“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 51: Wall Grimm’s Zombie Rant and Wall Grimm the Zombie

February 7, 2013

Last night I went into that writer’s chatroom again.  I haven’t been back in there since October but I was hoping maybe it would inspire me to write or maybe develop some ambition in some ways somehow.  Hopelikefire was there and we were chatting both in the room and in pm.

In the room everyone was chatting about different shit and I brought up that I was looking forward to the “Walking Dead” returning.  Then I was like, hmmm interesting they never once use the word Zombie in that show.  Then someone was like “oh no the Z word.”  I was told that they avoided using the “Z word” in there because it triggers some things for some people.


So of course I challenged that and they threatened to boot me out, but I was like, I’m just going to leave because this is ridiculous.  I said bye hopelikefire sweetheart, email me or something, because I don’t plan on going back there.  And here’s why I think it’s so absurd, I won’t return:


People hear and read about traumas they experienced every day they face.  Whether it’s substance abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, any kind of victimization, even things like car accidents can trigger some PTSD.  This shit and more is out there ceaselessly.  Ok and what about the war veterans?  Yeah, they deal with shit they are forced to face repeatedly every day of their lives.  But people deal with these triggers and reminders because they are adults and if you don’t accept it, you end up confined to a one room apartment having a taxi driver delivering your liquor.

And sorry to say, an odd example of this is “Thelma and Louise.”  I don’t buy it for one minute that a rape victim would avoid driving through TEXAS because she was raped there.  I mean, I’m not being insensitive, I’ve had my fair share of victimization, but Texas is a pretty big state, right?  Bigger than most countries, right? That seems like gratuitous film PTSD for plot purposes and not very realistic.  I think women are stronger than that.

Ok now here’s the thing about the people who get triggered by Zombies.  First off, everyone has their thing that freaks them out:  CLOWNS, SPIDERS, GHOSTS, SNAKES, DOGS, MONSTERS, and even ZOMBIES.  But these are either fears leaked over from childhood, or a genuine phobia of something real, or speculatively real like ghosts.  Yet still, these people deal with it or they see a psychiatrist.

Ok, now bear with me, this may blow your mind invisible journal reading people, but Zombies…

…aren’t real.

Nope, you know what they are?  They’re fiction.  Being fiction, that makes them a genre doesn’t it?  A genre as in film, art, or go figure…even writing.  As far as I’m concerned it’s perfectly ok to discuss a writing genre in a writer’s chatroom, right?  And as far as I know, I could be wrong, but Zombies aren’t even myth, lore, or legend.  Unless I learn otherwise (such as maybe in Haiti like in “Serpent and the Rainbow” which wasn’t really about zombies essentially, just a zombie induced state), Zombies are a fiction genre created by a scientific mind.  This kind of limits them to fiction.  Even if I’m wrong about that, Zombies are still a writing genre.

So anyway, I actually like the word Zombie, it’s pretty cool…zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie….

Zombie is both a scary and a funny word at the same time, kind of like monster or steak, or herpes.

Ok so since it’s a genre, I’m going to write a Zombie story.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is my Zombie story:



Once upon a time Grimm was bitten by a Zombie.  Then he became a Zombie too.  He thought that was really weird and both sucked and was also awesome.

These are the rules about being a Zombie:


1.  Eat flesh

2.  Eat brains

3.  Moan

4.  Stagger

5.  Follow in hordes

6.  Look stupid

7.  Remember how to use doorknobs

8.  Wear a helmet


1.  Get yourself mutilated

2.  Be the first in a horde to get to a victim with a gun

These are obvious rules and usually Zombies ignore them because they don’t think anymore.  But some Zombies, like in the first episode of the “Walking Dead” may have residual memories, like the little Zombie girl with the stuffed animal.

Grimm is a Zombie with residual memories.  He remembers his friends when he sees them, then he moans the word “…ffffuuuckkk…” and walks away because he doesn’t want to eat his friends.  But his friends were dystopian vigilantes and said, “Let’s put Grimm out of his mysery, I can’t stand to see him like this, he wouldn’t want to be like this.”  Then they shot Grimm in the head.

Little did they know that Grimm liked being a Zombie it was like being on thorazine and acid at the same time.  But now he had a bullet in his head and he was dead.

Goodbye Grimm the Zombie.  Now he was a Zombie ghost who tried to eat brains but he just kept going through people’s heads.

The end of Wall Grimm the Zombie. :(

Well, I guess I was inspired by the chatroom after all.


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The character hopelikefire was created by my friend @justbishop.  Thanks Ashley!  hopelikefire also appears in Grimm post 22

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6 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 51: Wall Grimm’s Zombie Rant and Wall Grimm the Zombie

  1. HAHA omygoodness. That story most definitely did blow this invisible creepy journal reader’s mind. Poor Wall Grimm Zombie. I feel for him. What a round and fulfilling character.

    • lol Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. There’s over a hundred of these I’m transferring from the other blog, (in case you didn’t already know), so plenty of reading if you like. Thanks for the response!

  2. Is the Mummy a Zombie? Cause then it’s been around for thousands of years. But they probably didn’t tell stories of the bodies getting up and hunting Abbot and Costello.

    • lol well when they get up and walk around, I guess that qualifies as a zombie. But maybe even in an Egyptian sense, their beliefs of life and death and after life and reincarnation, it could be symbolically a zombie.


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