase can’t be topped in that role.

Shit, I’m just rambling.  Boring, boring, fucking boring.  My name is Wall Grimm and I’m boring today.  All work and no play makes Grimm a dull boy.

I’ll just say one more thing, then I’ll shut the fuck up before I write anything else that my future self will be annoyed by.  Last night the sky was aqua and the clouds were pink.  It was like a painting.  Freakin’ beautiful and inspiring.  It made me want to do something great.  Do something in the world that I can be successful with.  Not having a day to day job, but I want to write and just get the most from life.  I don’t want to waste anymore time sidetracked by addictions or even sex.  I have shit to say to the world.  I have a lot of shit to say.


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29 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 107: Swimming Naked, Moving Out, & Being Boring

  1. Go Grimm! That must have been some really nice pink and aqua….yes! Go do your writing Grimm! I’ll be there making coffee. Or helping you get the threesome on when you start thinking about sex again. lol!

  2. Desiree G

    If we’re talking 3somes, where is the third?? :) Sorry — I’m now removing myself from this conversation. LOL

    • You’re tricky, I can’t even come up with a clever response to that since you’re no longer in the conversation ;)

  3. Anyway, I was just offering to be a caring receptionist and arrange it, I never said anything about partaking. Sage, don’t roll your eyes, and Grimm, so you have Desiree interested for starters I think.

    • So you want to manage a ménage a tois, very interesting. Would you sit along the sidelines and offer guidance? Would you use your golf voice or shout like a football coach? Or would you video it to watch later, take notes, and critique for improvements during the next round? hmmmm sounds like a porn. Madame Amelthalt’s Menage A Tois School of Instruction. ;)

  4. Forgive me, I have been very silly. I must be out of my mind. (chuckles) I do not know what I am talking about.

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  7. I see, looks like Grimm might have more than a 3Some. More like a litter of kittens; Amelthalt, Desiree, Paula, Lona, and Hasty. Don’t know.


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