Wall Grimm’s Blog Independence Day

If my estimations are correct, the very first new Grimm on the “Wall Grimm” blog will be posted on December 18th. 

I’m anxious for the transition to come to an end.  Again, I apologize that it has consumed most of my attention, in effect overshadowing the “Sage Doyle” blog.  Yet once the process is complete, there will be more poetry on “Sage Doyle” and I’ll be focusing on organizing the archives of the poetry that I already have on there.  On “Wall Grimm” I have brainstormed things to do with my old writing that didn’t seem to fit in anywhere else.

One idea I’m tossing around is my decision to take an old novel, which needs work, and post it on “Wall Grimm” as if it’s a novel Grimm is writing.  I figure if it’s posted in pieces, as in a serial, the flow is different than it would read as a novel, and I can edit each piece prior to posting, so it should work.  Also, if Grimm’s actively writing it, then presumably it’s a rough draft anyway, so a little need for editing works.

I guess I’m anxious for my novels to be read since I just got another rejection.  I’d post The Opera which is the one I’ve been submitting, but it’s polished and ready for publication, and I only began submitting it in July, and stopped submitting in August.  It’s ready for another round.  It’s a tough one to get published though because the consensus is that it’s too graphic and the content is too controversial.  So who knows, maybe it will end up on the blog eventually, since I’m not writing for fame or fortune, I only want people to read my stuff.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me.  Remember, if you’re not following the Grimm blog directly, the new posts won’t show up in your reader.  Also, all the old Grimm posts on “Sage Doyle” are gradually being deleted as they appear here.  I realized that the links for past reblogs or pingbacks will no longer work.  Sorry about that.

Take care, peace, ciao, I love my readers.




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33 thoughts on “Wall Grimm’s Blog Independence Day

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. Desiree G

    You know you already have me hooked on “The Opera” with too graphic and controversial!! ;) I do hope you find a publisher that has enough sense to know talent when he/she reads it. Don’t give up (even though I would love to be able to read your stuff sooner than later!)

    • Thank you, I appreciate that. Yeah, you’d think controversial and graphic is what sells these days, but I don’t know lol

  3. It is always a challenge to move individual postings and thus splitting the blogs, but all the hard work will be worth it in the end I can assure you of that. Keep plugging away Sage you’re doing great :)


  4. Never worry about rejections from publishers Sage, just because one person doesn’t like what he or she sees there are lots of others that will, it is just finding the right balance. As soon as that someone reads your work he / she will be only too pleased to publish it. Never Lose Sight of a Dream my great friend :)


    • Yeah, I figure that it hasn’t been submitted enough for me to get discouraged yet. I don’t think I’ll be submitting again until I’m done with the blog transition, since I need to have it as my focus. One more month…
      And thank you! btw, have you been getting likes from me on your blog? I’ve been finding when I go to people’s blogs lately, I’ll see something that I’ve read and I know I liked, yet it doesn’t say I liked it. Frustrating. I’ll be by again soon. Take care :)

      • You are definitely on some of the likes but don’t worry if you are not, those ‘Likes’ are always hitting and missing, it happens to me all the time :( lol

        Just concentrate on your transition for the moment and don’t be worrying about other Spaces or your book, there is plenty of time for your manuscript to be realised and I am sure that it will :)


  5. well wishes….

  6. You will do great!

  7. Oooph…lots of work…BUT it’ll soon get done! :D
    Too graphic and controversial? Seriously?
    You know what I find “haha” and “weird” funny? Being on the Asian side of the world, we’ve been brought up to think (thank you Hollywood and MTV) that in America…anything goes. But then we are also “shown” the other side of America when I’ve browsed websites and stuff…that there are those who are totally opposite of MTV…hehe..like uhmm..you know..quite prudish.

    Wishing you all the bestest in publishing your book! Also I’m curious…what do you do as a job?

    • Yeah, I’ve heard a similar perspective before. And as a job, I’m a monkey rangler. :P

      • O.O
        What’s a monkey ranger?(omg….what you said..I keep typing it out and that damn autocorrect keeps changing it to ranger!!!) LOL

        • lol I’m joking, monkeys scare me. But it’s my fault, I spelled wrangler wrong. But I’d imagine that a monkey wrangler would be someone who wrangles monkeys ;)

  8. Morbid Insanity

    “I only began submitting it in July, and stopped submitting in August.”
    The year is not over yet. And you still have next year to try. ;)

    “I’m not writing for fame or fortune, I only want people to read my stuff.”
    I think it’s very nice of you think like that, but wouldn’t be great to have your book printed in bookshelves of different people, in different places…?
    You commented that “I don’t think I’ll be submitting again until I’m done with the blog transition”, so after that, I think you should keep submitting because it’s worth trying.

    • Aw thank you, I will. It’s a lot of work because of the novel itself, it’s hard to find the right agents/publishers to submit to due to the plot of the book. And even then, it’s hard to know if they’re ‘right.’ Very challenging, but I will :)

      • Morbid Insanity

        Yes, a lot of work, but it’s ready. ^_^
        “it’s hard to know if they’re right.” >>> It made me think about something. Let’s say a publisher/agent… tells you that you have to change your story, not completely, but maybe the end or something in the middle, the central idea, something… Would you change your story?

        • If the change made sense to me I’d do it absolutely. I’m open to shaping it, it just depends on the change they’d want.

          • Morbid Insanity

            I understand. Keeping the essence of the story, a change is not a bad alternative. Some writers don’t think like you.You have a good mind, man. ^_^

          • Why thank you :)

  9. Sage can make anything Grimmish I bet! As long as it’s you writing.


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