“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 53: The Gypsy, the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Zombie, & Gary Oldman

February 12, 2013

Valentine’s Day is coming and I still don’t know what to do about Emma.  I’ve been texting with Danika about some ideas but I think she’s getting annoyed with me.  I’ve decided to get Sweetheart some chocolates but I’m not going to get her flowers because she told me that she doesn’t like cut flowers since she learned that scientists recorded sounds like screams that the flowers make when they are being cut.

You pick a flower and it screams.  That’s so fucked up.

So yeah, just chocolates for her.  But Emma…I guess my idealistic expectations of the holiday would be that I would sweep her off her feet.  I dream and stuff, but I’m realistic, I know that won’t happen, but I can still try anyway.

That’s the thing about me, I try for the impossible.

There are many interesting things about me in fact.  But for now, I’m going to outline the five phases of my beingness.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is who I am.


1. THE GYPSY – Well, I am a gypsy for real.  Siciliani Romani blood to be specific.

2. THE VAMPIRE – I like to lurk at night.  I wear a lot of black.  I don’t like steak.  I drink too much.

3. THE WEREWOLF – I like to howl at the moon.  I like to run around naked.  I like spending time in the woods.  I often have blackouts.

4. THE ZOMBIE – I moan a lot for various reasons, like during sex, during or after an orgasm, during or after a good meal, when sitting down after a long day.  With an Italian heritage, moaning comes with the territory.  So yeah, I moan a lot.  I often stagger aimlessly.  I sometimes walk around without being fully conscious or aware.  Unlike the vampire and the werewolf when I pursue my next fixes, as a zombie I wander around until my next fixes appear before me.

5.  GARY OLDMAN – My Gary Oldmanism for the day:  Gary Oldman said, “I enjoy playing characters where the silence is loud.”  Ok Gary Oldman, that’s awesome.  So the phase of Gary Oldman that is me involves the actor part of him who is kind of a shapeshifter, and for me, when I’m quiet, inside my head it’s never quiet, inside my body, it’s very loud, but nobody knows this about me.

So basically I begin each night as a gypsy being in tune and aware.  Then I get high and drunk and I’m like a vampire, a little seductive and drinking excessively.  As the evening progresses, I can get hairy like a werewolf, kind of wild, sometimes belligerent, often on the hunt for sex or drugs or both.  The next morning I’m like a zombie, hung over, staggering, fucking stupid. During the course of the following day I’m like Gary Oldman, shaping myself, evolving, returning to the character that is me, Wall Grimm the gypsy.

So if I had no drugs or alcohol, I wonder if I would just always remain consistently myself, I might miss those other phases.  But maybe if I ever quit I can use those phases as a method, like archtypes of my higher self, allowing the transitions in a more natural manner.  Then I might be a gypsy at my best, a vampire when I need a fix, a werewolf when the anger takes over, a zombie when I’m depressed, and Gary Oldman when I’m trying to pull myself together.  Sounds pretty cool actually.  It could either work, or I could just trigger dissociative disorder.  Either way, I think I might be a little scary to be around if I go through that.


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11 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 53: The Gypsy, the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Zombie, & Gary Oldman

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. But chocolates come from a cocoa plant, right? Haha. I read of monks who can’t walk on grass because it harms the grass. This is a very old idea–that our bodies are evil and only do harm, while our spirits are good, but after being guilty for too many years about the evils of man I eat non fair trade chocolate and still cringe when picking broccoli (I heard they scream and warn the other broc plants down the line. I have a bit of the hippie in me though I hate to admit it.

    • Oh no, that’s too much for Grimm to have to worry about. I won’t tell him if you won’t lol And yeah, you know, trying to be healthy and environmentally conscious, and spiritually in tuned to the natural world, that’s the new hippy, so we’re hippies by default I think.

      • Being healthy can be very stressful and so legalistic–especially if you hang around other healthy people :) I just don’t think kale chips are as good as Lays potato chips. When my character Buck goes to a utopian community to get spiritual he comes up against the food police (that was fun writing). I love animals and nature but I don’t think I was a nice vegan. ha-ha

        • Yeah kale chips don’t do much for me either, but I rarely eat regular potato chips because they kind of make my stomach feel blegh. And that sounds like a funny scenario. Is that book published?

          • Yeah, I think blegh is a good word for most junk food after you eat it, yet if I had to choose at gunpoint it would be potato chips (I don’t know why that would happen). No, first Buck has to make a mess of things at West Point in book two which is still in revision. I made it all the way to book four because I wanted to see what was going to happen to Buck. Book five is a struggle though because I’m not sure yet how I want to end the series. (I didn’t know I was doing a series at first!)

          • That would be a strange thing, someone pointing a gun at you making you choose between kale and potato chips lol. Book 1 isn’t published either? Funny, I want to say I could never do a series, but…here we are on my Wall Grimm blog, and ummm…yeah. ;)

          • Well, The House On Tenafly Road is a complete stand alone book—or so I thought when I wrote it. So I consider it book one. Book two is about ten years later and it’s about characters in book one I wanted to explore more. I think one of the reasons I like the Grimm stuff is because it’s like an old fashioned serial. My books are like that too.

          • Yeah that’s the book I’m planning to buy you know. I have a list of only four publications from bloggers that I’ll be getting sometime soon and that’s one of them. I know the feeling of being connected to certain characters and wanting to bring them more life. I have one character who is an archtype, kind of a mold, and he becomes different characters, completely different, but with some similar base elements. I never thought of Grimm as an old fashioned serial, but it is like that. I like Grimm because it’s fun and easy to write. I find with novels I just want to include so much stuff that ends up getting cut out because it’s one whole piece. With Grimm I can just go on and on and make daily events interesting, or I try to.

  3. I passed out while trying to come up with something interesting to say about this post. Now that will be my comment for this post.


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