“The Journal of Wall Grimm” 29: Ayla, The Harmonica, The Pitcher of Beer, Pete, & Grimm’s A**hole

November 10, 2012

Whenever Ayla turns up in my journal there’s going to be sex.  I’m warning you imaginary journal reading people.

Danika, Pete, Randy, Ayla, and I went out last night.  We went to a bar and were listening to our friends play.  They’re in a blues band.  I’m not too bad with the harmonica aka the harp so when I go to see them I bring it and they always have me come up to jam with them.  Maybe I’m not that good, but I have the confidence after a lot of whiskey, so they only pull me up at the end of the night when everyone, including myself, is too drunk to notice if I suck or not.  Last night I was too drunk and as I was publicly mastering the art of controlling my air flow, isolating notes and being like the Thelonius Monk of the harp, I stumbled a little, stepped sideways and fell off the stage.  The stage was only one foot off the floor but I landed on a table with a pitcher of beer on it.  Then Pete, who always had the most money, had to buy those guys another pitcher.  And then we left, but I was all wet with beer.  I didn’t care but they were saying I’d catch hypothermia.

We stopped by Randy’s who lived the closest and he gave me a new shirt and stuff, not pants because they’d be too big for me but my jeans didn’t get too wet anyway.  While I was changing in his room Ayla came in.  She loves to give blow jobs but this time she pushed me on the bed, which wasn’t really hard to do, but she got on top of me.  This is when the evening starts to get vague as I’m partially blacked out.

Randy was pissed off because it was his bed and he’s got this second grade crush on her, but she likes me.  I forget about her until she’s pulling down my pants.  Well that’s not exactly true, but she’s just a friend.

Randy kicked me out.  Danika and Ayla wanted to come with me.  Pete was the sober one who came along to be sure we all got home safely.  But I was pissed off, this is the part when Pete told me this morning about what happened.  I thought Pete was saying I was too drunk to be sure the girls got home safely and that pissed me off, but I don’t know why because it was true, but I was too drunk to realize I was too drunk.  So I punched him in the face and tried to take off, but then he got a cab and we all came to my place.  I woke up beside Ayla, both of us naked, don’t remember a thing.

I got a text from Emma about 10:00 this morning.  I don’t know what it’s in response to.  It says “what is wrong w u??!! I told u to leave me alone!”

I have no clue what that’s about.  I haven’t heard from Emma in over a week, maybe I did communicate with her during my binge last weekend after Matilda.  I must have done something really wrong and I need to figure out what I did.

Pete, Danika, and Ayla are drinking coffee in my living room while I write this, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall.  They’re all quiet.  I think I need to quit drinking.

I had written on my stomach with a Sharpee and I don’t remember doing it.  It says “This is for you Ayla” with an arrow pointing down at my dick.  I didn’t know that Ayla and Danika wrote on my back after I passed out, they told me about it this morning.  They wrote “This is for you Pete” with an arrow pointing down as low as it can, even over the crack of my ass, and pointing to my asshole.

Another thing I don’t remember from last night, Pete came out, he’s gay and none of us had any clue.  We’re all cool with it, but now he’s going to have to put up with us giving him shit about it, not in a mean way, just we do that.  Danika and Ayla offered my asshole to him and that’s part of it.  But I’m going to keep my asshole to myself thank you.


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8 thoughts on ““The Journal of Wall Grimm” 29: Ayla, The Harmonica, The Pitcher of Beer, Pete, & Grimm’s A**hole

  1. mrmodigliani

    Oh god you are funny!

  2. amelthalt

    Fantastic! Sage, don’t be such a greedy-arsed Grim! Share this, go and get famous! You funny bastard! Thank you for making me belly laugh!

    • lol Thank you! Actually, once Grimm exists only here, after I catch up with the current, I’d love to pursue making this a tv show, but I have no idea how to do it, but I’ll try…. Thanks for being a great fan!

  3. That would be absolutely great! I hope you found out how, when you get some time. I want to watch that TV show.

  4. It’s 2:42. I’ve watched all of Orange is the New Black, but Netflix has something new for its own series’s. Special features interviews. So even though I stayed up late to watch the last episode, I’m up another hour later. I am only going to read this one tonight. I just didn’t want you to think I was distracted from my project. But this is my only post tonight.


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