“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 9: Ghosttown and Glacier

June 6, 2013

We left Yellowstone and drove to Garnet Ghost Town in Missoula, MT.  That was really cool.  It reminded me a lot of Sturbridge Village.  Yet the scenery was Montana and so freakin’ grand.  Montana is like where I would dwell often if I was God.  Everything is so big, the mountains, the trees, the rivers, just everything.  So the ghost town was awesome, and haunted, and carried the spirits of the past like Sturbridge Village and Plimoth Plantation.  After that we drove to Glacier National Park.  This was Tuesday and it was kind of late so we got a cabin at Apgar Village Lodge for a couple nights.  We were just going to camp in the van because apparently there’s public land you can camp for free.  We thought of setting up the tent but it was too cold, so we talked about sleeping in the van, even colder actually since it doesn’t trap in the body heat, so we decided to get a cabin.  It was a spontaneous stop but worth it.  Because yesterday we were able to go to the village and hike around.  I’d never seen glaciers before, they made me feel both insignificant and honored.  Insignificant because I’m just this thing full of flaws that’s only been around for not quite 24 years, unlike the glaciers which are flawless and powerful and ancient.  Honored just to be able to have the ability to see them.

So yeah, we stayed two nights in the cabin, mostly because after our big day in the enormous state of Montana, which is bigger than Japan, we were anticipating being both unmotivated to drive and unwilling to leave.  We knew we’d like a second night in the cabin because it was so cool.

And now it is this morning, we are collecting our things and preparing to depart for Seattle.  I think it’s about 9 hours or so to get there.  It’ll be good to be in the city again.  Haven’t been to the city since Houston.  I’m also anxious to get coastal again.  It’s a crazy feeling being in the middle of all this amazing wonder and yet there’s no ocean nearby.  Being from Massachusetts, I get the nature, not quite as big, but still beautiful, especially the more North you go, like in Maine, it gets bigger up into Canada.  But the ocean is never far.  Being here, it’s almost like I’m getting a little claustrophobic, which is weird, but interesting.

This trip is amazing, I’ve never traveled like this extensively with other people and I’m going to places I’ve never been to before.  Usually I take off and travel alone.  I’ll often meet people on the road and travel with them for a little while, but then move on.  I’ve been doing that since I was a kid.  Once I went back home after having run away, I would disappear for long periods of time, usually in the Summer so I wouldn’t miss school, that way my parents unwillingly let me get away with it.  What I’d do is I’d decide to take off and leave them a note saying that I was traveling for a while and I’d see them in a couple months.  I’d call on the road now and then to let them know I was ok.  They hated it and weren’t sure what to do.  They didn’t want me caught on the road alone by authorities, because then I could be taken away by DCF.  They didn’t want to report me gone or temporarily run away because they knew I’d come back.  But they also knew that anything could happen to me on the road and they were afraid for me, terrified that I’d just disappear.  We tried family counseling but I had nothing much to say besides that I loved to travel and experience the world and I was a street wise person, and that at least I wasn’t doing drugs, which wasn’t exactly true.

My parents were good to me but the thing is we used to travel when I was younger but then we hit this point when financially we were too restricted to travel so we’d only go camping or to the beach.  Traveling is in my blood, being Romani.  Then there were the circumstances why I ran away to begin with.  That potatoey, mush-faced, smelly flab ass Uncle Dan had something to do with it.  But whatever.

I think my point was that Hasty, Patrick, and Pete are awesome, since I’m used to traveling alone, they’re great company, and they are also the type of people who can be with you, and yet you can still have that peaceful sense of solitude.  None of us intrude upon the spirit of travel.  We respect each other, understand each other, and we seem to always be on the same page, making decisions easily and compromising without difficulty.  If only that could be a global phenomenon.  Everyone being able to synchronize in the way that we are all individuals, yet we flow from one place to the next, one experience after another, interacting with people, encountering them and spending time with them.  Yet there’s no disrespect, we be and let be, we forgive and have compassion, and we compromise as needed.  The world’s leaders sometimes seem to be the children who never learned to share.  The people with hate were the abused children growing with ingrained anger that will never be tapped into or healed.  That includes the terrorists.  I’ve been thinking a lot about them since Texas.  They hate us so much it’s almost hurtful, and hard for individual Americans to not take it personally, particularly when they want to kill each and every one of us like we’re termites.  But what the fuck am I talking about.  Shut up Grimm.

On a smaller scale, I think about Emma.  Smaller because it’s not global, but still huge.  Emma Emma Emma Emma Emmmmmmma yeah.  That’s all I need to say.  I see her everywhere out of the corner of my eye.  I hear her voice and turn and it’s not her.  I dream of her.  I daydream of her.  I think of her and I jerk off.  Am I obsessed or in love?  I’m kind of confused about that now.  But she rejects me, no matter how much she apologized for that, she only wants to be my friend, and that’s hard to live with.  Damn I want her so bad.

Ok I think we’re just about ready to take off to Seattle, so I’ll go have a quick wank in the bathroom before we go.


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