“The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 3: St. Augustine

May 23, 2013

Tuesday morning we left Savannah and drove down to St. Augustine.  I have a friend there so we went to visit her first thing.  We left really early and got there by 9am.  My friends gave me a break the past two drives.  From South of the Border to Savannah, and then from Savannah to St Augustine I didn’t do any driving.  But I’m going to drive to Orlando today because we’re going to Disney World.  We decided to go, of all the parks, to Magic Kingdom, because it’s the most little kiddish one and we all feel like little kids.  We kind of want to go to Epcot and Universal but we decided then we’d be stuck in Florida for much longer than we want to be.  So we talked about maybe coming down some time to conquer all the parks.  Anyway, I’m kind of excited about going to Disney World today, we’re probably leaving as soon as I finish this journal entry.

My friend will be coming with us.  Her name is Fia and she’s an artist.  At first I could tell that Hasty didn’t like the idea of meeting up with another girl or having another female tag along.  I think she feels very comfortable with the dynamic of being the only female with three guys.  The dynamic suits her even more that there is one straight guy and two gay guys.  But then she met my friend and she’s impossible not to love.  I call her Sunshine, because she always brightened my days.  I don’t even remember how long ago it’s been since she moved down here, but I have come to visit her before.

St. Augustine is the perfect place for her since it’s an artist’s town.  The town is beautiful with all the cobblestone and the water.  Then you go over the bridge to St. Augustine Beach.  So anyway, we got here Tuesday morning by 9 and the weather was good.  We had a beautiful beach day on Tuesday, so that’s what we did.  We knew there would be rain soon, so we just spent the whole day on the beach.  Tuesday night rained, and yesterday rained a lot on and off.  We figured it would be raining in whatever direction we traveled so we decided to stay in St. Augustine and hang out with Fia.  She and Hasty were getting on really well.  Besides we wanted to wait the rain out and head to Magic Kingdom.  Today in Orlando there are only supposed to be isolated thunder storms and it’s going to be 90 degrees Fahrenheit so that’s awesome.

If we decide to, Friday we may decide to go to the Harry Potter world place in Universal but we don’t know.  Then we’d end up leaving Florida on Saturday.  I kind of like that idea because I like being around my Sunshine, and in the sunshine state no less.  We used to listen to The Doors a lot together, so we were pretty sad about Ray Manzarek’s death.  I remember one time we were with a few friends and we were really high.  Someone had given her an album, like a real album from the 70s and it was The Doors without Jim Morrison.  We found someone with a record player and we were playing this one song “Ships With Sails” over and over again and getting higher and higher.  We were convinced that the song was the channeled words from Jim Morrison himself when it was written.  We were dancing around like the fucking hippies we were, and at some point I took Fia’s hand and started dancing with her.  She was like “you saved me!  I was going off somewhere else and you brought me out of it, you saved me!”  So we were laughing about that for a while.  I was like, “Morrison’s trying to take my girl, I think.”

So we arrived Tuesday, spent the day on the beach.  Hasty, Patrick, and Pete layered on the sunblock repeatedly.  The waves were huge so we mostly spent the day in the water jumping waves.  There was a guy who was surfing and I asked him to show me how to do it, and it took me about an hour before I was able to ride a wave, but I wiped out right away.  I loved it.  It takes a lot of balance and strength and agility.  You really have to move with the water, so there’s an in syncness with the ocean, not man conquering nature, but man and nature comingling I guess.  A partnership.  It was awesome.  Nearly lost my swim suit a couple times.  Got water up my nose, ocean water.  But I’d do it again in a heart beat.

We took tons of pictures on the beach and posted them all over on fb.  I’m the only one in the group that hasn’t maintained a fb account.  I have one, I just can’t even remember the last time I’ve been on.  We also did some kayaking Tuesday night before the rain started.

Yesterday we went into town and went into the coffee shops and hung out at Fort Marion.  We saw dolphins leaping out of the water.  It rained on and off.  There was a reggae band and I wanted to go to a bar of course.  Damn, there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice cold beer on a hot beach day.  It was so warm, the rain wasn’t even bothersome.  We got a bunch of those clear, plastic rain ponchos so we stayed dry without even needing an umbrella.  I was like, these would be sexy if people would be naked underneath.  But then talk about tenting in one of them things.  You invisible journal reading people know exactly what I mean.

Ok one more thing before we leave for Orlando.  Last night we were hanging in at Fia’s place, playing pitch and I thought of Gary Oldman.  I was thinking hmm I hadn’t thought of that guy in a while.  So we went on line, typed “Gary Oldman” and it turns out he is in the new David Bowie video, “The Next Day.”  We watched it.


wtf BWAHAHAHAAAA that is one messed up video, wicked fucked up

First I have to say, Gary Oldman is cool as shit, he’s awesome.  Damn he’s cool in the video.  This is the Gary Oldman in the days of Gary Oldman film yore, he’s kick ass.  But this video, nuts, but hilarious, and there are some hot girls in it.  The song itself is either classic Bowie, not Ziggy Stardust, but 80s Bowie, and the whole thing kind of reminds me of The Killers too.  But yeah, nuts.  Not for the religiously sensitive.  But honestly, it’s one of those videos that just throw tons of symbolism in it and you can analyze it to death, and it would be fun doing it, but really it means nothing.  It’s just an amalgam of symbols that are what you make of it.  Either way, Gary Oldman is fucking cool.


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9 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” Road Trip 3: St. Augustine

  1. I didn’t see him. Wait, I’ll watch it again. (I’m new to GO)

  2. Uh-oh, Gary Oldman’s defending racists, now.
    So did you have fans pushing for a Grimm relapse so you could write more Grimm having sex and stealing and doing drugs?

  3. Defending racists? How’s that?
    I did have some people who liked his shenanigans while drunk, but I try to make it realistic, as much as possible. I think it’s unrealistic if he doesn’t relapse. Although, many times relapses last longer than an occasional day or two.


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