“The Journal of Wall Grimm” The Little Notebook Narratives

Here are some narratives from the notebook, with more sketchings.  There is a longer narrative that I will document another time.  This guy had to be a beatnik.  This stuff’s unbelievable.

This one says, “The boudoir shall be royal purple silk, thy chamber maids shall be worms.”

sketching with words

The following two have a narrative that seems to begin in the middle of something longer, but this is all that was there:

“and drunk at twenty and could never die.  I see winged shadows flitting by as I record these thoughts.  What a wild bit.  Perhaps, after all, I am contemplating a naval greater than my own.  Ah, I hope so.”

“fates and hands in tree stumps at rivers edge can’t find any elsewhere Water Gods, or something, my God what a killing routine, there is the difference between man and boy. Boy doesn’t realize there can be this shackling of spirit young man cannot possibly survive with the knowledge that there is no being greater than himself.  Without a God there is no master, without a master there is no purpose, without a purpose there is no man.  That goddamn brook just keeps running.”

sketching with narrative2

sketching with narrative1

“…as current turns paddle machine will paddle self upstream or at least remain stationary in current as long as bougart what for.”


(This notebook is authentic, not fabricated for fiction purposes).

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7 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” The Little Notebook Narratives

  1. Reblogged this on SageDoyle.

  2. mrmodigliani

    I am astounded by this and want to know more, read more, see more

    • Well I have the longer narrative I’ll be posting. I’m up and down about the letters. I also have a few journals from early 1900s, including a 4 year journal of a young lady who went to Harvard in the 1920s. I didn’t know what to do with them, but I think the thematic journal element of the Grimm blog seems like an appropriate place if I creatively fit them in.

  3. wonderful

  4. I’ve had a ball-point pen little notebook. Never had an interest in drawing too many pictures, mostly just run lines for various Shakespearean roles, as it seems like something I did in college.

    • I like those little notebooks, I want to start carrying around one again. Better than the memo in my cell phone.


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