“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 36: Camping, Grimm the Naked Wolf, & the Firewoman

November 25, 2012

Friday I asked Lauren to leave and she begged to stay, even getting on her knees.  How can I say no to a naked, pretty little redhead on her knees at my feet, begging.  I mean, damn, that’s impossible.  So I went out Friday night and I just got home this morning.  Lauren’s asleep.  It’s strange though, she never calls when I’m out.  It’s like she doesn’t even care where I go or what I do, she’s just here for me when I get home.  Like a pet.  It’s kind of neat when I think of it that way.  I have a pet Lauren.

Enough about her for now.  I want to talk about Saturday.  My friends and I went hiking then camped out.  I hadn’t brought any camping equipment because I didn’t know we were going but they brought some shit for me.  I’m home early because we were part way up the mountain with a fire going and the fire department kicked us out.  It wasn’t an official camping ground.  Neighbors of the mountain called 911 and said they saw smoke on the mountain.  Reminds me of the Grateful Dead “Fire on the Mountain.”  My Uncle Dan took me to a Dead show when I was a little kid.  It was like a circus to me.  I don’t know if that was before or after Jerry Garcia died.  Whatever, I don’t like Uncle Dan.  He smells like ass and looks like a potato.

Anyway, we were having a great time on the mountain and I had a conversation with Morgan about Emma.  She said “I know you’re in love with her.”  I was like, well she hates me so whatever.  Morgan asked if I wanted her to talk to Emma for me.  I told her no because I wanted to win her over by my own actions, I have to prove myself to her somehow.  Morgan said, “that’s so romantic.”  I responded to that by getting really drunk and walking through the fire without getting burned.  I also stripped naked and ran through the woods howling like a wolf until a coyote answered back.  Then I realized I couldn’t see very well and I cut the bottom of my foot on my way back to camp.  Once back at camp I realized I was cold and I didn’t know what happened to my clothing and neither did anyone else.  They were all I had, like I said I brought nothing.  Morgan and Ayla mended my foot, then Ayla gave me one of her famous blow jobs when we went in the tent to find me something to wear.  I was too drunk to cum and that pissed her off.  She blamed it on Lauren and said she wanted to kick her ass.  I was thinking, please do.  But Ayla would so I didn’t say that aloud.

I ended up with just a t-shirt sitting inside a sleeping bag out by the fire.  I was like that when the firemen arrived.  They waited while we packed up and my clothes were directly behind the tent, I guess we didn’t look there.  Maybe Pete hid them.

There was a lady fireperson and damn she was hot. Now I get the whole uniform thing that women talk about.  I was like, rescue me baby.  I didn’t really say that but I obnoxiously and drunkenly chatted with her all the way down the mountain.  She didn’t seem to mind but I was also high on cocaine which is deceptive when it comes to confidence.  You feel good, but do you really have any basis in that self-esteem at that moment, that’s the question.

I asked for her phone number, she said that she was a civil servant and was required to maintain that role while in the uniform.  I was too fucked up to know what that meant.  I only thought, yeah civil servant, that’s hot, and yeah baby maintain that in your uniform.  Then I thought, REJECTED!  Not used to that.  Then she told me that besides, I’m too young for her, though she wouldn’t tell me how old she was.  I realized that there’s no way I’d ever get a real, classy lady like her, a real woman, not just a girl.  That’s why I won’t be able to get Emma unless I grow up.

Anyway, now I’m home and Lauren is asleep in my bed looking lovely and peaceful.  I’m beginning to feel badly for her and I wonder if there’s not more to her story.  Maybe she doesn’t want to leave because of me, but maybe she also does not want to return to wherever she was before here.


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