“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 87: A Poem with Hasty

May 7, 2013

I don’t usually write two journal entries in one day but today Hasty is here right now visiting me in the hospital and she wants to write a poem with me.  She’s something of a poet.  She has to know that she’s privileged if I let her put her hands on my journal, which is currently in this notebook.  Paula says she’d bring me the real journal, but I’ve hidden it well and I don’t want her to read any of it in the transfer so I won’t tell her where I’ve hidden it.  Anyway, Hasty’s still privileged, even though she will be in my presence the entire time.  Now she wants us to co-write a poem.  So in case I get confused in the future, I’ll just say she’s using the darker pen.  Now I’m handing the notebook off to her to start.

You think you are pretty
In your skinny blue jeans
Well, you kind of are
But yea, whatever!

You think you are smarter
Cause you have a nice job
Drive a nice car, iron your shirt
But yeah, whatever!

Ok it seems that Hasty is writing as if she’s me talking to her…hmmmm,  ok so then I will write in the perspective of Hasty as if she’s talking to me, I think I might get confused… I already am, damn.

You're kind of cool
but you're like a demon
a charming yet sinister fool
full of enchanted semen

Get your shit together
you're just a boy in a bed
life doesn't last forever
keep it up and you'll be dead.

You seem happy, big smiles
Pretty teeth, so deceiving
The more you let me see of you
The more I realize you're just like me

There is something about you
Your personality, searching me
I need you in my life, but you will leave
If you see the darkness devouring me

You're just a slab of nothingness
trying to be something
something you are
or maybe something you're not

You need a big slap in the face
not a chair in the back
stand up and be a man
wake up, stand up, and grow up Grimm!

What do you see in me anyway
What makes you keep coming around
Are you really that desperate for company
Are you really as hopeless as me

You have a family, you have a life
And yet you genuinely seem to care
Maybe you just want to fuck me
But really....I think you love me

How could I love you
I don't love losers
I like you because
you give me something to laugh at

Maybe that's a lie
maybe I'm just a kind person
maybe I'm too kind
maybe I should protect myself and go away

You look put together, but you're a mess
You bite your nails, and laugh too much
I don't need a mother if that's why you're here
I don't want to be judged or condemned

I talk a big game, yep and act one too
I have a confident smirky smile I know you like
But you don't seem enchanted or mesmerized
Because without words you see me, the reality

Ok just shut up and stop talking Valente
or should I say, WALL
you are a wall
and walls don't speak

You are beautiful just the way you are GRIMM!!!!!!

Ok I was done but she stole my notebook, after a struggle, a meagre one because she’s so small and I was gentle with her, and she wrote that last line.  She’s a sweetheart, and yeah, I think she’s also sadder than she tends to reveal.


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Hasty is a character based on the one and only Hasty at http://hastywords.wordpress.com/   Thanks Hasty, this was awesome!

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