“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 52: The Blizzard & Jerking Off

February 10, 2013

Ok well Pete, Sweetheart, and I survived the historical blizzard.  Bob and Flower came upstairs to join us and we played the Facebook Nemo drinking game when you had to drink a certain amount of times depending upon the news, like if someone referenced the blizzard of ’78 you drank, if a reporter was on a beach, you drank, if they had a ruler or a yardstick and stuck it in the snow, or if they showed a clip of “Nemo” etc. etc. etc.  So needless to say we got shitfaced.  This is especially true since I don’t have cable so we had to watch all of this online, so sometimes we had to watch the same broadcasts repeatedly like on the Weather Channel, who I think were the ones who penned the name Nemo.  I think the National Weather Service or whatever they are were pissed off because only tropical storms and hurricanes are named, not blizzards.

Anyway, the thing about blizzards, no matter how big, is that they are only a nuisance at times.  The worse they do is down trees and wires, and then there are the idiots who go out in it and don’t know how to drive in the snow.  So houses can be destroyed by trees, people can get killed on the roads, power can go out, and then there are the people who don’t know the dangers of shoveling out your car with a blocked tail pipe, and then they sit in the car and die from co2, which happened to a little kid yesterday.

So if none of that happens, then it’s just an inconvenience or an excuse to get snowbound with your friends.  Interesting thing was the coastal threat which is unusual for blizzards, but whatever, I’m bored by all this talk now.  All I know is we lucked out that we got all the booze and drugs we needed in time.  Because all the businesses, including the liquor stores, closed at 3pm on Friday and there was a driving ban in effect from 4pm Friday for twenty-four hours.

Ok anyway so there are a couple of things coming up.  First thing is the “Walking Dead” which is tonight, yet I don’t have cable so I’ve just been going to watch it at someone’s house, or going somewhere to watch it On Demand.  I don’t like to stream it on the laptop.  It’s too small, as is my television.  Gotta see this shit on a big screen.  So I probably won’t even get around to seeing it until Tuesday or Wednesday.  It’s usually a thought like, what the fuck need to go see it, what am I waiting for.

The next thing coming up is Valentine’s Day, and yeah I have no valentine but I wonder about two things.  First, I’m fucking Sweetheart, she’s living with me temporarily and sleeping in my bed.  Though we have no ties like in a typical relationship, I wonder if I should get her chocolates or something.  Second, there’s Emma.  I wonder if I should take the opportunity to do something for her on Valentine’s day and see what happens.  So these are things I need to think about.

In the meanwhile, I’m a little annoyed that I can’t go sledding because of my ligament.  I’m kind of broke so skiing is out of the question, but sledding is awesome and free after the initial investment of a $30 sled which I already have.  Also, I’m beginning to have moments with Pete that make me want to ask him to leave, but they are more mistakes than anything, and he’s like my best friend at the moment and I’d hate to do that to him.

For example, yesterday he and Sweetheart went out to go for a walk and play in the snow.  I couldn’t go because of my ligament.  So I went into my room, lied on my bed, and jerked off.  While I was jerking off, Pete came into the apartment and came to my bedroom door and looked in to ask to borrow a scarf if I had one since the wind was making his neck cold, and all the snow Sweetheart was throwing at him was going down the front of his coat.  I never heard him come in and when he looked in he saw me jerking off and didn’t stop me.  I came and after moaning and breathing and going, “holy fucking shit that was awesome,” I was just about to fall asleep when I felt a ‘presence.’  I thought it was the Shadowy Guy whom I haven’t seen for a while, or maybe even Kathy, but then I saw at the door it was Pete.  I was like “what fuck are you doing?!”

He got all uncomfortable and was like, “I’m sorry I just wanted a scarf and I didn’t know how to interrupt you.”

“So you just watched me jerk off.”

“Ummmm…” then he gave a nervous laugh and a guilty grin.

I was like, “What the fuck Pete, that’s not cool.  And no I don’t have a fucking scarf, get the fuck out of here.”

And we never talked about it and there have just been a few things like that, like when I walk around in my underwear.  It’s my apartment and when I’m home I usually spend most of my time in my underwear.  Well it hasn’t been so much lately which is kind of annoying, because I catch him sometimes with his eyes on my ass or my dick and so that’s weird.  I know he tries not too, but it’s just weird to have your guy friend ogling your goods.  It also has begun to make me feel weird about fucking Sweetheart, when I’m guessing maybe he’s on my couch hearing us and jerking off.  On my couch, damn, I just realized that.  On my couch…where I sit and sometimes eat and sometimes jerk off myself.  What the fuck….uggh…


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4 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 52: The Blizzard & Jerking Off

  1. Are those happy tissues or sad tissues?

  2. All the jerking off, you use tissues. When there is crying, there is tissues. In “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” the maintenance guy is about to clean up Jason Segel’s bed and says “Wait, are those happy tissues or sad tissues?”

    • Well I thought of jerking off and tissues, but then he was mostly talking about Pete jerking off. I didn’t get the tears part. I don’t remember that from Sarah Marshall.


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