“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 97: The Journal of Valente Grimani, Age 4

August 9, 2013

My parents took me out to eat last night with my sister for my birthday, because I won’t be seeing them tonight.  I think my mother doesn’t really like that I’m with Paula since they’re so close in age.  They gave me a couple hundred dollars and a fifty dollar gift card to Barnes & Noble, which I’m not to tell Sharly about.  My sister gave me a new journal and a cool pen.  The kind of pen that makes your handwriting look awesome.  The other thing my parents gave me was a journal I started when I was 4 years old.  This cracks me up.  I’m pasting it in my current journal.  I was a master of suspense apparently.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is my first official journal ever:


1 day my mommy whint [went] to go skatine [skating] with my daddy and my sistr in [and] then we whint at howd’s [no fucking clue but I think that refers to the stone house by the pond where we went ice skating] in then we whint home. The end

journal 1

1 day my sistr and me whin [when] we whint to scool we wun sum thing in my sistr wun the scarecrw and I whun the dog in whin scool whuss all dun we whint to go home. The end

journal 2

My best frend slept over and we played with eachother and we loev [love] eachother [ah, the innocence] and I cot [caught] the chickenpocks. That’s all

journal 3

I went to school befor and I wun a star with a picher [picture] of Mary and Baby Jesus [I was going to a Catholic preschool at the time]. That’s all

journal 4

My mommy gave me a suprise and the suprise was

journal 5


journal 6

I want to know what the fucking surprise was!  How the hell am I supposed to remember that.  This is a lesson the wise young Valente has now taught the older, less wise Wall, be sure to document because the older you get the duller your mind is, at least this is true in my case.

I will never know what the surpise is that my mommy gave me, damn.

Anyway, in the style of 4 year old Valente Grimani:

1 day I whint with mommy in daddy in my sistr to eat in they gav me presints. That’s all


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*The above journal pages are from my real journal when I was four years old, Sage.

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22 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 97: The Journal of Valente Grimani, Age 4

  1. Great !

  2. Desiree G

    Please tell me this really was yours when you were four!!

    • lol yes it was. I say it at the very bottom of the post. I have a story I wrote about Scooby Doo too but I have to find it, then I’ll post it.

      • Desiree G

        I have some of my journals from high school. Some day when you need a laugh, I’ll post one of the entries for you. Deal?

        • All right, but they would make me laugh? High School? I consider High School a trauma that most people somehow miraculously survive lol

          • Desiree G

            Mine are not painful — I refused to put those on paper. That’s why I never had to burn my journals.

          • Yeah, I always wrote in journal format when I was either in pain or traveling, so a lot got burned ;)

  3. I love this, made me smile

  4. readwithadelina

    This is so cute!

  5. this is awesome! I have some stories and poems my Dad saved–he saved lots of stuff like that–some of it framed. Really, the innocence of children. and the unbridled wisdom.

    • Thank you! When my mom found this, I thought it was very cool that it was an actual journal, so very appropriate to attribute to Grimm lol

  6. I want to know what the surprise was! My mother recently brought me a whole heap of writing I did as a child (not quite as young as 4) and I have had a good laugh going through it. Enjoying your blog very much :)

    • lol I want to know what the surprise was too. I have no memory of it. My mother has been going through all her stuff so it’s been a great trip down memory lane for me as well, but there’s also so much I don’t even remember.
      Thanks so much :)

  7. I love it. How lucky you are to have this treasure. :)

  8. HEHE the 4 year old you sure knows how to keep the suspense!


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