Back on March 29, 2013 Hasty posted this awesome tribute about her encounters with Grimm as a character in the journal.  You can find the original post here

I had to include it on his new blog.  Thanks so much Hasty, you’re one of Grimm’s best friends you know ;)



One of my favorite fictional ongoing blogs is Wall Grimm created and written by Sage Doyle.  I have re-blogged several posts where I have made an appearance in the story and I feel honored to get to live in the Grimm world.  The latest chapter can be read here. To catch up on the story chapter by chapter start here.  Anyway, I have had a few dreams regarding Grimm in which I may or may not blog about but I did decide to let Hasty write a poem about meeting Grimm.  I hope you make time to get sucked into the world of Grimm!


Your eyes were hiding things

Always analyzing people, places

Thinking, living inside your head

I could tell because I live there too

The day I met you I knew that look

I was drawn to it, interested in it

You look at me like maybe

I might be brand new and shiny

Today I will spend time with you

Discover what ideas lurk

Behind those faraway eyes

And maybe tomorrow I will

Call you on the phone

See if you’re busy…if you want to hang

Soak in the comfort of your presence

We can dance and let the world go

We can sit and talk away the scene

There is something about you and me

Casually side by side, friends

For now…

A pleasant escape from reality

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