Wall Grimm’s Ankh

My name is Wall Grimm and I like Ankhs.  This is a real one from Ancient Egypt.

Photo by Wall Grimm.

Within the papyrus of Ani, Ankh rises from the Djed, the spine of Osiris, god of death and resurrection.  The Djed was a symbol that was supposed to ensure stability for the dead, but it was worn by the living too.  It might’ve been believed to enforce the stability once a person died, because a person dwelled with the gods until it was time for the spirit to be reborn through reincarnation.  The Ankh guaranteed a safe passage and stable resurrection.  Also, having the amulet of this backbone could have enabled a person to retain consciousness while passing from one realm of existence to the next, making the person able to remember past lives.  In the papyrus of Ani, where Ankh, life is described as emerging from the Djed column, this belief makes sense.  The arms of Ankh in this image could represent the horizon, as the Egyptians believed the horizon to be the place between Heaven and Earth.  This horizon supports the solar disk, which is the god Ra birthed and embarking on his journey resulting in death, the setting of the sun in the form of the god Tem.  Death and rebirth.

I think it would be so awesome to remember past lives.  But then again, how much choice would we have, what lives and what parts of our lives to remember?  It could be complicated and make a person crazy.  I go crazy enough just remembering some of my past, let alone a past life

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