“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 4: Grimm and Snow White

May 26, 2013

Thursday we went down to Orlando to Magic Kingdom.  My friend Fia came with us.  It was so cool.  When we were in the Haunted Mansion, the ride got stuck, so we just sat there eating chips watching the ghosts enter and dance around in the ball room.  We went on all the rides even the Winnie the Pooh ride which was pretty scary because of Heffalumps and Woozles.  I fucking hate Heffalumps and Woozles.  At some point people were standing in line to get their pictures taken with Snow White.  I decided to wait in line too because she was pretty hot.  It was almost the same amount of time we waited to get on Space Mountain that I waited to get to Snow White, or it seemed so.

I winked at her as I approached because she was clearly amused, she knew what was coming, I’m sure I wasn’t the first guy to do this.  So I made it and my friends and I got our pictures taken.  I said to her, “Snow White, you have to know my name is Grimm, it’s like we were meant to be together.”

She said, “Grimm?  As in the Brothers Grimm?  Honestly?”

I showed her my driver’s license and she laughed.

I then asked her on a date for the next day even though we were planning to leave.  She sighed and gave me a once over, clearly trying to determine whether or not I was a freak or a decent guy.  I said, “You’re a princess, but I’m going to treat you like a queen, I’m going to give you the royal treatment.”  And I smirked at her because it was as silly as I meant it to be, but she was laughing at everything, which was pretty cute.  So she took my park map and wrote her cell number on it.  She told me she was free the next day.  I told her I was calling her first thing in the morning and I would take her out.

My friends were kind of annoyed.  I said, well now we can go to Universal.  I’ll take the Disney princess to Universal.  Fia said, “aw it’s like a fairy tale.”

Pete said, “I can’t believe you just asked Snow White on a date and she said yes.”

“Well, I’m Grimm, I wrote that to happen.”

Shortly after that, we watched the “Dream Come True” parade.

After the fireworks and the “Electrical Parade” at 11pm, we drove back to St. Augustine.  I called her at 8am Friday and asked her if she wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  She was excited about that idea.  Something told me then, she was a little girl at heart.  A little girl who grew up to be a Disney princess and work in a magical kingdom.  So I felt a little like a jerk, because I kind of wanted to get in her pants then say bye as I traveled across the country.  Meanwhile I had Paula at home waiting for me.  I’d be using her credit card to take another girl on a date.  I wonder why I don’t realize these things as they’re happening.  Well this time I sort of did.  I guess I just assume that Paula expects me to cheat, I don’t know why, I mean it doesn’t even feel like it would be cheating, but I guess it is.  So Friday morning, right before we left to get the princess, I called Paula and told her I met Snow White and I invited her to join us today.  I could tell she was jealous, so I told her, “don’t worry, you’re the fairest of them all.”  She said I could be a real asshole sometimes.  Wow, that’s the first she’s ever talked to me like that.  So I said, “yeah, sorry, I am an asshole sometimes.”  Then she said “have fun” and hung up.  For a sophisticated woman, that wasn’t very mature.

Anyway, we went and picked up the princess and she had long dark hair, less makeup, and a nice Summery kind of dress.  She was so beautiful.  She said she’d been a model and she was 20 years old.  Her name was Margo but I asked if I could call her Snow White all day.  She laughed and said ok.  She brought a couple friends with her, another couple, so fortunately we had the Mystery Machine and could all fit.  I think my friends were a little annoyed because they wanted us all to experience the Harry Potter world together, but I was focused on Snow White.  But they tolerated the idea because they didn’t want to feel controlling.  Pete and Patrick were more and more into each other each day, inseparable, and they hardly noticed anyone else in their company anyway.  Patrick is really helping Pete feel comfortable being open, so that’s cool.  Hasty and Fia really hit it off, they’re like best friends now.  Then there was the other couple, then there was Grimm and Snow White.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is my fairytale.


Once upon a time, Grimm and Snow White went to Hogwarts….

That sounds so funny it’s like fanfic.  I’m living fanfic here.  Well anyway, we went to the Three Broomsticks, we went to Hogwarts, we went to the Owlry, we went to Olivander’s and got wands.  I spent like $60 or so on a marauder’s map for her as a gift.  And we drank tons of butter beer.  That shit is soooo good.  Not real beer though, which is good, I’m behaving.  We kept alternating between the frozen and frothy alternatives.  At one point we got the frothy and we were standing by the cart drinking it, and she had some froth on her lips.  This made me think dirty thoughts.  I said, “You have some…” and I gestured on my mouth.  She went to wipe it off but I took her hand and stopped her.  Then I leaned in to kiss her.  I did it slowly to see if she was going to reject me.  I looked her in the eye as I brought my lips to hers.  She didn’t move forward to meet me, but she didn’t move away, and she had a pleased look in her eye.  I’m beginning to think she’s on the submissive side.  She let me kiss her, using my mouth to get the froth off her lips, then we used our tongues.  I hate when I go for a long time without sex because that’s all it takes to get hard.  And here Snow White pressed her body up against mine and I had to kind of shift my hips back discretely so she couldn’t know how hard I was.

She was so sweet though, she made me think she was a virgin and I just couldn’t even think of having sex with her.  Well, I could definitely think it, but not plan it.  Big difference.  Then I felt badly for her because she seemed innocent and I was afraid that some fucking dog would come around and destroy her.  I wanted to protect her.  I asked her to come with us on the road, she said no because it was difficult to get a job at Disney and she just started, she didn’t want to mess up that opportunity.  I didn’t blame her.  But as I write this as we awaken in New Orleans, I can’t stop thinking about my princess.


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3 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 4: Grimm and Snow White

  1. Desiree G

    You posted this one today just to piss the “old woman” off, right? ;)


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