“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 55: A Valentine Poem for Emma

Valentine’s Day 2013

I wrote a love poem for Emma, but I will never give it to her, because I’ve given up, so I’m just going to get it all out and then leave it alone.  I still haven’t heard from her about last night, so I’m going to assume that we are through as friends and there is no hope for us as anything more either.  But I had to express this, and maybe I’ll just tear this page out eventually, I don’t know.

My name is Wall Grimm, and this is my poem about Emma.



I want to hold your body against mine
your dark skin hot in my grasp
as I squeeze your flesh
and lick the sweat off your neck
I want you
So badly I want you
I want to kiss your lips
and taste your skin
I want to be inside you
I want, I want, I want so much to have you
but mostly I want you
to want me too
because I love you
I love your beautiful eyes
like smoky quartz
your full lips when my name is released from them
I love your smart ways and your keen mind
I love the way you move, the way you smile
I love your soul
Emma, I love you

Emma (2)


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2 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 55: A Valentine Poem for Emma

  1. Nice drawing, based on anyone?


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