“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 45: The Tent, Sweetheart, & Encountering In Solitude

January 24, 2013

It’s really early in the morning, it’s wicked cold and the heat in my apartment sucks.  Pete, Sweetheart, and I set up my four person tent in my living room and packed it with pillows and blankets.  That with our body heat helped to get us warm.  I think it was the coldest night of the year last night.  I could be wrong but that’s what it felt like.  We didn’t really sleep so I just called in sick to Sharly.  It’s ok when I call in because she’s there all the time anyway, but she’s usually out back in her office doing the business end and sometimes she goes out and runs errands.  I don’t know Pete’s schedule but he’s not planning to work today either.  We couldn’t sleep so we just got high all night long in the tent.

Sweetheart, my little hippy girl whose name I still don’t know, is probably going to stay throughout the winter.  She’s a genuine hippy, road traveling kind, she doesn’t just dress the part.  She never imposed herself upon me, but she said she’d be on her way and I was like where are you going?  She told me she felt like going to the Grand Canyon, so she was either going to hitchhike or figure out some way to get there.  I was like how can you do that, because it’s not safe for her to hitchhike alone.  She said she could make some jewelry and maybe Sharly could sell it in the bookstore.  She said she doesn’t need much money for a one way bus ticket to Arizona.  I was like ok, she can do that, Sharly would be glad to sell her jewelry.  I told her she can stay until the weather warms up in the spring, I couldn’t possibly send her out in the cold.  She’s really cool and I kind of like having her around anyway.  Maybe I’ll just slip on my gypsy skin and take off with her.

I remember being at some kind of thing that was packed with hippies, a concert or something, kind of blacked out about what event it was.  I was just wandering around encountering people.  Jay and I kept getting nitrous balloons and temporarily losing our minds until we’d get another balloon, but we ran out of money.  We separated at some point and just went encountering in solitude.

I was kind of hungry because I can’t remember the last time I had eaten, might have been days.  I’d get money somehow and be like, cool now I can get food, but then Jay and I would go do more nitrous or get some more drugs of some kind.  I never knew how we got money, mostly people would just give it to us.  Strange but true.  Like this time I’m talking about.

I was walking along high as all hell and then I hear The Doors.  I was on a mission then.  I followed the sound of the music and it led me to a fucking hearse!  Now, a hearse is my dream car, yeah I’m morbid, but I always wanted to own a hearse.  I don’t own any car, but I’d like to have a hearse.  So when I saw this hearse and The Doors were blaring out of it, I just found my personal candy store.  My high ass said, “I love The Doors, and I love hearses.”  That was enough for them to invite me in and ply me with drugs.  Then they set me free hoping I’d come back later and buy some.  It’s a sales thing at these kind of events, a drug promo.  I just take the free shit and run.

My next stop was a VW bus, classic.  I was kind of aimless, just meandering in a cloud and a little weary from not having eaten.  The hippy guy said, hey man, you hungry?  I was like yeah.  He took me in the bus and gave me a YooHoo.  I was like, holy shit!  This is the best shit I’ve ever had in my whole fucking life!!  He laughed and said, “yeah I’ve been there man.”  It was just amazing how the YooHoo did everything my body was needing at that moment, like every cell in my personal biology perfectly synchronized with the YooHoo in this miraculous process of symbiosis!  Amazing.  Then he gave me a chunk of rosemary bread and some water.  We smoked some hydro and he gave me a YooHoo to go when I was ready to be on my way.

My next encounter was this guy from Belize.  He was in a van and saw me wandering around and told me to join him for a beer.  I sat in his van and we talked and drank beer, then when I was ready to go, he gave me $20.  I was like, thanks!  Then I left and found Jay immediately as if we were cosmically brought together at that moment because we were destined to get nitrous balloons.  We got 4 balloons with that $20, and contributed to the gradual malfunctioning of multiple areas of our brains.

Anyway, that’s the kind of hippy experience I have because I do a lot of drugs.  Also, you can make a hippy girl really happy if you give her a cool looking stone you found and tell her a cool story about how and where you found it.  It’s mostly groovy stuff I experience because I have good energy so I attract good people.  I also have a strong shield so bad people get the sense I’m not vulnerable and cannot be fucked with.  Now and again someone gives it a try anyway and it usually ends up with them getting their face bashed in with my fist.  If they’re really bad or evil or the type that would kill me if I did something like that, I get that vibe from them and have never been in that situation.  I know who they are though, I see them and they are surrounded by a veil of darkness.  They are the ones who take the young hippy girls and force them into prostitution.

Anyway, so Sweetheart has me thinking about taking off.  All that’s really here for me is Emma, and she’s not even here for me at all anymore.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be good enough for her and it’s almost beginning to make me resent her for looking down on me so harshly.  Sometimes I feel inspired to improve myself.  Other times it feels like a waste of time because I just can’t figure out why I should bother.  It’s a lot of work for no reason at all.  Sometimes I think I have a reason, but then I get high and forget what that reason is.


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22 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 45: The Tent, Sweetheart, & Encountering In Solitude

  1. Haha. I like the part about the stones with groovy stories. I used to do that at art school–crappy paintings with good back story got me A’s :)

    • Actually, 99 percent of this post is true lol. Sweetheart, is not based on any real person, so she’s not part of that 99 percent.

  2. Morbid Insanity

    “I love The Doors, and I love hearses.”
    Yeah, me too. I mean, I like hearses but not enough to have one. In fact, I’d never ha a car because cars, any kind, freak me out. O.o

    • I always did want a hearse, it was my dream car. Now I have a Mitsubishi lmao

      • Morbid Insanity

        Oh, the two are quite similar. lol But, Mitsubishi is nice. If I could have a car (if I had the courage to drive), it would be an Impala. ^_^

        • Actually, the Mitsubishi is the best used car I ever had considering how old it is and how long I’ve had it, very little maintenance (knock on wood). Yet it is not meant for snow. I can drive well in snow, but the car won’t cooperate. I complained about that yesterday when we had our first snowfall, and the car overheard me, got pissed off and punctured a tire. :/

          • Morbid Insanity

            But that means you have to drive slowly enough not to slide on the snow, or it does not make much difference?
            It doesn’t snow where I live, just sometimes in some places of the south of the country, then snow is something I just heard about. u_u

          • Well it depends. My car is small so it just has the potential to spin all over the place. You’re not supposed to use your breaks when the roads are bad, you just gentle pump the pedals. Going downhill you use neutral. But my car, even the slightest touch of the break will make me spin, so I’m kind of all over the road. If I didn’t know how to drive in the snow, I’d be dead in this car. But I know what I’m doing, it just sucks. I was driving one day, passing three different four wheel drive vehicles crashed in the snow banks. They get too confident I guess. We have that weather coming. Wish it would last only a month and not 7 lol.

          • Morbid Insanity

            “Wish it would last only a month and not 7”
            Wait, what? O_o 7 months snowing?

          • Well it gets cold and sometimes begins to snow in November. Then there’s Jan, Feb, March, sometimes April, and ummmm…I guess 7 months was an exaggeration lol Sometimes it snows in October too though ;)

          • Morbid Insanity

            I thought it snowed 7 months nonstop. ¬¬ I said to myself “never go to this country during those seven months!” lol I face something similar but the opposite. I explain, it is about sun. Sometimes, we have some rains during the winter and autumn, but in general it is like I was in a hell of more than 35, 38°C during the whole year/life. And it gets worse in this month because of the summer, which is next month, and it means 40°C or more. u_u

          • Yeah, this year the colder weather is creeping in, not progressively. High 45F today.

          • Morbid Insanity

            45°F O.o
            I cannot stop shaking with 68°F, I can’t imagine 45.

          • Well right now I’m inside and warm ;)

          • Morbid Insanity

            Me too. 99°F, it’s impossible not to be warm. lol Nothing makes me go outside in the next 3 days!

          • What’s the humidity like? Here on average it’s about 80% which makes anything over 90F unbearable.

          • Morbid Insanity

            Hmm, it’s 81% It’s summertime, so… after 19:00 everything is gonna be a bit better. :/

          • Well, stay cool ;)

  3. Desiree G

    Since 99% of this post is true, was it a woman that caused you to get your act together? And if you did that much drugs, how do you even have a brain now?? Not to mention a witty and wise brain!

  4. Well in a way. I was in such a horrible relationship, I needed to make it end, and it made me crave stability. But I guess while I was doing all those drugs I was utilizing a lot of creativity, but writing, philosophizing, doing the Jim Morrison thing, reading a lot, pretending I was a vampire to freak people out, and being all intense with spirituality, etc. etc. So I guess I kept those dendrytes working and the brain active. That’s the only thing I can think of that spared me from being brain dead. I’m absent minded though and have a bad memory and some processing problems, but I still got my Master’s after that.

  5. Your video is blank, I’m assuming it was some Jim Morrison song. Or was it something to do with a hearse?

    • Damn, I don’t remember. One post I included Jim Morrison’s film called “The Hitchhiker” or something like that, with the song “Shaman’s Blues”. I’m not sure if that’s the one that’s missing though. Shame if it is. I’ll have to replace this, it was removed by the owner apparently.


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