“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 68: Grimm’s Repercussions, Individuality Philosophy, & Restruction not Destruction

March 19, 2013

Ok there were some repercussions to my actions.  Pete and my parents never reported me missing because Sharly called Pete and asked him if he knew where I was.  She told him about the money I took and the note I left, so they figured I was gone willingly and not missing.  Missing to them, but not missing in reality.  Or maybe I was missing in reality in one way or another.  Whatever.

So, I got back Sunday night and Pete said he never told my parents which was cool because they would have worried.  Then he said that’s just enabling my irresponsible behavior.  He was pissed because I didn’t pay rent and never talked to the landlord about it, so he was badgering Pete.  So yesterday I talked to the landlord and told him I’d be his sex slave for a while until I could pay rent.  Well, not really.  But I told him I’d strip and paint the hall and the stairs, the doors and doorways, and all the baseboards, inside the apartments and out.  If I do all that, he’ll let me off the hook for this month’s rent.  As I write this, looking out at the snow, I’ll be shoveling too, I’m sure.

Maybe I can do even more work and be able to skip next month’s rent too, since Sharly fired me.  She said she had no choice, she had a business to run.  She said she was tired of worrying about whether I was going to show up to work or not, or what I was going to look like or if I was going to be high or drunk.  She said she likes me and she thinks I have great people skills, I’m great with the customers.  But she said I ruined her trust by taking that money, even though I wasn’t exactly stealing it, but I borrowed it without her permission.  She told me not to worry about paying it back, consider it a termination pay or whatever.  She also said that if I get my shit together, I can come back to her any time and she’ll give me a job.  And, she told me that she would help me if I needed help, and not to hesitate to go to her if I needed someone.  I was thinking, yeah Sharly I need you between my sheets, with your lesbian lover, but of course I appreciated the offer.  I just can’t help but think those things at the most inappropriate times.

In the meanwhile, Pete has been looking for another apartment, a two bedroom, but he said now we can’t even do that because I need a job, so starting tomorrow I need to start looking.  I’m also supposed to be getting physical therapy for my leg but fuck that, I can walk I’m just fine thank you.  Fuck the physical therapy just give me more pain meds!  Damn, they won’t give me anymore so I’ll have to talk to Dave, I know he can get some for me.

Anyway, back in Boston, I met these people at a bar and I got so fucked up they practically needed to carry me back to the hostel, so the hostel didn’t want me to stay while I was in that state, especially since I puked outside the hostel door and had puke all over me.  The people collected my things from the hostel and took me back to one of their apartments.  We all stayed there.  Much of my night was on the bathroom floor.  I was given clothes to wear while they cleaned mine, and I puked on those jeans too.  The people were three gay guys who said they were good, they didn’t molest me but confessed they wanted to.  I’m beginning to think I’m a gay guy magnet or something.  Maybe because I’m not homophobic in the least, I’m really accepting of EVERYONE and I love ALL KINDS of people, the more unique the better.  Ok get ready here comes some more philosophy, though I think I’m repeating myself on this one.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is my philosophy about individuality.


Even people who seem common or conformed are unique.  It’s cool to give everyone the opportunity to be without preconceived judgments or categorization.  You can take two people and put them through the same exact experience, and they will absorb that experience in two completely different ways.  It will become a part of them, and manifest differently.  It’s good to take the time to like everyone upon a first encounter, at least until they piss you off.

Anyway, my world is falling apart.  I will never have Emma.  Sweetheart left town with my baby and she never wanted to give me a chance to prove myself.  I’m thinking she figured I wasn’t good enough to be the father of her baby.  And Pete, who’s become my best friend, is pissed off at me.  I lost my job.  I don’t know.  I guess I should just think of this time as a transition, not destruction but restruction.  Or the destroy in order to create, like when there are forest fires.  There’s a lot of destruction of life, but nature doesn’t make shit like that happen for kicks.  Nature destroys the forest, and new life comes from that.  So, yeah, who knows.

It’s really snowing out there though, so I’m going to shovel, then I’m going to call Hasty and Patrick so we can play in the snow later.  I want to build a snow fort.  I love building snow forts.  It’s not really that kind of snow, but if we bring water, we can probably build an awesome fort.  And a snowman.  Sounds like a plan.


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12 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 68: Grimm’s Repercussions, Individuality Philosophy, & Restruction not Destruction

  1. Desiree G

    Now I understand why you wouldn’t use a “label”. You are that way with everyone, aren’t you?

    • Yeah, Grimm’s philosophy here is definitely my own, word for word.

      • Desiree G

        You do know that part of the attraction to the “Journal of Wall Grimm” is that the reader can interact with the author. I love knowing the inspiration behind the journal entries. So, thank you for patiently responding to my questions!!

  2. Every night I watch an episode of Archer, so Wall and Archer kinda look alike in my head, plus Archer is constantly drunk, so that also connects them, but Archer never does any drugs. He does go after women a lot, so another thing they have in common.


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