“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 76: The Creme Egg, The Rich Girls, & The Final Bench

April 11, 2013

I got home from Boston yesterday, but I haven’t gone back to my actual home yet.  I never took my cell phone so I haven’t been bothered by calls and texts.  But it was yesterday while I was still in Boston, I was in the park again, and I was so hungry.  I thought of trying to find one of those restaurants that feed you even if you had no money, but I couldn’t remember which ones did that, and I was too proud to find one.  I went into a store to swipe whatever I could get my hands on, but with the security cameras and the people, all I was able to grab was a Cadbury Crème Egg.  So I went back and sat on a different bench.  I don’t stay on the same bench because then I look homeless.  But I wasn’t unclean.  I went into Copley Place and used the restrooms to clean up and take some pills and drink.  Fortunately I’m wearing all black so I look like an artist.  That’s the way it was in the days of yore.  The rich could afford all the fine dyed materials, and the poor people couldn’t.  Black eventually became the color of artists because it was cheaper, but it was also trendy, so they could interact with the wealthy who appreciated their art.  So yeah, Copley Place is crawling with the rich, or at least people who can afford to spend money frivolously on occasion.  So I stayed looking and smelling clean as I kind of window shopped.  There was so much I saw that made me think of Emma.  I saw so many things I wished I could buy for her.  She’s so beautiful.  I saw nice dresses and jewelry and stuff like that.

Anyway, so I was on this new bench and I opened my Cadbury Crème Egg, took a bite on the fat end, sucked it until it melted in my mouth and it put me in a zone.  It was the best fucking chocolate I ever had.  I was so hungry, that’s what it felt like.  I actually hate Cadbury Crème Eggs.  I just kind of slipped into this plane where it was only me and this egg.  I closed my eyes and breathed and almost felt like I was going to orgasm.  Damn it was good.

Then, while in the zone, I started to eat my Cadbury Egg.  I licked the gooey, creamy stuff inside.  So good.  I kept licking it, a little at a time.  Not purposely a small amount, that’s just all I could get on my tongue.  I was slipping my tongue in and out and licking and now and then I’d put my mouth on it and suck, using my tongue to work it all out at the same time.  I reached in and used the tip of my tongue, moving it up and down and around in circles to get every bit of cream.  It was sticky so it took a lot of work.  Once I cleaned the chocolate egg shell of all the cream inside, I looked at the egg and the chocolate was melting on my fingers, so I started to lick them clean when I heard some laughter.

I looked over and on the next bench were two girls with their iPhones up in my direction.  I ignored them and took my time sucking every bite of the shell and sucking my fingers clean.  One of them called out, “you really liked that egg huh?”  I didn’t respond.  The other one said, “you have some real skill with your tongue.”  Then I got it.  I’m kind of slow these days with my head being so cloudy and everything.  I got embarrassed as I thought back to the way I was eating the egg, and yeah I know I’ve made girls cum using the same technique.

The girls were all laughing and flirty with me and first I thought, “threesome,” then I thought, “money,” then I thought, “I’m disgusting, who’d want to fuck me.”  And that sucked because I’ve never thought that way before, I’m usually pretty confident.  They came over and sat next to me.  I was like, “did you video me?”  They said yeah but they didn’t know what they would do with it.  They asked me my name, I told them Grimm, they said “oh! like the TV show!”  I was like noooo.  I’ve been around longer than that show.  I never saw that show so I don’t even know if it’s a good show, but they said they loved it.  They thought Grimm was a weird name and I told them it was my surname, they didn’t know what a surname was.  Then they asked for my first name, I said Wall, which they thought was weird, and I thought, yeah it was a weird name after all.  Whatever.

Then as they were talking, playing with their hair and being coy in an exaggerated way, and the things they were talking about, and the things they had no idea what I was talking about, I realized they were really young.  I was like, “how old are you girls?”  One said 14, one said 15.  I said I was 23 and they liked that.  They invited me to their hotel because one of the girl’s parents were going to a conference that night and they asked if I would buy for them.  The other girl was her friend staying with them. Out of curiosity, I asked what we would do at their hotel.  They said we could swim and go in the sauna and the room itself has a Jacuzzi bath, so we could all go in there.  I said I had no swimsuit and they said we could skip the pool and sauna and just go into the Jacuzzi naked.  I was like, are you freakin’ seriously asking me to go to your hotel room, a guy you don’t even know, to supply alcohol to you and get naked with you?

They were like, “…yeah…” like it was a stupid question and there was nothing wrong with the idea.  I said, all right, wait here, what do you want at the store.  They told me Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  They offered me money to get it, but I said I got it covered and that I’d be right back.  I walked behind the bench toward the middle of the park and found two cops on bikes that I had seen earlier.  I told them about the girls because I figured maybe they could scare some sense into the spoiled rich little sluts.  That’s the kind of thing that could get them raped if not raped and murdered.  So the cops were going to go talk to them.  What they were doing was also illegal.  Solicitation.  Soliciting for alcohol, and borderline prostitution.  Then I needed to go home, because that kind of made me sick.  Boston’s an awesome town but there’s so many rich people, and then so many homeless.  It started to get kind of depressing.  I fit in more with the homeless than even the college students, and I’m a smart guy, I know, I should be able to fit in with them.

So I hitchhiked home yesterday.  It took five hours and three rides.  And I went to Dave’s just for the night.  He gave me some shit, but now I owe him money.  And if I don’t pay Dave back, he’s going to get in big trouble from Tony.  Or maybe I’d be the one to get it from Tony.  And now I’m in my local park, on yet another bench, and thinking about going to Sharly, but first I have to figure out why I’m even considering that, and whether or not that’s what I really want to do.


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15 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 76: The Creme Egg, The Rich Girls, & The Final Bench

  1. Desiree G

    Are you sure you’re not an erotica author at heart? ;)

  2. Oops, I was eaten by FarmVille 2 for a few days, but I escaped and erased it from my phone. Did you miss me?


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