“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 7: Houston part 2, Hermann Park

May 30, 2013

We’ve been driving all day and we’re still in Texas.  We’re at a truckstop now having some coffee, but we’ll probably crash overnight in another one in a few hours.  After the stun gun, people were upset.  I didn’t realize they were.  I guess I was a little oblivious to what was going on being all zapped and everything.  Hasty was really disturbed seeing that happen, and when I agreed to do it again, she went into the other room.  Patrick went to follow her.  Pete stood by to be sure I’d be ok.  Later I was like why did it bother you guys so much, I volunteered to do it.  I guess at first I was thinking that I heard everything clearly, but in retrospect it was a little echoey, and I misunderstood whatever was going on.  I mean, the stunning only lasts some seconds anyway, it’s real fast.  A lot of upset for a kind of thrill anyway.  Yeah I’m fucking crazy.  It was a few seconds of charge, but a good twenty minutes before I was functioning normally.  And even then I was kinda wobbly.  But whatever, I’m stupid.  Maybe they would have liked it better if I got shitfaced.  I’m not complaining, I have good friends, that’s all that matters.

So yeah, we had some good conversation which helped lighten the air before we went back to the hostel.  The next day we had a great time.  We spent the entire day at Hermann Park and we were having such a good time we decided to make that our full day in Houston.  Because not drinking is hard, so being in nature and being active is a huge help for me.  We walked on trails, went biking, ate at the café, and we went on the pedal boats, though we could only do four people on one boat so Andrew stayed behind.  I didn’t want to go to the zoo and Patrick didn’t either, but we went to the Japanese Garden and it was beautiful.  Absolutely amazing.  It was a really peaceful day.

Later, Andrew took us to the club he was talking about, so we saw some cool bands, the header was kinda trippy so I wished I was on E.  Or better yet I was thinking of Molly, which is crystalized ecstasy it’s purer and hits you faster and just is better.  Dave would text me and say ggmm which was our code for good golly miss molly like the song, so I’d know he had it.  But anyway….. off that subject.  It was good that Andrew was also in recovery then I had a well rounded support system, with my friends and him.  But I told them to just drink and have fun, take advantage that I had a babysitter.  It was a good time.

But now I’m sick of Texas because it’s so fucking big and flat and vast and geesh, on and on while we drive.  I can’t even drive here it makes me freakin’ dizzy.  So that’s the brain issue I have from the Gangsta, but I think maybe I aggravated it from the stun gun.  But I don’t regret that, it was fucking awful in the most awesome way.  I’m Grimm so I know that makes sense.  That’s all I need to say.

Hasty was like, “would you tell Emma you purposely had someone do that to you?”  I thought about it and said no.  She said, “well then you know it was stupid and reckless”   I was like yeah, I know that.  I am stupid and reckless, that’s me.  That’s Grimm.  And….that’s probably why Emma won’t have me.

Ok leaving the truck stop.  We’ve roughly been on the road for 12 hours or so.  I think with the times we stopped, don’t know how much of that was driving, so I’m not sure when we’re expected to arrive in Colorado.  It’s just so strange that Texas is that big.  It takes almost the same amount of miles to get from Houston to Denver as it does to go from Boston to Jacksonville.  That’s freakin’ crazy.


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